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The Laquan McDonald EXECUTION by the Chicago Police Department

  I will not put the video in the main post. It will be in the replies. But, make no mistake, this young man was EXECUTED. I would like to thank Liza for the hat tip to this story. My … Continue reading

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‘Jihadi John’ Believed Killed in US Drone Strike

The ISIS terrorist dubbed “Jihadi John”, who oversaw the brutal executions of American and Western hostages, was hit by a U.S. air strike Thursday night and is believed to have been killed, U.S. officials told ABC News. One official said … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread | Sharecroppers History

TGIF We hope you’re getting informed about sharecroppers history. Landlord, What In the Heaven Is The Matter With You?

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Wednesday Open Thread | Sharecroppers’ History

Happy Hump day! We continue with SharecropperS’ history. Missouri Sharecroppers Strike of 1939

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Monday Open Thread | Sharecroppers’ History

Top of the week to you all. This week 3 Chics will feature the history of SHARECROPPERS. Hat tip: SruggleforProgress Lest We Forget: The Lost Stories of Southern Sharecroppers (Full Documentary) ICYMI

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The Brutal Treatment and Heartless Murder of #NatashaMcKenna

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History Professor Denies Native Genocide: Native Student Disagrees, Gets Expelled From Course

It pays to know ones history. And it’s evident that the folks who are charged with teaching US History also know our history. Just like slavery, America is not amenable to telling the truth and coming to terms with this … Continue reading

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