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Donald Trump LIED about thousands cheering in New Jersey after 9/11

Fact-checking Donald Trump's claim about thousands cheering in New Jersey after 9/11. — PolitiFact (@PolitiFact) November 23, 2015

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3 Chics Celebrates Rikyrah | Happy Birthday, Rikyrah!

Please join 3 Chicspolitico in celebrating our QUEEN of BLOGGING Rikyrah! Rikyrah, here’s to another year in celebrating your loyalty, generous spirit, graciousness, intelligence and TRUTH-TELLING. Rikyrah is as loyal as they come. We met on Jack and Jill Politics … Continue reading

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Trump Incites Supporters To Attack Black Protester

A KKK Rally minus the white pointed hood with eyes holes. A Trump supporter is heard in the background encouraging violence yelling “beat his ass”. Shouts of white power, could be heard in audience all during speech. At a Birmingham, … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread | Macy Gray Week!

Happy FRY-day! LOL alright, I’ll go sit in the naughty corner today. Just plop my black ass right down in the chair and sit there.

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Thursday Open Thread | Macy Gray Week!

Happy Thursday, Everyone. Hope you’re enjoying Macy Gray this week.

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Wednesday Open Thread | Macy Gray Week!

HUMP DAY, and time to CREEP with Ms Gray

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White Terrorism in America

White men’s belief in their superiority, discrimination and racism is what drives these men to go out and massacre innocent people or walk into a place of worship and gun down other black Americans. But notice these white men who … Continue reading

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