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Ferguson Open Thread | Justice for Michael Brown!

Still waiting for that POLICE REPORT, FPD. Where is it? NEW YORK TIME’S SHADY ASS REPORTING: Twitter is all we have, folks! Do the Police have the NYT in their back pockets? Rewrite:  Police Bad Police Reporting

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Videos | Attorney General Eric Holder Challenges Republicans on Impeachment, Gridlock & Stands Firm on Statement about America’s Cowardice on RACE

And the Wasilla Hillbilly-Don’t start NONE, won’t be NONE. Attorney General Holder delivers landmark speech on race IN 2009 Attorney General Holder standing by his statement on America’s cowardice about race July 13, 2014 Pierre Thomas, why don’t you ask … Continue reading

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Video | Attorney General Eric Holder Announces DOJ’s Lawsuit Against North Carolina Voter ID Laws

AG Holdr: “This is an Intentional step to fix a system that is already working, and it DEFIES COMMON SENSE.” Transcript of full remarks on DOJ’s Lawsuit against North Carolina’s Voter ID Law   REFRRESHER FYI: PDF North Carolina Voter ID law

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Videos & Photos |White America’s “True Conversation” on Race

Thought I’d share a post in response to the uproar from the rightwing, a few house negroes…*looking@YOUTAVISSMILEY* about President Obama’s comments on race last week. Let’s be very clear on who needs to have a an HONEST dialogue on race … Continue reading

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Video | Supreme Court Hears Challenges to “Section 5″ Of The Voting Rights Act

UPDATED FOR ALL THE STUDENTS WHO ARE STUDYING OUR AMERICAN HISTORY! The Supreme Court will hear a challenge to a key provision of the landmark Voting Rights Act of 1965, which is intended to end a requirement forcing Alabama and … Continue reading

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A Trio of Leadership In 2013

THIS, here is the reason for the NRA’s DERANGEMENT. President Barack Hussein Obama Attorney General Eric Holder B. Todd Jones, Director U.S. Bureau of ( ATF&E) Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives. How’s this for 21ST CENTURY DIVERSITY? WINNING!

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Senator Nina Turner Speaking TRUTH to Power On Ohio Voter Suppression

Videos of African Americans speaking out against VOTER SUPPRESSION & POLL TAXES

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