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Action Alert


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Give Jahi McMath Another Chance

GiveJahi McMath her life back by giving her the life saving nutrition and surguries she needs.

As a mom of a child with many medical issues, I have had much experience with how hospitals do not want to provide costly care to the severely impaired population. Jahi Mc Math was a healthy 13 yr old girl who was medically neglected during her post operative aftercare in the PICU at Children’s Hospital Oakland. As a result she suffered an anoxic brain injury. CHO owes her and her family every possible rehabilitation technique, every possible treatment, medication, regardless of the cost to bring this girl back. At the very least she deserves time and nutrition to see if there is a chance that she could recover. CHO is currently denying Jahi nutrition by refusing to allow a simple feeding tube surgery. This surgery takes only minutes to perform. GiveJahi Mc Math another chance at life. CHO took her life away once, don’t let them take it away again!

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