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EBOLA!!!! Meanwhile, Texas Govenor Rick Perry Flees to Europe|GOP Blocked President’s Surgeon General & Funding for CDC

THE TRUTH: Ebola’s in Texas. Rick Perry’s in Europe. Governor Rick Perry’s on another continent, while the media jackals are screaming for President Obama to go to TEXAS?  GTFOH Statement by Gov. Perry on Second Dallas Hospital Worker Diagnosed with … Continue reading

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Videos | Attorney General Eric Holder Challenges Republicans on Impeachment, Gridlock & Stands Firm on Statement about America’s Cowardice on RACE

And the Wasilla Hillbilly-Don’t start NONE, won’t be NONE. Attorney General Holder delivers landmark speech on race IN 2009 Attorney General Holder standing by his statement on America’s cowardice about race July 13, 2014 Pierre Thomas, why don’t you ask … Continue reading

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Videos | President Obama In Minneapolis- GMA Interview| GOP You Have Been Given Notice, BRING IT!

GOP You Have Been Given Notice by… President Obama delivers and address on the economy at Lake Harriet in Minneapolis. Sun might break out before POTUS speech, but ominous clouds south and west. What do you think? Rain or no … Continue reading

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Video | Speaker John Boehner & House Republicans Want to Sue President Obama

Do you REALLY want to do battle with the POTUS, Speaker Boehner? This is an attempt by the GOP CONGRESS to further DEFLECT/OBSTRUCT/DECONSTRUCT OUR GOVERNMENT & DESTROY DEMOCRACY instead of actually WORKING for the American people. I’m sure this little … Continue reading

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Videos |True MOTIVES of GOP’s Government Shutdown: Shutdown The Obama Presidency

If you can’t win the presidency fair and square and spend billions to do it, you obstruct, lie, attempt to delegitamize the sitting presient by any means necessary. Let’s keep pushing the media to do it’s democratic job, and that … Continue reading

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Tell House Republicans: ENOUGH ALREADY!

Tell House Republicans: Enough Already OFA is running this TV ad to call out the House Republicans who are threatening to shut down the government and sabotage our economy if we don’t defund Obamacare.

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It’s been 46 days since the Senate passed a budget. The Republicans are blocking us from taking the next step FAKE HEARINGS ON BENGHAZI & THE MEDIA COVERAGE OF SAID FAKENESS, INSTEAD OF COVERING JOBS AND THE GOP OBSTRUCTIONISM, DEBT … Continue reading

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