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Monday Open Thread | Sharecroppers’ History

Top of the week to you all. This week 3 Chics will feature the history of SHARECROPPERS. Hat tip: SruggleforProgress Lest We Forget: The Lost Stories of Southern Sharecroppers (Full Documentary) ICYMI

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THIS is what VOTER SUPPRESSION looks like in 2015

I had seen the initial report about this. And, then yahtzeebutterfly brought us further links. Look at this picture.   The red parts are where the majority of Alabama’s Black population lives. It’s also where the Department of Motor Vehicles offices … Continue reading

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First Lady Michelle Obama on Late Night with Stephen Colbert

ICYMI- FLOTUS: “COUNTDOWN!” Will post full screen version soon.

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Pope Francis Arrives in the United States of America

The First Family, VP Biden and Dr. Jill Biden greet Pope Francis. More videos and photos to come

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Saturday Open Thread

Happy Saturday, Everyone. Enjoy your weekend with friends & Family.

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Friday Open Thread | Sweet SOUL Music Week

Happy FRY-day, Everyone. We give you Ms. Patti Labelle…. Dedicated to SG2 & Rikyrah You are My Friends.

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Thursday Open Thread | Sweet SOUL Music Week

Hope you’re having a SOULFUL week! Mr. Otis Redding Jr., the EPITOME of SOUL. yes sir & Mam.

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