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USA Media: Racism & Terrorism |Open Thread

Let’s not let the flag take down as a sign of ending racism in this country. I don’t give a flying fuck about that flag. It’s not going to stop white supremacy or the systemic racism that runs rampant in health … Continue reading

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Video |Neighbors Called Police Because Too Many Black People Were Invited To A Pool Party

POLICE TERRORIST & BRUTALITY ON FULL DISPLAY Who Is Eric Casebolt? McKinney Pool Party Police Officer Suspended After Viral Video: Reports Officer Eric Casebolt was placed on leave after a video of him arresting a teenager at a pool … … Continue reading

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Haiti Relief: The ‘SHADINESS’ of The American Red Cross

WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED TO THE MONEY?! Plauged by FAILURES? Some of these Red Cross folks in the organization have had their hands in the cookie jar, not to mention piss POOR management, by hiring foreigners who didn’t even speak … Continue reading

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Charles Barkley Tells White America Why Black Communities ‘ESPECIALLY’ Need the Cops

I can’t even begin to tell you the level of disdain I have for the HOUSE NEGROES in America, especially the one’s who think they have made it, by pulling themselves up by their bootstraps, which is a right winger, … Continue reading

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President Obama Needs to Apologize for Calling Baltimore’s Oppressed Teens “THUGS”

I want to be crystal clear here. I do not condone criminal behaviors or violence. Nor do I condone hypocrisy, double standards, and the unjust, unequal administration of our nation’s laws. Wall Street criminals, who rob and loot and bad … Continue reading

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Baltimore YOUTH Terrorized by Cops | Stop Killing Black Americans!

On the day of Freddie Gray’s funeral, the citizens of Baltimore, especially the community where Freddie lives are not going quietly into that good ole boys in blue night. Shutting down transit, preventing our children from leaving school, throwing bricks, … Continue reading

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“Loretta Lynch…is asked to sit in the back of the bus…” So Says Illinois Senator Dick Durbin

It’s been over 130 days since President Obama announced nominated Loretta Lynch as the next Attorney General of the United States. And no vote, which means the GRAND OBSTRUCTIONIST PARTY is doing what they promised to do…OBSTRUCT! Senator Durbin: “Loretta … Continue reading

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