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Video| Senator Ted Cruz: “We Need 100 More Like Jesse Helms In Senate”

Here’s Strom Thurmond, whom Jesse Helms emmunlated. He was the Grandfather of SEGREGATIONALIST.    We have to give you the foundation for the Helms, and Cruzs. James Strom Thurmond (December 5, 1902 – June 26, 2003) was an American politician who … Continue reading

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Video | Donald Trump, Scam Artist: KARMA’s Coming to Collect In the Form of $40 Million FRAUD Suit

KARMA’S A BITCH, DONALD YOU’RE A FRAUD! BIRTHER KING Donald Trump sued by New York Attorney General for phony Scam TRUMP University. Attorney  General Eric Schneiderman is taking on Donald  Trump in a new $40 million lawsuit. Schneiderman’s office accuses … Continue reading

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Video | OMAHA, NE Police Using Excessive Force

Read the commentary from the Youtube video poster. 12 fucking cop cars to handle an inquiry of why a truck was being towed with expired license plates?

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Video | CPAC, SLAVERY, White Privilege, Misogyny, Gun-slinging NRA, Grifters, Racism, Coonery, Buffoonery, Birtherism & Jim Crow Laws = GOP

Some of the folks in the GOP’s BIG TENT. Folks like Massa (“I’M PROUD OF MY PEOPLE”) fed and housed you darkies, what’s the deal? COONERY- No we don’t want you to go away. Keep showing your self, so we … Continue reading

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Thursday Open Thread – Why Chris Dorner Can’t R.I.P

  Because SOBs who weren’t satisfied with killing him = NOW they’re trying to PROFIT off his gruesome death by selling pictures of his remains. I know this was in Wednesday’s OPEN THREAD, but it needed to be headlined. And … Continue reading

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Video| John McCain Insults UN Ambassador Susan Rice As the GOP Continues Their ATTACKS On Women

John McCain: “If you’re going to tell the American people something; you better make damn sure it’s true>” Really? Sarah Palin was qualified to become VP-President? GTFOH John McShame! John McCain: “I will do everything in my power to block … Continue reading

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Nancy Pelosi Hands Luke Russert His ASS On A Silver Platter

First there was THIS: And this: Serve it up, NANCY SMASH! Classic Tim Russert MTP clip. SEE HOW IT’S DONE LIL LUKE? Insulting women, and particularly Former Speaker Pelosi is just sooo amatuerish!

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Senator Mitch McConnell| Republicans: “If We Are In Charge, Things Will Be Different”

YOU’RE WAY TO LATE TO TRY AND RALLY THE TROOPS NOW, MITCH MCCONNELL. YOU SET THE NUMBER ONE PRIORITY FOR YOUR PARTY HERE: Watch & listen to Minority Leader Mitch here. What’s the purpose of him waving the pom poms … Continue reading

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Mitt Romney’s Thoughts on the Middle Class … YOU KNOW THAT 47% He’s NOT WORRIED ABOUT

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THIS SMIRKING MOFO, RIGHT HERE From the Daily Beast  Unfit For Government- for a thorough breakdown from around the blogosphere and news media on Mitt’s MENDACITY. Tomasky’s take: Once again, the Romney pattern holds: pander to the right, issue an irresponsible … Continue reading

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