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Saturday Open Thread | Old School Jams

Happy Saturday, Everyone! How about some Shalamar & Kool & the Kang, and Earth, Wind, & Fire to get your up, moving and warm.

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President Obama’s Remarks at the House Democratic Issues Retreat

President addresses the House Democrats at their annual retreat. Watch it here. and here    

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Vermont High Schoolers Just Destroy Fox News About The Ethics Of Journalism

Vermont High school journalism students DEBUNK THE FOX FUNK! One can only imagine what kids are being taught in the private conservative schools.

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Tuesday Open Thread |80’s Freestyle & Pop Music Week

A lot of the 80’s freestyle & pop musicians delivered “one hit” wonders. LOL Don’t judge me. I got a real good kick out of the music from the 80’s. Artist cultivated their own styles, and they weren’t afraid of … Continue reading

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Serendipity SOUL | Monday Open Thread |80’s Freestyle & Pop Music Week

Happy Monday, Everyone! Today’s featured artist is SHANNON & Lis Lisa & Cult Jam. Shannon Brenda Greene (born May 2, 1958), better known by the mononym Shannon, is an American recording artist and singer of Freestyle music and dance-pop music … Continue reading

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President Obama and First Lady Michelle Travel to India

President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama are going to India this weekend to attend Tuesday’s Republic Day parade in New Delhi — the first time an American president will be a guest at the event, which celebrates India’s democracy … Continue reading

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Video | President Obama Delivers the 2015 State of the Union Address

President Obama delivers the 2015 SOTU Address tonight at 9p.m. ET/8p.m. CT. Watch it here. and of course the cable and major networks will cover the address, complete with the talking heads Did you know this is President Obama’s 6th … Continue reading

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