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Video & Photos | Walter Scott’s Homegoing

I will not say rest in peace, Walter Scott. There will be no peace until the system of white supremacy and fear is DISMANTLED. Patriotic: Walter Scott’s casket was wrapped in an American flag as it was rolled into Judy … Continue reading

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Saturday Open Thread

Hope you’re enjoying the weekend with friends & family! We conclude this week’s feature Otis Redding Jr.

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Friday Open Thread | Otis Redding Jr Week

Happy Friday, Everyone! FA-FA-FA-FA-FA(Sad Song) LOVE MAN Call Me Mr Pitiful

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Tuesday Open Thread | Otis Redding Jr. Week

More Otis! Check out the official Otis Redding Web site

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Monday Open Thread | Otis Redding Jr. Week

Happy Monday, Everyone! This week’s featured artist is Mr. Otis Redding Jr. He may have been a Georgia native, but the name Otis Redding will always be synonymous with Memphis, Tennessee. The music he made there has become among the … Continue reading

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Simone Manuel, Liza Neal & Natalie Hinds Make History: Sweep 100 Free at Division 1 NCAA Swimming

It would be nice to have actual footage of the swim, don’t you think? But scouring the IN-TER-NETS, NONE! Please post video if you find any. Thanks! Stanford University swimmers Lia Neal and Simone Manuel, who set an American Record, … Continue reading

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“Loretta Lynch…is asked to sit in the back of the bus…” So Says Illinois Senator Dick Durbin

It’s been over 130 days since President Obama announced nominated Loretta Lynch as the next Attorney General of the United States. And no vote, which means the GRAND OBSTRUCTIONIST PARTY is doing what they promised to do…OBSTRUCT! Senator Durbin: “Loretta … Continue reading

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