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President Obama Speaks at the United Nations General Assembly

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Tuesday Open Thread: Carson & Trump Muslim comments spark backlash

Article VI: “No religious test shall ever be required as a qualification to any office…under the United States.” If a Presidential candidate cannot follow the Constitution that one swears to uphold then that person is UNFIT for office of the … Continue reading

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History Professor Denies Native Genocide: Native Student Disagrees, Gets Expelled From Course

It pays to know ones history. And it’s evident that the folks who are charged with teaching US History also know our history. Just like slavery, America is not amenable to telling the truth and coming to terms with this … Continue reading

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Liza for the Win! Economic Progress is More Effective Than Protests Says Joel Kotkin

One question for Joel:  If  BLACK Americans had economic progress, would they even need to protest and declare BLACK LIVES MATTER.  Dismissed! This article by Joel Kotkin, RIGHT HERE: Ta-Nehisi Coates and the new wave of black nationalists are selling … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton has no deep understanding, empathy or even regard for the black experience

Hat tip: Eliihass I watched the video exchange and just couldn’t believe it. It wasn’t just Hillary’s condescension, but Huma’s patronizing smirk and her white press guy that interrupted the BLM reps with his tone dripping disdain. They are all … Continue reading

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Hillary Clinton Talks With BlackLivesMatter

Get a good look and listen up, while Hillary admonishes the NEGROES for daring to ask her the tough questions. Clinton lobbied for a law that perpetuated mass incarceration. The Clintons played a crucial role in mass incarceration. The Violent … Continue reading

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“Our Selma!” | Mass Moral March for Voting Rights

What the MEDIA did not report on last week. It was Donald Trump instead. This is your institutionalized racist media in America. This is show they operate, reporting on and upholding the white males’ attitudes, beliefs, behaviors, slights, ADNAUSEUM. In … Continue reading

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