President Obama Attends President’s Council on Jobs and Competitiveness Meeting In Durham North Carolina


DURHAM, N.C. — President Barack Obama promoted job creation in politically important North Carolina Monday, trying to assure Americans he’s focused on their No. 1 concern – and his greatest political weakness – as his potential GOP presidential opponents prepared to target his economic policies in their first major debate.

Speaking at an energy-efficient lighting plant in Durham, Obama called for training more engineers as a means to boost long-term economic growth, as he sought simultaneously to reassure businesses about his administration’s policies and try to instill some optimism in voters despite dismal recent economic reports.

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  1. I just had some thoughts to share. One of my daughters and her Hubby have a small business that they built from just the two of them and a lot of hard work to a success with approximately 20 full time employees when the economy started to tank. They pinched, they had to cut hours but they managed to keep everyone working. Starting the first of this year, not only was everyone back to full time hours but they were able to hire 3 more full time people, plus they are taking on some college students for the summer. On top of that they desperately needed some new equipment. Tax help for small business allowed them to do just that. They get their equipment from a small local manufacturing firm. This firm was able to bring back some laid off workers because their own business was improving.

    It gets better. Because of HCR, the kiddos were able to get some good health insurance coverage for them selves and all their employees at a really affordable rate. This is the first time they were able to do this, something they wanted for their workers for a long time.

    I think that even though this is small it is happening all over America. Our small businesses are the real life blood of our economy. I think my Kiddos’ business will continue to grow so they can hire more people.

    • Very inspiring, Aquagranny! I’m happy to hear they’re doing well and the business is growing. Good for them!

    • Ametia says:

      Hi ya Aquagranny. Thank you for sharing this. These are the REAL stories that we don’t get to hear on the airwaves. It’s proof that the help they’re getting is paying off, and that folks really do have to take responsibility for being aware of the help and using it wisely.

      Wishing your family continued success!

  2. Ametia says:

    Where does PBO get the energy to do all that he does, and where are the jobs, GOP?

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