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Seerendipity SOUL | Friday Open Thread | Kenny G

Happy Friday, Everyone. Hope you’re enjoying Kenny G this week.

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Amnesty International | Police in Ferguson committed human rights abuses

Police in Ferguson, Missouri, committed human rights abuses as they sought to quell mostly peaceful protests that erupted after an officer killed an unarmed black teenager, an international human rights organization said in a report released on Friday. The Amnesty … Continue reading

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The Integrity of the Grand Jury Investigation into the Shooting of #MichaelBrown is GONE.

The integrity of the Grand Jury investigation into the shooting of #MichaelBrown is GONE. This Grand Jury needs to be dismissed. First we had the news of Darren Wilson testifying before the Grand Jury for 4 hours, then a Twitter … Continue reading

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Serendipity SOUL | Thursday Open Thread | Kenny G Week

I know it’s early, but here goes… Kenny G. and a few Christamas songs to get ya’ll in the spirit early.

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#MichaelBrown shooting scene: ‘He held that boy and fired out of the car. He held his arm and fired’.

Michael Brown shooting scene. Witnesses describing what they saw. Michael Brown shooting scene witness ‘The first shot, he fired out of the car’

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Serendipity SOUL | Wednesday Open Thread |Kenny G Week– DUETS!

HAPPY HUMP DAY! Smooth jazzin’ with Mr. Kenny G. Happy Anniversay, Honey. I LOVE YOU! Kenny G with Peabo Bryson – By The Time This Night Is Over Kenny G & Stevie Wonder Kenny G and Austin G “Over the … Continue reading

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Serendipity SOUL | Tuesday Open Thread | Kenny G Week

More Kenny G! Forever in Love Going Home

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