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Photos | President Obama speaks at University of Hartford on Gun Control

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Newtown families voice support for gun control

“Newtown” is now synonymous with unimaginable tragedy. But many of the families who suffered through it call it something else,”12/14,” the December day that they lost a son, daughter, or wife when a dark young man with dark dreams awoke, … Continue reading

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When The Person Going “Rogue” is a Brotha

Good looking brotha.  Damn, why couldn’t LAPD done right by him? I got this from my friend the Field Negro this morning.  And just like Field, I don’t like it when one of ours goes rogue. But, I guess if … Continue reading

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Photos | President Obama visits Minneapolis for gun control

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Sandy Hook Families Testify‏ at Public Hearing on Gun Control

NEWTOWN  Conn. — Newtown officials and parents of children killed in last month’s elementary school massacre called on lawmakers Wednesday to turn the tragedy into “the moment of transformation” by banning high-powered, military-style rifles and high-capacity magazines while providing better … Continue reading

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VP Joe Biden Vows Action on Gun Control

New York Times WASHINGTON — Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr. will present President Obama with proposals for stemming gun violence by Tuesday, setting in motion legislative and executive actions that will encompass guns, ammunition, mental health services and violent … Continue reading

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DOMESTIC TERRORISM In Wisconsin: Another WHITE Male Hate-Filled Crime & Massacre

THE FACE OF AMERICA’S DOMESTIC TERRORIST Alleged Sikh Temple Shooter Former Member of Skinhead Band MICHAEL WADE PAGE, 40 YEAR OLD ARMY VETERAN KILLED AFTER MURDERING 6 PEOPLE IN SIKH TEMPLE When are Americans going to wake up and demand … Continue reading

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