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Video |Dajerria Becton’s Attorneys Hannah Stroud and Charlie Philips Speak | Civil Rights Violations

Of course there are CIVIL RIGHTS VIOLATIONS, Excessive FORCE. Casebolt & Company can cut the BS about threats. No one is more threatened in this country more than our children.

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Video |Neighbors Called Police Because Too Many Black People Were Invited To A Pool Party

POLICE TERRORIST & BRUTALITY ON FULL DISPLAY Who Is Eric Casebolt? McKinney Pool Party Police Officer Suspended After Viral Video: Reports Officer Eric Casebolt was placed on leave after a video of him arresting a teenager at a pool … … Continue reading

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Video| Minneapolis Police Threatens to Break Black Teen’s Legs | Why? ‘Because I feel Like Arresting You’

ICYMI Yes, in the land of 10,000 Lakes, police harassment and brutality happens; YOU BETCHA! When Officer Rod Webber quickly approached the car that Hamza Jeylani was sitting in, the 17-year-old hit record on his cell phone. Hamza Jeylani Courtesy … Continue reading

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Baltimore Prosecutors: Freddie Gray Arrest Was Illegal Before Finding Knife

Baltimore prosecutors say Freddie Gray’s arrest was illegal before police officers found a knife on him, challenging claims by the officers’ lawyers that the arrest was proper because it was illegal for Mr. Gray to possess the knife. The statements … Continue reading

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Standing With Marilyn Mosby

3 CHICS STANDS WITH BALTIMORE STATE’S ATTORNEY MARILYN MOSBY. Don’t think for one minute that there isn’t a coordinated effort to SMEAR SA Mosby, because it is. And it began the moment she took to that podium May 1, 2015. … Continue reading

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Saturday Open Thread

All these ‘thugs’ posted bail.

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President Obama Statement On #BaltimoreUpRising

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