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Videos |This Week in 2014 Voter Suppression | OHIO & WISCONSIN

Here’s a ROUNDUP of this week’s news in VOTER SUPPRESSION: Lest we FORGET Only Governor Romney did not WIN the 2012 Presidential race. Well he won 60% of the WHITE vote. OHIO RUN NINA, RUN NYT-Saturday, March 15, 20114 Editorial: … Continue reading

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Video | Wisconsin Tourists Threatened with Arrest for Watching a Solidarity Sing-a-long

Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker at work, folks… Apparently watching a sing-a-long in America is ILLEGAL now?

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Serendipity SOUL | Friday Open Thread | Hall & Oates Week!

Happy FRY-day, Everyone. Enjoy your day, and please stop by and visit 3 Chics this weekend. Today’s tune…SARA SMILE REPOST *** 2013 HISTORY

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Videos | President Obama, VP Biden & Bill Clinton Weekend Campaigning

MENTOR, OHIO MILWAUKE, WISCONSIN ARVADA, COLORADO DUBUQUE, IOWA Presient Obama & Former President Bill Clinton will meet up later tonight in BRISTOW, VA Dave Matthews Band performs

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DOMESTIC TERRORISM In Wisconsin: Another WHITE Male Hate-Filled Crime & Massacre

THE FACE OF AMERICA’S DOMESTIC TERRORIST Alleged Sikh Temple Shooter Former Member of Skinhead Band MICHAEL WADE PAGE, 40 YEAR OLD ARMY VETERAN KILLED AFTER MURDERING 6 PEOPLE IN SIKH TEMPLE When are Americans going to wake up and demand … Continue reading

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Governor Scott Walker Strategy: ” DIVIDE & CONQUER” | RECALL!

ALL THE EVIDENCE WISCONSINITES NEED TO RECALL THIS BASTARD RIGHT HERE: Check out these posts outlinning the damage of Governor “DIVIDE & CONQUER” has bestowed on the state of Wisconsin. Why Recall Scott Walker?  by BooMan When he was running … Continue reading

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Rick Santorum Goes There… First “BLAH PEOPLE” & Now This Is What Candiate Barack Obama is Like “Anti-War GOVERNMENT NIGG…A”…

RICK SANTORUM, YOU’RE COOKED, FRIED, STICK A FORK IN YOUR ASS, YOU’RE DONE! OUTTA HERE AND SO IS THE SO-CALLED REPUBLICAN PARTY! If Rick Santorum was banking on stirring up the rabid GOP base for next Tuesday’s primary in Wisconsin … Continue reading

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Gwen Moore Wisconsin ( D) Introduces Violence Against Women Act

That Ms. Moore has to stand before collegues and share such painful memories of being raped, just makes me sad for this country, sad, hurt, and angered by the facts that a portion of our nation’s leader want to wipe … Continue reading

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Video | President Obama Visits Wisconsin: Tours & Speaks At Master Lock Plant

Upated with video Wouldn’t it be lovely if during the  Master Lock tour a UNION employee uses one of these on Governor Walker.  Because that’s where he belongs; locked up behind bars.  A true random act of kindness, indeed.  LOL

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Scott Walker RECALL: Wisconsin Democrats Collect Requied Signatures To Force Recall Election

PSSST…. GOVERNOR SCOTT WALKER!  WISCONSINITES DELIVER ONE MILLION SIGNATURES There have been just two successful gubernatorial recalls in the nation’s history — against California Gov. Gray Davis in 2003 and North Dakota Gov. Lynn Frazier in 1921. 540,000 signatures are required … Continue reading

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