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Miami Dade Police Chokes 14 Year Old Tremaine McMillian Because He Was Staring At Them

YEP, JUST LOOK AT TREMAINE’S SPECIAL POWERS HERE; CLEARLY A THREAT… WTF is a “dehumanizing”stare? 14 YEAR OLD Tremaine McMillian was holding a fucking puppy and looking at the police. His crime for being put in a choke hold is? … Continue reading

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Video | OMAHA, NE Police Using Excessive Force

Read the commentary from the Youtube video poster. 12 fucking cop cars to handle an inquiry of why a truck was being towed with expired license plates?

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Attorney General Eric Holder: Investigate the LAPD and what Dorner addressed in his manifesto.

In light of  Christopher Dorner’s claims of the LAPD’s handling of his firing and their corruption, along with their extreme and long history of corruption and should not be allowed to reopen and do an internal investigation of Dorner’s firing. … Continue reading

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London Bridge Is Falling Down: Darcus Howe Tells Us WHY

Why is London burning, and who is telling the TRUTH? Remember this old nursery rhyme? Mark Duggan killed by UK police, sparks London unrest No go, Fiona Armstrong!  Mr. Howe is not falling for the old painting the negro thuggery … Continue reading

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