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Wednesday Open Thread | Otis Redding Jr. Week

Happy HUMP day! These Arms of Mine “They are wanting, wanting to hold you…And if you would let them hold you, oh how grateful I will be.” I Got Dreams to Remember Respect

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Monday Open Thread | Otis Redding Jr. Week

Happy Monday, Everyone! This week’s featured artist is Mr. Otis Redding Jr. He may have been a Georgia native, but the name Otis Redding will always be synonymous with Memphis, Tennessee. The music he made there has become among the … Continue reading

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Simone Manuel, Liza Neal & Natalie Hinds Make History: Sweep 100 Free at Division 1 NCAA Swimming

It would be nice to have actual footage of the swim, don’t you think? But scouring the IN-TER-NETS, NONE! Please post video if you find any. Thanks! Stanford University swimmers Lia Neal and Simone Manuel, who set an American Record, … Continue reading

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Scott Walker Unravels Before 7 Year Old Aaron Stark With Gibberish on Climate Change

No! Scott Walker is not SMARTER than a Second Grader. 7 year old Aaron Stark asks Governor Scott Walker 2 questions: Aaron: 1. If you were President, what would you do about climate change? Governor Scot Walker: Aaron: 2. Do … Continue reading

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RACIST EZ CASH! 21st Century Slavery Alive In America’s Municipal Court Systems

Amnesty for 100% of Ferguson citizens period! Hat tip:  SG2 Where’s that Ferguson cop shooter? This is why the MSM & Ferguson are SILENT about that supposedly cop shooter suspect. But don’t worry, they’re concocting another scheme to distract us … Continue reading

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Sunday Open Thread

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Joe Scarborough & Crew Blame Rappers for Oklahoma University SAE Frat’s Racist Chants

Let’s get right to it, shall we. Joey Scar and his MSNBC cohorts set the tone for the news cycle. They have 3 fucking hours each morning, from 6 a.m.-9 a.m. ET to spew their brand of racist dog whistling, … Continue reading

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