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Sarah Palin, Former 1/2 Term Alaska Governor & VP Candidate FAMILY BRAWL | Where’s the Video?!

3 Chics wants to go on the record with the Palin family FIGHTING, because this kind of behavior is being tolerated by the media and a segment of white America. Meanwhile, the drumb beats louder for the ousting of Adrian … Continue reading

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NAACP Ask DOJ for a Special Review of #Ferguson Police Chief Tom Jackson

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St Louis County Opinions on #Ferguson: Black vs White

This is so disturbing! According to the survey taken, Michael Brown’s SKIN was his SIN. Unarmed, running away, surrendering doesn’t mean a DAMN thing. Whites in St Louis County says Darren Wilson was justified for shooting down Michael Brown. It … Continue reading

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Sunday Open Thread

Happy Sunday, Everyone! We conclude this Sade Week with 2 of my favorites. PEARLS BY YOUR SIDE

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Saturday Open Thread | Sade Week

Happy saturday, Everyone! Enjoy your weekend with family & friends. Slave song Kiss of Life

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The Saint Louis Post-Dispatch: In the Gutter and Called Out About It

We have seen many things in the killing of Michael Brown. Once again, we see an unarmed Black child being put on trial for their OWN MURDER. It has been a disgusting exercise in watching how the Media has conspired … Continue reading

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Serendipity SOUL | Friday Open Thread | Sade Week!

Happy Friday, Everyone! Hope you’re enjoying the fabulous Ms SADE. Here you go, Brother Tyren. No Ordinary Love

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