Video | Trauma Surgeon Janis Orlowski Goes Off on Gun Violence: “There Is Something Evil in Our Society”


Riddle me this: What do all the mass killings have in common?

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  1. D.C. Trauma Surgeon to Piers Morgan: ‘We Can’t Have One Mass Shooting After Another’

    During a press conference on Monday about the tragic Washington Navy Yard shooting, Dr. Janis Orlowski took some time to decry the “evil” of rampant gun violence in the United States. She joined Piers Morgan on CNN to elaborate, telling Morgan that even for all the violence she sees on a daily basis, she cannot bear to see this kind of senseless violence continuing, practically begging for a change in the culture.

    Morgan lauded her “very powerful moment” and asked Orlowski why she reacted thusly. She told Morgan, “I wish that we didn’t have to deal with senseless trauma,” adding that even though it is her profession, she would be happy to see a decline. She said, “America, put me out of business”

    Orlowski told Morgan after the Tucson shooting in 2011, she was told by people she knew in Arizona that better mental health care treatment was needed. She said, “As a society, we’re strong enough and smart enough to work together to try to find the answers.” She got more emotional as she told Morgan, “We can’t have one mass shooting after another”

    The CNN chyron on the screen flashed “DOCTOR AGAINST GUNS,” despite Orlowski not saying anything negative about guns themselves, though she did tell Morgan the kind of horrifying injuries she sees on a daily basis as a result of gun violence.

  2. Ametia says:

    Police have now released the full list of victims in Monday’s Navy Yard shooting rampage. The 12 were employees at the Naval Sea Systems Command in Washington, D.C. They were killed when gunman Aaron Alexis opened fire. He was fatally shot by police.

    The remaining five were identified today as: Arthur Daniels, 51, of Washington; Mary Francis Knight, 51 of Reston, Virginia; Gerald Read, 58, of Alexandria, Virginia; Martin Bodrog, 54, of Annandale, Virginia; and Richard Michael Ridgell, 52, of Westminster, Maryland.

    On Monday night, officials identified: Michael Arnold, 59; Sylvia Frasier, 53; Kathy Gaarde, 62; John Roger Johnson, 73; Frank Kohler, 50; Vishnu Pandit, 61, and Kenneth Bernard Proctor, 46.

  3. Ametia says:

    Police identify more victims in Navy Yard shootings

    Police confirmed the names and ages of the remaining victims killed in Monday’s shooting rampage at the Washington Navy Yard. They were identified as Mary Francis Knight, 51, of Reston, Va.; Gerald L. Read, 58, of Alexandria, Va.; Martin Bodrog, 54, of Annandale, Va.; and Richard Michael Ridgell, 52, of Westminster, Md. Follow our liveblog for updates throughout the day.

    Read more at:

  4. roderick2012 says:

    She will be getting threats from the gun nuts sooner than later.

  5. Ametia says:

    How Gun Laws Factor Into The Navy Yard Shooting
    By Annie-Rose Strasser on September 16, 2013 at 4:32 pm

    Twelve people died and several others were injured on Monday at the Navy Yard in Washington, DC, at the hands of alleged gunman Aaron Alexis. Originally of Fort Worth, Texas, Alexis was a military contractor. He was killed as authorities sought control of the crime scene early Monday.

    Details are leaking out about Alexis and they point to a disturbing history of gun violence.

    According to his hometown newspaper, The Star-Telegram, Alexis has had previous gun-related incidents:

    Tarrant County court records show Alexis was arrested in September 2010 for allegedly discharging a firearm within a municipality. The records do not indicate that Alexis was ever formally charged in the case.

    Later that same month, Tarrant County court records show that The Orion at Oak Hill apartments in Fort Worth began eviction efforts against Alexis.

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