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Paul Ryan & GOP “OUT to LUNCH” |Continues Their Attack on the Poor, Black Americans & the Hungry

UPDATED-3-16-14 3 Chics would be remiss, if we didn’t address Paul Ryan and the GOP’s continued attack on the poor. IT MUST BE 2014; TIME FOR ANOTHER ELECTION. And we have the same cast of characters from the GOP Clown … Continue reading

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Melissa Harris Perry smacks Sean Hannity’s trolling of President Obama’s speech about Trayvon Martin

 Melissa Harris Perry illustrates the conversation some white Americans like Sean Hannity are having about race. Listen how Sean Hannity contorts what President Obama said last Friday, and how he proves what the president said by his own contorted comments.  The stupid really burns … Continue reading

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Video | Melissa Harris Perry Show: Discussion on “Privilege”

On Sunday’s Melissa Harris Perry Show, the panel had an INTENSE, THOUGHT-PROVOKING discussion on “PRIVLEGE.” Panelist: Tim Wise, David Webb, Chloe Angel, and Blair Kelly Tim Wise: “Whatever people of privilege there is an obligation to use that as responsibly … Continue reading

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Videos | Melissa Harris Perry & Company: President Obama’s Playing “Daddy” Politics

Is it any wonder folks are going nuts about President Obama’s visit to Chi-town last Friday to address gun violence and the economy. Here’s Chris Rock’s idea of what this president and First Lady represents to him and our country. … Continue reading

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Video | Melissa Harris Perry & Daughter Parker’s Co-Interview With Gabriele Douglas

Really appreciated the interview MHP and her daughter Parker had with Gabby Douglas. It was a smart move to get another young black pre-teenage girl interview Gabby, ask the quesitons that are dear to young girls, and receive the answers … Continue reading

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