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Video | Rachel Maddow On SCOTUS & Voting Rights Act & HISTORY!

Worth watching. The segment speaks for itself. Interview with Rep. John Lewis- Scalia has opened old wounds with his racists remarks. YOUR WASTED VOTE?

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Video | Rachel Maddow Likens Chuck Hagel As “Another Todd Akin & Richard Mourdock- Seriously?!

It appears and sounds like the so-called Liberals want DRAMA over the upcoming Chuck Hagel confirmation hearings Maddow takes her cues from Andrew at Buzzfeed From SG2: Rachel Maddow thinks gays have a right to stop Hagel from getting confirmed. … Continue reading

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Videos| 3 Chics Politico Sunday Wrap Up

Sunday Wrap Up Throughout this campaign, Mitt Romney has refused to stand up to the most strident voices in his party, promising to undermine women’s health security, and standing by as his own surrogates take extreme stances on women’s health … Continue reading

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Video | Mitt Romney Has A “Character” Issue… No Shit, Sherlock! | MSNBC Post Debate Analysis

I generally turn off the tv after the debates. Once the President has spoken, I’m sure I can determine on my own what he said and why he said it. Last night I turned to MSNBC, because I wanted to … Continue reading

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Senate Republicans Filibustered The Disclosure Act, Blocking Transparency In Campaign Financing

Senate Republicans filibustered the the Disclose Act, and thus blocked any TRANSPARENCY in campaign financing. 17- SEVENTEEN ANGRY OLD WHITE MEN BUYING ELECTION- From Harry Reid, and he ought to know! Here are a few blogs covering the Gop’s filibustering … Continue reading

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Frank Rich: NUKE Romney and The Right-Wing Extremist Clowns He Panders

You can read Frank Rich’s full article: Frank Rich: Nuke ’Em Why negative advertisements are powerful, essential, and sometimes (see “Daisy”) even artistic

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Rev. Al Sharpton Speaks On Voting Rights: If You’re WHITE & Republican; It’s ALRIGHT In Primary | General Elections; If You’re BLACK & Democrat, GET BACK: Voter Shenanigans Pending!

Defense of Voting rights escalates to federal level. USE THE SAME ID THAT WAS USED FOR BUSH 1, BUSH 2, CLINTON, CARTER, ETC. This would be too much like EASY, right? The poor, elderly, Blacks, Hispanics, and other POC are … Continue reading

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Mitch Daniels’ “Spooky” State Of The Union Response |GOP = Gloom, Obstruction, Piety |

Rachel Maddow did a segment on why Mitch Daniels was a disatrous/embarrasing choice to deliver the State of the Union response. Here’s Mitch Daniels’ SOTU response: Rachel illustrates her predictions for Daniels’ dismal deliver here: LOL Love the lightning effects! … Continue reading

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Susan Rice, UN Ambassador Educates Rachel Maddow et al. On US Foreign Policy

                                                               UN Ambassador Susan Rice                                                                     Rachel Maddow television show host and political commentator Got that, GOOD!

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Jimmy Carter : A Former Democratic President, Schools Democrats | Predicts 2012 Win For President Obama

I really enjoyed the Maddow interview with Former Presient Jimmy Carter. There are history lessons here that Progressives Democrats can learn from. Stay tuned for the conclusion of the Carter interview tonight on MSNBC.

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