Ferguson Open Thread | Justice for Michael Brown!

Still waiting for that POLICE REPORT, FPD. Where is it?

NEW YORK TIME’S SHADY ASS REPORTING: Twitter is all we have, folks! Do the Police have the NYT in their back pockets?

Rewrite:  Police Bad Police Reporting


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Serendipity SOUL | Thursday Open Thread | Roberta Flack-Donny Hathaway-Duets


Roberta Flack ft. Donny Hathaway – The Closer I Get To You

Roberta Flack / Donny Hathaway – Where is the Love

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Senator Claire McCaskill & Governor Jay Nixon All the Citzens of Missouri are your Constituents-This Includes Ferguson!

Missouri Leadership to Ferguson Citizens:


If it’s true Darren Wilson is testifying before the Grand jury today, and AG Holder is rolling into town Wednesday, it’s becoming clearer now why Governor Nixon ordered the National Guard in Ferguson.

Q&A: The Michael Brown shooting is going before a grand jury. Here’s how it will work.

Is Darren Wilson’s going to walk? The citizens of Ferguson DO NOT TRUST their local PD or local government. It’s all a dance & pony show from the leaders, starting with the mayor of Ferguson and past elected officials.
These are the folks you’re voting into office. Please remember this in November.

First Ward, Councilwoman Fran Grecco
From Ferguson Cop Embroiled in a Brutality Suit to City Councilwoman


Mayor Knowles “I don’t know NOTHIN’ ‘BOUT NO TROUBLES IN FERGUSON!

“There’s 22,000 residents in our community,” Knowles told MSNBC Tuesday. “This has affected about a half-mile strip of street in our community,” he said of the demonstrations. “The rest of the African Americans in our community are going about their daily lives, going to our businesses, walking their dog, going to our neighborhood watch meetings.”

Governor Jay Nixon

Gov. Nixon Calls For ‘Vigorous Prosecution’ Of Darren WilsonYet, won’t ask Bob McColloch to recuse himself as PROSECUTOR!

The BLAME GAME continues
Updated. Thanks GrannyStandingforTruth!

Senator Claire McCaskill


McCaskill: “If the people of Ferguson would JUST GO HOME, so the provocateurs can be isolated..” WHAT THE FUCK? You Condescending heifer.

Short: If you negroes would should know your place and stay in it…

Meet the man in question:
Prosecutor Bob McColloch

Claire is not for the citizens of Ferguson. the rules and regs, and “PROCESSES are trotted out for the Darren Wilsons & Bob McCollochs. Not for Michael Brown Jr. PERIOD

And please remember the deafening silence from the other ELECTED Democratic leaders in America, COWARDS!

Also, remember “States Rights” for some people, means white’s rights and not yours.

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Serendipity SOUL | Wednesday Open Thread | Roberta Flack

Happy HUMP day, Everyone1 Hope you’re enjoying Ms. Flack.


This Time I’ll Be Sweeter


Prime dynamic DUO…


Roberta Flack & Donny Hathaway – Back Together Again

More Roberta Flack duets tomorrow!

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President Obama’s 2008 “A More Perfect Union” Speech

For all Americans who want to know President Obama’s views on RACE…
President Obama’s TIMELESS speech on RACE.

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Videos | Lesley McSpadden Says Justice Will Bring Peace | Ferguson Open Thread |


If the criminals are out of town, arrest their assses and keep moving. Sorry Ron Johnson, folks have a right to protest. So keep reading the script they’re giving you, trying to get folks off the street at night will not bring peace.

Arresting Darren Wilson the killer cop and bringing him to trial will help

Images and reprots:



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Serendipity SOUL | Tuesday Open Thread | Roberta Flack Week

More Roberta Flack… The first song I heard after my first real kiss. I was 17.


Killing Me Softly

Early career

Before becoming a professional singer-songwriter, Flack taught school in Washington, D.C. at Browne Junior High and Rabaut Junior High. She also taught private piano lessons out of her home on Euclid St. NW. During this period, her music career began to take shape on evenings and weekends in Washington, D.C. area night spots. At the Tivoli Club, she accompanied opera singers at the piano. During intermissions, she would sing blues, folk, and pop standards in a back room, accompanying herself on the piano. Later, she performed several nights a week at the 1520 Club, again providing her own piano accompaniment.

Around this time, her voice teacher, Frederick “Wilkie” Wilkerson, told her that he saw a brighter future for her in pop music than in the classics. She modified her repertoire accordingly and her reputation spread.[citation needed] Flack began singing professionally after being hired to perform regularly at Mr. Henry’s Restaurant, in Capitol Hill, Washington, DC in 1968.[6][7]


Les McCann discovered Flack singing and playing jazz in a Washington nightclub.[2] He later said on the liner notes of what would be her first album “First Take” noted below, “Her voice touched, tapped, trapped, and kicked every emotion I’ve ever known. I laughed, cried, and screamed for more…she alone had the voice.” Very quickly, he arranged an audition for her with Atlantic Records, during which she played 42 songs in 3 hours for producer Joel Dorn. In November 1968, she recorded 39 song demos in less than 10 hours. Three months later, Atlantic reportedly recorded Roberta’s debut album, First Take, in a mere 10 hours.[4] Flack later spoke of those studio sessions as a “very naive and beautiful approach… I was comfortable with the music because I had worked on all these songs for all the years I had worked at Mr. Henry’s.”

Flack’s cover version of “Will You Love Me Tomorrow” hit number seventy-six on the Billboard Hot 100 in 1972. Her Atlantic recordings did not sell particularly well, until actor/director Clint Eastwood chose a song from First Take, “The First Time Ever I Saw Your Face”, for the sound track of his directorial debut Play Misty for Me; it became the biggest hit of the year for 1972 – spending six consecutive weeks at #1 and earning Flack a million-selling Gold disc.

The First Take album also went to #1 and eventually sold 1.9 million copies in the United States. Eastwood, who paid $2,000 for the use of the song in the film,has remained an admirer and friend of Flack’s ever since. It was awarded the Grammy Award for Record Of The Year in 1973. In 1983, she recorded the end music to the Dirty Harry film Sudden Impact at Eastwood’s request.

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