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AmbrosiaAmbrosia is an American rock band formed in southern California in 1970. Ambrosia had five Top Forty hit singles between 1975 and 1980, and after a hiatus during the latter 1980s most of the original band members have been active with the group for the past 25 years to the present day.

The group was founded as a quartet with guitarist/vocalist David Pack, bassist/vocalist Joe Puerta, keyboardist Christopher North, and drummer Burleigh Drummond.[2] They chose the name Ambrosia in 1970 to represent a vision of their music: all shades, textures, colors and styles.[citation needed] While Ambrosia had many radio hits in the 1970s, much of the material on their five albums is progressive in nature.

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  1. “You’re the Biggest Part of Me,” “How Much I Feel,” and “You’re the Only Woman” are at the top of my ’70s’/’80s playlist. My five-year-old son belts out “How Much I Feel” like a pro. It’s one of the things that makes me proud as a mother: like mother’s of past generations, I’m imposing culture on my child. There was no way in the world that I would not know every lyric to every Stevie Wonder song he sang; same with The O’Jays, Marvin Gaye, and others. I’ve figured out a way to turn my iPod into an education in the best of pop culture–and Ambrosia’s definitely at the top of my list! EMM

  2. rikyrah says:

    Douglass Redux: What, to Women, is the 4th of July?
    By zizi2

    n that sweltering July 5th 1852, exactly 162 years ago today, Frederick Douglass delivered his famous speech “What to the Slave is the Fourth of July”, a speech uncensored in its brutal rebuke of the hypocrisy of America celebrating independence, while its black population remained shackled in slavery. I wonder what he would say today if he were here in our time. No doubt the brutality of slavery in his time can never be compared to anything going on today.

    Yet in view of the determined aggression of America’s conservative forces in our time, to derail every single gain made in the last century to advance Democracy and make this country “a more perfect union,” one wonders what he’d say. In the lifework of Frederick Douglass in which he combined his abolitionist cause with the fight for Women’s Rights, he always saw the struggles of enslaved African Americans as intertwined with the struggles of ALL disenfranchised Americans.


    This particular address, “What to the Slave, is the Fourth of July” was delivered before a gathering of women in Rochester, New York, and like his contemporary Sojourner Truth, who spoke eloquently about her own bittersweet position of advocating for women’s rights alongside a cadre of upper class white women who were ill at ease with her own struggles as a slave woman, Douglass knew his own bind. Afterall, “Free states” like New York had themselves just become complicit in entrenching slavery when the Fugitive Slave Act, allowing slaveowners to go anywhere in the union to hunt down their “property” had been passed in Congress just a year prior, in 1851. Douglass had every right to sneer in disgust at being invited to speak on the occasion of American Independence:


    nd there you have it. Douglass warned of the dangers of kowtowing to religious fundamentalism and how that would destroy this polity and all it’s glorious potential. The War on Women, and workers, and perennially on minorities all sanctioned with the backing of “religion”, nothing new. But they are corrosive to this beautiful country to the core. And just as he did despite risks to himself and his causes, SPEAK he did!!! One of the worst things DEMOCRACY-loving Americans have failed to do is SPEAK UP LOUDLY and PERSISTENTLY, without fear, and FIGHT CONTINUOUSLY without PAUSE those who would do us harm. Douglass died after attending yet another event on Women’s Rights. He died fighting. What about us?

    After we won those hard battles for our rights over the last century and a half we rested on our laurels. We left the battlefield and left a vacuum which carcasses the fundamentalist and regressive conservatives picked clean and replaced with their venal institutions and propaganda outfits, many of which pervert the very name of our American ideals, LIBERTY, FREEDOM, RIGHTS, CHOICE. Goldwater lost badly after the Civil Rights and Voting Rights acts were passed. But what happened. We celebrated triumphs and went to sleep. Goldwater’s minions used that watershed election to organize a 50 year onslaught against us the American people. Look where we are today? We win elections, yet the regressive forces cheat and steal. They stack courts to roll back our rights. We look on helplessly. WTF happened to our country!!!!! Look what happened to WOMEN this week!!!

    Douglass would gather all of us, Women, minorities, workers, all the 99% and he would tell us to gird up and break out of fear. Death be damned!!!

  3. Ametia says:

    Justin Ross Harris – Probable Cause Hearing – Part 1–Part 3

  4. rikyrah says:

    Ever since they found out that her husband was getting the hookup, the stories about her have gotten more negative.

    I’m not a fan of her, because she’s always willing to be the ‘ Black Ringer’ whenever folks were serious in trying to find a logical Black alternative to the status quo.


    No way to paper over court clerk’s record-keeping: critics
    Thu, 07/03/2014 – 11:19pm
    Brian Slodysko
    @brianslodysko | Email

    Circuit Court Clerk Dorothy Brown has mocked the technology that was used to manage Cook County court records when she was first elected in 2000.

    “The systems were very outdated,” Brown was quoted as saying in a 2005 trade publication. “We were operating with 1980s software and antiquated hardware.”

    But 14 years after she first campaigned to modernize the operation, Brown’s office still manages court files with 1980s computer technology; bail amounts are still scribbled on carbon paper.

    Meanwhile, Brown’s office has collected over $119 million in fees that state and local law require to be spent on technology improvements.

    That $15 “automation” fee, as it is called, has been tacked on to court filings since the late 1980s. In 2014, it funded 11 percent of Brown’s $100 million budget, according to county officials.

    “Only Dorothy Brown can tell you why we haven’t made more progress,” said Commissioner John Fritchey, D-Chicago, chairman of the county board’s technology committee. “It would be laughable if it wasn’t so pathetic.”

    Real problems arise from the massive paper-based record system her office oversees.

    Last year, paperwork snafus led to the release of three inmates who should have been locked up, Sheriff Tom Dart’s office said.

    Dart has a 100-deputy unit managing clerk’s office paperwork giving instructions for about 1,500 inmates taken to court each day.

    “It’s very difficult in today’s day and age — when you can buy your Starbucks with your iPhone — to imagine that we have these pieces of paper,” Cara Smith, the jail’s executive director, said.

    And public defenders say it’s a scramble to get paper criminal histories and police reports for 100 to 300 new people who are added to their caseloads each day.

    “This could all be done with a punch of a key,” said Patrick Reardon, the first assistant public defender.

    The Illinois Supreme Court still requires courts clerks across the state to keep a paper copy of records. But that doesn’t stop Brown’s office from also making them available online to criminal justice agencies, said Supreme Court Spokesman Joe Tybor, who declined to comment further.

    In a written statement, Brown’s office said the automation fees have been spent according to law, and that progress has been made.

    About 95 million court documents have been scanned, according to a statement. Basic lawsuit information can be searched online. And a web portal allows attorneys to file paperwork, though the additional fees charged for that service have limited participation.

    But Brown — whose office has traditionally employed an army of patronage workers — has said more money is needed for prosecutors, public defenders, judges and the jail to electronically access the same records.

    Meanwhile, when a budget request for more funding went unheeded last year, her office announced it could not be able to stop using carbon paper court forms.

    And recently she proposed hiking the automation fee to $25, but was shot down by the county board.

    In a written response to Brown’s proposal, Cook County Board President Toni suggested Brown improve her office’s customer service and cut staff.

  5. rikyrah says:

    State can’t make retirees pay health care premiums, court rules
    Thu, 07/03/2014 – 10:58am
    Jon Seidel

    As a wider challenge to the state’s pension reform looms, the Illinois Supreme Court sided Thursday with retired state employees who claimed health insurance premiums are a protected retirement benefit.

    Attorney General Lisa Madigan’s office was quick to say the arguments in the case decided Thursday don’t match the issues in the larger legal challenge facing the statewide pension overhaul approved last year.

    “We will continue to vigorously defend the pension reform law,” Maura Possley, a Madigan spokeswoman, said.

    But John Myers, an attorney who represents plaintiffs in both cases, said the attorney general’s office was “whistling past the graveyard.”

    “A strong signal has been sent by the Supreme Court that is going to affect the outcome of that other case,” Myers said.

    The court’s 6-to-1 ruling reverses a lower court decision allowing the state government to force retirees to pay for a portion of their own health care. The justices sent the case back to the lower court, where retirees can proceed with their challenge.

  6. rikyrah says:


    Sure, you can keep your pension.

    Uh Huh.
    Uh Huh.


    Illinois Supreme Court ruling means Burge can keep his pension
    Thu, 07/03/2014 – 8:08am
    Natasha Korecki
    @natashakorecki | Email

    A split Illinois Supreme Court ruling Thursday means disgraced former Chicago Police Cmdr. Jon Burge can keep drawing his public pension — roughly $54,000 a year — despite a 2010 conviction for lying about the torture of police suspects.

    In an opinion authored by Anne Burke, the court ruled that a Cook County court was correct in not allowing Illinois Attorney General Lisa Madigan to intervene in a police pension matter. The decision by the high court means Burge, now serving out his prison sentence, will keep drawing his pension.

    Illinois’ high court ruled that Madigan did not have the jurisdiction to challenge a police pension board vote that allowed Burge to keep his pension, despite a federal criminal conviction.

    “This opinion should not be read, in any way, as diminishing the seriousness of Burge’s actions while a supervisor at Area Two, or the seriousness of police misconduct in general. As noted, the question in this appeal is limited solely to who decides whether a police officer’s pension benefits should be terminated when he commits a felony,” the court wrote. “On this issue, the legislative intent is clear. The decision lies within the exclusive, original jurisdiction of the Board under section 5-189. Accordingly, the judgment of the appellate court is reversed and the judgment of the circuit court dismissing the Attorney General’s complaint is affirmed.”

    Madigan issued a statment saying she was “extremely disappointed” in the decision, since it will allow “a torturer and convicted felon to receive his taxpayer-funded pension.”

  7. rikyrah says:

    Gospel singer Shirley Caesar loses her husband after 31 years of marriage
    July 5, 2014

    Reported by Liku Zelleke

    Pastor Shirley Caesar’s husband, Bishop Harold Ivory Williams, has passed away. The couple had been married for 31 years.

    Bishop Williams was the senior prelate of Mt. Calvary Holy Church of America. He led the church as it grew to include churches in over a dozen states across the United States and in countries in Europe, Africa, Asia and the Caribbean.

    Bishop Williams was chosen to lead the church by his predecessor, Bishop Johnson, who appointed him to the position just weeks before he passed away in 1972

  8. rikyrah says:

    President Obama is Progressive. Here Are 245 Accomplishments So Far

    It’s 2014, and once again, we have a very important election ahead of us. Yet, there are a lot of very loud progressives who have done nothing since President Obama was elected five years ago but complain, because he’s not perfect. They claim that he’s no progressive.

    That’s a lie. What do these folks think “progressive” mean? The root word is “progress,” and we’ve seen a hell of a lot of progress since January 20, 2009. We have a national health care plan, for the first time in our history. We recovered from the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression in quick order; we would be well on our way to a full recovery, except that Republicans in Congress are blocking everything anyone in the Democratic Party proposes, out of fear that the first black president may actually look good. Yet, with all of that blockage of progress, some progressives still spend all of their time going after Obama and Democrats.

    In addition to health care and the economy, Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell is history. Same-sex couples are getting married and enjoying the same benefits of other married couples. The marijuana prohibition is frittering away. The stock market has more than doubled. Manufacturing is starting to come back from Asia. The auto industry is not only whole again, but they’re producing a record number of hybrid and electric cars, and we’re on pace to double average vehicle gas mileage by 2020, even as the government both reduces our dependence on foreign oil and makes record investments in developing renewable energy sources.

    Name a Republican – ANY Republican – who can boast of such a record, and perhaps then, you can complain about Obama not being “progressive” enough. He is as progressive as he can be, given that progressive complaints helped give him the current Republican House – A Republican House who can’t pass a universal gun background checks law that more than 90% of Americans support, including most gun owners. If you blame Obama or the minority Democratic Party for anything bad, you don’t understand how politics works. If you want progressive government, you can’t help elect the opposite to office.

    That’s what makes this list so important. Every time someone complains that Obama’s not progressive, send them the link, or print it out and hand it to them. Every entry I started this list in late 2011, with about 140 entries. And you can see how it’s grown. And it’s grown despite the fact that Republicans are blocking everything. Given the obstacles, this President will leave a hell of a legacy. If we want to win elections – and in a democracy, that has to be our main goal – we have to make people want to vote for us. That means accentuating the positive, and talking about how great we are, especially compared to the alternative.

    Is President Obama perfect? No, he’s human. Does he deserve some criticism? Of course (the sequester is a great example). But does he deserve the level of criticism that’s been leveled at him by self-proclaimed “progressives”? Hell no. He’s compiled a STELLAR record, given the circumstances.

    Pass this list around to everyone you know, especially those who whine that Obama has done nothing. Then keep being positive, and encouraging people to vote. We can’t allow 2014 to be like 2010.

    Here’s What He’s Done

    Returned The Executive Branch To Fiscal Responsibility

    1. Within his first week, he signed an Executive Order ordering an audit of government contracts, and combating waste and abuse.

    2. Created the post of Chief Performance Officer, whose job it is to make operations more efficient to save the federal government money.

    3. On his first full day, he froze White House salaries.

    4. He appointed the first Federal Chief Information Officer to oversee federal IT spending.

    5. He committed to phasing out unnecessary and outdated weapons systems. To that end, he also signed the Democratic-sponsored Weapons Systems Acquisition Reform Act, which attempted to put a stop to waste, fraud and abuse in the defense procurement and contracting system.

    6. Through an executive order, he created the National Commission on Fiscal Responsibility and Reform.

    Prevented a Bush Depression and Improved the Economy

  9. rikyrah says:

    Nostradeptus @adept2u

    OH shit Anthony Cumia is a high school drop out example 3485 that mediocre stupid white man gets every hook up in this life.
    Retweeted by PragmaticObotsUnite

  10. rikyrah says:

    The library should be on the property of the old Michael Reese Hospital. It was deliberately put out of business and closed in King Richard II’s desperate attempt to get the 2016 Olympics.

    Why there?

    1. The land’s already been gotten.
    2. Nobody has to be eminent domained off their property for it.
    3. Large parcel of land for not only a library, but plenty of parking.
    4. Transportation-wise you can easily get to it via car, ‘el’ train and bus.
    5. It is close enough to downtown so that it can be put on the Tour of Chicago routes.
    6. No more letting the University of Chicago throw Black people off their land just cause they want to do something.
    7. This is close to the lake, and on a hill so that it will have a view of the lake.
    8. It would be on the South Side.


    Exclusive details: Bid for Obama Library on Lake Michigan shore
    Thu, 07/03/2014 – 7:06pm
    Lynn Sweet

    ARLINGTON, Va. — Among the rival locations in Chicago for the Obama library and museum, the most majestic one hugs the Lake Michigan shore on the Southeast Side with a stunning view of the Chicago skyline.

    More than pretty, the Chicago Lakeside site has vast potential to trigger massive related economic growth and create jobs in an often ignored part of the city. With a presidential library and museum as an anchor, large-scale private investment that otherwise might take a generation to occur could happen in a decade.

    “It is the most incredibly beautiful site in the city of Chicago,” developer Dan McCaffery is telling me as we discuss the bid for the library and museum he submitted to the Barack Obama Foundation last month. We’re talking in the suburban Washington office of his Chicago-based firm, where I had an exclusive look at the bid.

    McCaffery, in a partnership with U.S. Steel, is offering the foundation free land: a prime location near 79th and the lake, the eastern-most point of the 589-acre Chicago Lakeside project.

    These vacant acres were once the home of the razed U.S. Steel South Works, which closed in April 1992. The adjacent neighborhoods are where Obama once worked as a community organizer.

    McCaffery uses the circle metaphor in talking about his bid, as in Obama coming full circle, building his presidential library near where he started his career.

    The bid book, which includes an iPad loaded with a video about the site, has a steel ring embedded in the blue cover.

    That circle is an “O,” of course, for Obama. But the ring also symbolize the steel-making roots of the site, the era when South Works was a mighty economic force, McCaffery reminds me.

  11. rikyrah says:

    Joy Reid ✔ @JoyAnnReid

    So at this point conservatism = calling women sluts re birth control, slamming blacks 4 voting GOP & screaming at busloads of Latino kids.
    7:16 PM – 2 Jul 2014

  12. rikyrah says:

    Saturday, July 5, 2014
    The GOP’s problem is different than the one Clinton faced in 1992

    John Harwood has an interesting column in which he compares the problem the Republicans face in taking back the White House to what Clinton and the Democratic Leadership Council did in 1992. As BooMan points out though, Harwood basically talked to a couple of Washington insiders who suggested that a Republican candidate can simply appease the lunatics in the primaries and change course in the general election. Isn’t that what Romney tried to do in 2012? Anyone remember Romnesia?

    But the truth is that Democrats faced a totally different kind of problem in 1992. At that point, the Republicans were sweeping in corporate campaign dollars and the DLC was created to go after some of that money. At first, they were pretty inept at it – fueling a few scandals during Clinton’s first term (i.e., Lincoln bedroom). But eventually they got it down. Then along came Barack Obama. He shattered the whole premise by out-raising the Clinton machine via small donors (with a BIG assist from developing technology). Now grassroots organizing is taking off and we see that big corporate money isn’t always the deciding factor in either the Democratic or Republican party.

    I would suggest that the challenge the Republicans face today is unique to this era. It has been created by three factors. First of all, the Bush/Cheney years decimated support for their bread-and-butter policies. Whether we’re talking interventionist military adventures abroad or deregulation at home, it all ended in disaster. Americans tend to have short memories, but between Iraq and the Great Recession, we haven’t totally forgotten it all yet.

    Secondly, the GOP’s embrace of obstruction as a primary strategy against President Obama means that they have ceded all of the pragmatic middle ground to him. That’s why they have proposed no alternatives to Obamacare, immigration reform, or climate change. Anything that would actually work would wind up mirroring the President’s proposals. At this point, to moderate toward the middle is to join forces with the Kenyan soshulist. So that’s not going to happen.

    Finally – and perhaps most importantly – is the role played by conservative media. Personalities like Rush Limbaugh and Bill O’Reilly carry a lot more weight with Republican voters than their candidates do. The day those folks quit ginning up the rage and start talking about moderation is the day they lose their ratings. Not likely.

    In the end, the Republicans are in a bit of a pickle (its actually much more serious than that – but I like the phrase). The more they pursue policies that satisfy their base, the more voters they lose. Current demographics suggest its only going to get worse for them. I don’t know how all this ends. I don’t think anyone does. But hang on to your hats, its likely to get worse before it gets better.

  13. rikyrah says:

    they are nothing more than children believing in ponies and unicorns. see, they do this bullshyt for ‘a week’, because their delusional worldview isn’t applicable the other 51 weeks of the year.


    Inside the libertarian version of Burning Man: Guns, booze and bitcoin
    By Ben Terris
    July 2

    LANCASTER, N.H.— Like any good bonfire, the evening ritual at the Porcupine Festival deep in the White Mountains of New Hampshire, includes a drum circle, plumes of marijuana smoke, shared bottles of whiskey and spirited debate.

    There are also guns. Lots of guns.

    Colt .45s, Smith & Wessons, and Rugers hang on hips. A bearded man clings to an AK-47; a guy with a Mohawk has a shotgun with flowers coming out of the barrel strapped to his back. For this isn’t your typical bacchanal in the woods. This is the libertarian version of Burning Man., where a kumbaya discussion around the campfire goes something like this:

    “It’s great to be around people who understand. I don’t get how the left won’t just admit that income tax is theft. Who cares if it’s for a good cause? If I held you at gunpoint to pay for my mother’s cancer treatment, wouldn’t that still be theft?”

    Once a year for the past 11 years, this campground in the northern part of the Granite State turns into a libertarian utopia. And this year, roughly 2,000 people — mostly white men — have paid between $45 and $100 to experience for one week what life would be like without the onerous mechanisms of laws, if the market ruled to the exclusion of all else. Want to wear a loincloth and sell moonshine, shop at an unregulated market that accepts Bitcoin and silver, or listen to a seminar called “How the Collapse of the State is Inevitable”? Then this is the place for you.

    It certainly is the place for Pete Eyre, a jacked guy with an enormous beard, standing off to the side of the fire. At one point he wanted to be a cop, interning at the St. Paul, Minn., police department, enforcing many of the rules people have come here to disregard. He found the system too reactionary, he says, and now helps run an organization that films police misconduct. He shows off one of his many tattoos in the flickering light of the fire. It’s an anarchist symbol tattoo covering an old American flag tat he got in his past life. “It’s my journey,” he says.

  14. rikyrah says:

    Columbus Short Arrested For Public Intoxication After Bar Fight —

    Columbus Short’s issues have yet to be handled.

    The Scandal star — who will not be returning for Season 4 — was reportedly arrested on July 4th, and TMZ noted that marked his fourth time getting in trouble with the law in the past four months. Guess we know his (un)lucky number!

    According to TMZ, Columbus was drinking a lot at the Katy Trail Ice House, a bar in Dallas, and a witness said he got up and looked like he was leaving without paying his tab. One of the bar’s security guards talked to him and Columbus reportedly got heated and yelled at him, accusing him of racism (the guard was also black) and a little fight broke out.

  15. rikyrah says:

    Chris McDaniel Insists Thad Cochran Abandoned Christian Values by Appealing to Black Voters
    By: Hrafnkell Haraldsson
    Thursday, July, 3rd, 2014, 7:29 am

    This is kind of funny: State Senator Chris McDaniel of Mississippi – you remember, the racist anti-Semite who lost to Thad Cochran in his attempt to become a U.S. senator, when Cochran pointed out to everybody that McDaniel is a racist anti-Semite?

    McDaniel refused to concede, insisting, with his pal Sarah Palin – who seized the opportunity to display her ignorance on yet another subject – that only some serious hanky panky could have led to his defeat – you know, because how could you not vote for a racist anti-Semite?

    And then Glenn Beck said that saying McDaniel is a racist anti-Semite (which is true) is like the Protocols of the Elders of Zion (which is not true) though of course, the two have nothing in common outside of Glenn Beck’s warped head.

    And now McDaniel is whining that Cochran “abandoned social values. Christian values.” Apparently, it’s not Christian to remind people that somebody is a racist anti-Semite, even when it is true. Let’s face it: what Cochran did was appeal to black voters. This, McDaniel is saying, is abandoning Christian values.

  16. rikyrah says:

    Progressive Hatred of the Democratic Party is Misguided
    By: Hrafnkell Haraldsson
    Saturday, July, 5th, 2014, 8:06 am


    The Democratic Party may be more or less liberal, and more or less the problem, as Rall asserts, but until he figures out if he is talking about liberals or progressives, the whole argument must be on hold. Because in speaking of liberals and progressives he is talking about two different things as though they are one thing. Perhaps progressives should break up with the Democrats, as he claims, but does that mean liberals should as well? And what about all those people, most of them probably, who are themselves not all one thing or another?

    Support of the Democratic Party is not, as Rall simplistically asserts, about an overarching hatred of the Republican Party as the only alternative. It is about finding that party and platform (and critically, politicians) who best represent your own goals and beliefs. The Democratic Party, for all its manifest flaws, is not simply “not Republican” but it is a thing in itself.

    Anything Rall writes from this point on is proceeding from the false premise that progressives are liberals are somehow interchangeable. Rall uses both terms, speaking of liberals and progressives, but it is not clear he is aware of the essential differences.

  17. rikyrah says:

    The Right’s Push to Deny Birth Control Is All About Controlling Women
    By: Rmuse more from Rmuse
    Saturday, July, 5th, 2014, 5:25 pm

    Religion, particularly the Judeo-Christian religions, is now, and has always been about controlling human beings under the guise of worshipping a deity. If it was not about controlling the masses, why in dog’s name do those religion’s deity and holy books include death sentences for failure to worship an unseen deity imposed on all humanity? Pain of death, either immediate or in the bizarre concept of afterlife, is a powerful motivator and although there is not yet a threat of mass extermination of non-believers like in the Christian bible’s Old Testament, fundamentalist Christians still insist on imposing negative consequences for failure to comply with their edicts.

    The idea that certain actions fundamentalist Christians oppose on religious grounds warrant immediate and life-long consequences is the driving force behind the religious right’s opposition to both abortion and contraceptive use. On the day the Supreme Court ruling in Hobby Lobby was announced, a Christian extremist, Erick Erickson, gleefully announced that now, “My religion trumps your (women) right to sex without consequences.” A similar concept drove the opposition to including contraception coverage in the Affordable Care Act that House Republicans believed warranted an all-male panel of clergy to testify that yes, women having sexual relations without lifelong consequences was an abomination their Puritanical sensibilities would not comport.

    The inspiration for Hobby Lobby, and 71 other “religious” corporations, to sue for a religious exemption of the contraception mandate is not about abortion, but about controlling women and inflicting consequences for not adhering to their Puritanical belief that women in their employ, can not, and will not, have sexual relations without paying a heavy price. In fact, the idea of forcing women, on pain of harsh consequences, to adhere to strict religious and moral behavior defined by sententious and severe piety is why fundamentalist Christianity is every bit as harsh as Islamic Sharia Law’s control over women.

  18. rikyrah says:

    Obama Derangement Syndrome is real.

    And, it’s a psychosis. These people need mental help

  19. rikyrah says:

    Bob Costas to MSNBC: Stop Blaming Whites for Black People’s Problem
    July 5, 2014.

    by Yvette Carnell

    Sportscaster Bob Costas appeared on MSNBC’s Up with Steve Kornacki Saturday morning and Costas.jpggave voice to what he felt were harsh truths about race in America. Costas made the unusual move of blasting the very network where he was being interviewed, claiming that far too often MSNBC pundits blame racists instead of searching for more “complex” causes of disenfranchisement among blacks.

    While discussing the Donald Sterling controversy, Costas explained, “when people say, ‘Well, this is an opportunity to open up a dialogue on race,’ here is where I think some people who work in this building ought to step up and say that’s a bunch of politically correct BS.”

    Costas goes on to say that pundits only want to “repeat the same narrative” and aren’t at all concerned about exploring the real causes of racial tension.

    Historically the narrative of white racism and the oppression of black Americans is the overriding truth. It’s the single greatest stain on our national history. It is still part of narrative. But that narrative is much more complex now. And some of the issues that are afflicting black America are not the result of white racism,” said Costas.

    Costas is trying, ever so slightly, to bring us back to the black respectability conversation, where people blame problems in the black community on black boys who wear sagging pants. If you’re unfamiliar with this tired trope, please just review any commentary CNN anchor Don Lemon has ever aired.

    Here’s the truth: If Costas acknowledges that racism is real, and he does, then why doesn’t he just do his part to end that racism. My point is that instead of pointing the finger at black people, Costas, and others like him, should dedicate their lives to eradicating racism and white supremacy, then check in with the black community when they’re done. Then and only then can we discuss what the black community needs to do because only then will blacks exist in a world that isn’t deliberately invested in our servitude. Until that time, I just don’t see how Bob Costas and black community have anything to talk about.

  20. rikyrah says:

    Sherri Shepherd refuses to pay child support on the baby she chose to create
    July 5, 2014 Filed under Celebrities, children, Latest posts, Television Posted by admin

    Sherri Shepherd hasn’t had the best year of her life. Actually, that would be an understatement. Shepherd just parted ways with a multi-million dollar gig with her show, “The View,” and this was right after her second husband filed for divorce. On top of that, her son’s father has engaged in a nasty campaign to argue that she’s an unfit mother. So, this year has been tough all the way around.

    The problems don’t stop there. TMZ is reporting that the battle for Shepherd now has to do with the unborn surrogate baby that she agreed to have with her estranged husband Lamar Sally. Sherri is now saying that her husband tricked her into having the baby just so he could get child support and therefore, she should not have to pay a penny to support the unborn child.

    The baby is going to be born this month and rather entering into a well-to-do, loving home, he is being born in the middle of a nasty and chaotic divorce. The surrogate mother signed a contract with the couple, so the baby belongs to Sherri and Lamar. Lamar has said that he wants custody of the child, but Sherri says she doesn’t owe the baby a penny. She also says she doesn’t want anything to do with it.

    According to TMZ, the baby was conceived with Lamar’s spεrm, but not Sherri’s egg. This has apparently been the foundation of Sherri’s legal argument that she owes nothing for the care of the child. But the contract may argue otherwise. Sources also say that Sherri has tried numerous times to get pregnant in vitro, but it didn’t work. That’s when she and her former husband chose to find a surrogate and sign a contract.

    Another interesting aspect of the case is that Sherri went out of her way to file for divorce in New Jersey rather than her home state of California. New Jersey is more favorable to her side of the situation because the state doesn’t recognize surrogacy agreements.

  21. rikyrah says:

    Tyler Perry Allegedly Stole “What Would Jesus Do” Trademark From Reality TV Star
    Added by yvette on July 3, 2014.
    Saved under Black News

    Although reality TV actress Kimberly Kearney filed for rights to the “What Would Jesus Do?”tyler-perry trademark before filmmaker Tyler Perry, that didn’t stop Perry from allegedly stealing it out from under her.

    Kearney, best known as “Poprah” during the “I Want to Work for Diddy” reality TV series, filed for the trademark months before Perry’s 2008 filing. She was planning to use the “What Would Jesus Do” mark as part of a reality TV show.

    In her application for the trademark, Kearney included images from her website which showed casting calls for the reality show. Still Perry asked that Kearney’s trademark rights be canceled because she had abandoned it and the Trademark Office sided with Perry.

    The Hollywood Reporter reports that Kearney attempted to prove that she began using the trademark when she “shared her television program and title with Tyler Perry Studios” and that “not many months after sharing this program and soliciting [Perry] for financial support of this program, [Perry] filed to register this mark; consequently, eventually resulting in this cancellation proceeding.”

    But since Kearney hadn’t produced a show with the trademark, she lost her case.

    “Because [Kearney] did not timely answer [Perry]’s Requests for Admission the facts included are deemed admitted and are ‘conclusively established,’”wrote administrative judges in their decision to cancel Kearney’s trademark. “Despite Respondent’s denials in her answer to [Perry’s] petition, the deemed admissions supersede those denials and we are bound by them.”

    The judges also found that there was not enough evidence to support Kearney’s claim that Perry stole the trademark from her and even if there had been, the judges may not have taken it into consideration.

  22. rikyrah says:

    Many White Patients Don’t Want Black Nurses or Doctors
    Added by yvette on July 3, 2014.
    Saved under Black News, Latest Posts

    When African-American nurse Tonya Battle of the Hurley Medical Center (NICU) in Michiganhealth care was reassigned because a white father didn’t want her anywhere near his newborn child, she was floored. The racist father had made the request after showing the charge nurse a picture of his swastika tattoo. As it turns out, however, Battle is not alone in being discriminated against in this way.

    In Battle’s 2012 case, a staff meeting ended with the hospital indulging the racist father and not allowing African-American nurses near the infant. According to Al Jazeera there was even a note posted to alert staffers: “NO AFRICAN AMERICAN NURSE TO TAKE CARE OF BABY.”

    Battle later sued Hurley Medical Center for employment discrimination and settled out of court, but this sort of discrimination is far more common than most people think.

    “I think it happens a lot,” Julie Gafkay, Battle’s attorney, told Al Jazeera. “I have 20 plaintiffs in the last year who have been subjected to this type of discrimination.”

    Another case involved an African-American nurse who was wrongly fired because a white patient did not want any African-Americans caring for him.

    In a 2012 study, Kimani Paul-Emile, a professor of law and biomedical ethics at Fordham University, wrote “patients routinely refuse or demand medical treatment based on the assigned physician’s racial identity, and hospitals typically yield to patients’ racial preferences.”

    Since patients know it’s politically incorrect to be overtly racist, they often make up reasons for getting rid of their black health care providers.

    “They come up with different ways to do it. I talked to this one doctor who said there are these older ladies who will say, ‘You know, I want a Jewish doctor, I just think a Jewish doctor is better,” wrote Paul-Emile.

    Dr. Meghan Lane-Fall, who is African-American, says the bias impacts black doctors as well as nurses.

    “Oh, you’re not just this nameless, faceless person taking care of a patient; you’re a black woman who has all these other characteristics that affect the way patients see you.”

    On the other hand, black patients often seek out black health care providers. It’s not always about racism, as was the case with the man who wore the swastika, but sometimes it’s about level of comfort. Whereas the swastika wearing man was behaving as a racist, it seems that African-Americans seek health care providers of the same race in order to be protected from racism.

    • Ametia says:

      With that kind of mentality, stereotypical racism and hate, is it any wonder more of these folks don’t die, before they leave the hospital.

      As a retired nurse, now, I can honestly say, the stories I can tell would make your head hurt. I remember the first time I walked into a patient’s room as a nursing student. We all were given 2 patients.

      He was a white male in his early 30s. He knew he was assigned a student nurse, but he didn’t know I was black, until I walked in. He was lying in bed with the covers up to his neck. As so as he saw me, he pulled down the covers and exposed his naked self.

      He then proceeded to tell me to hop on, because, you know he’d heard “black women got it like that.”

      And without batting an eye, I walked over to his bed, pulled my pencil out of my pocket pointed to his limp penis, and said: “You know, I have seen lots of penises over the years, and yours just isn’t impressive.”

      I know for the next 2 weeks, until his discharge, he was either fully clothed, and he NEVER, EVER, spoke to me with that disrespect or tone again.

      The second patient I had was an 86 year old white woman, named Mrs. Begin. She hooped and hollered , ” Get that nigga , or that ape, out of here” at ever turn, Her son stuck to his guns, and told her to shut up and let the good nurse take care of you.”

      Bergin’s son READ her big time, and by the time of my clinical rotation, the white student nurses were asking me why the elderly patients were requesting Ametia, instead of them.

    • Yahtc says:

      You couldn’t have posted a better picture response than this, SG2.

      Ametia, love how you handled that stupid, evil, racist!!! Ha! You really got him to submit and behave!

  23. rikyrah says:

    Law and empathy at issue in jailing of a debtor
    Specialists say judge erred on two fronts in sentencing pensioner over an unpaid $508
    By Walter V. Robinson
    | Globe Staff July 02, 2014

    In a court system overburdened by the woes of thousands of debtors, what happened to Iheanyi D. Okoroafor is unheard of — a 73-year-old retiree being taken away in handcuffs because he had not paid a debt of $508.27.

    As he exited the courtroom, he beseeched the judge: “My wife is in the hospital. I need to go and see her.’’

    It happened on June 11 in Belchertown District Court, where Judge Robert S. Murphy Jr. found Okoroafor in contempt and sentenced him to 30 days in jail for defying a small-claims order to pay a debt to a local heating contractor

    Murphy’s decision that Okoroafor had the money to settle the debt, according to an audiotape of the hearing, was based on the fact that Okoroafor receives a $2,000 monthly state pension. Under state law, however, state pensions cannot be considered by the court as income when calculating whether a defendant has the resources to pay off such a debt.

    Compounding that apparent error, the judge made his decision without asking whether Okoroafor had a bank account and, if so, whether it held any funds.

    Greta LaMountain Biagi, an Amherst attorney who was in the courtroom for an unrelated case, said she was moved to tears when Okoroafor was taken away in handcuffs.

    “The judge’s decision was absolutely horrifying, and an abuse of discretion. He showed no empathy and no humanity,’’ said Biagi, who represents consumers in personal bankruptcy cases.

    Okoroafor was freed at about 2 a.m. the next day, after his daughter, Amara Okoroafor, drove from Boston to the Hampshire County Jail in Northampton and paid the debt.

    Dalié Jiménez, a law professor at the University of Connecticut School of Law who has done extensive research on debt collection laws, said the Massachusetts law that exempts state pension income from debtor judgments is clear. Therefore, she said, “the judge could not have ordered Mr. Okoroafor to pay the judgment from this income.’’

  24. rikyrah says:

    Bobbi Kristina Apologizes to Angela Bassett

    The upcoming biopics have been a topic of controversy amongst family members lately.

    First, the late Aaliyah Haughton’s family was against a biopic featuring actress/singer Zendaya Coleman. Now, daughter of late singer Whitney Houston is upset about not playing the role of her mother.

    Famed actress Angela Bassett, who worked with Houston in Waiting to Exhale, is set to direct the Lifetime biopic entitled Whitney, and she has chosen actress/model Yaya DaCosta to play the leading role.

    Houston’s daughter, Bobbi Kristina, took interest in the role and felt entitled to it, but Bassett felt differently. She told Entertainment Weekly that she just did not consider Kristina to be an actress.

    Kristina took to Twitter to express how she felt about being denied the role, and it was not a pleasant reaction.

    She actually insulted Bassett by calling her a man, a “bassketcase”, and other profane words

    After Bassett’s statement, Bobbi Kristina deleted her harsh tweets and apologized.

    She tweeted: “I’m a young women that can admit her wrongs. 4who was offended I apologize BUT understand me before your quick to judge though.”

    This will be Bassett’s debut as a director. Hopefully, the production will be pleasing to the family and the fans.

  25. rikyrah says:

    Lifetime Execs Find New ‘Aaliyah’ during B.E.T Experience

    After the 20 year old beauty wowed L.A. while performing in the BET Experience on Saturday, June 28, everyone could see she resembled a certain late R&B princess.

    Atlanta native, Erika Perry took the stage at the BET Experience along with her 2 sisters, in their group, Amor Kismet. The group has quite the local and social media following, racking up over 21K in followers on Instagram. But the true Cinderella story lies with Perry. All we know about this girl is that she’s beautiful, talented, and she shares a striking similarity to Aaliyah.

    And it seems that she was ‘discovered’ just in time because only days age did initial actress to play the role of Aaliyah, disney channel star, Zendaya Coleman give up her role as the R&B singer after much controversy surrounded the announcement in mid June. The creators of Lifetime’s Original Move, Aaliyah: Princess of R&B saw Perry’s performance Saturday and immediately knew who would replace Coleman. The execs over at Lifetime immediately set up meetings with Perry to get her on board, and we strongly doubt the hopeful risiScreen-Shot-2014-07-01-at-7.23.03-PMng star said “No.”

  26. rikyrah says:

    Damon Dash to White Music Execs: Go Make Money Off Somebody Else’s Culture
    July 3, 2014

    Damon Dash was once head of Roc-A-Fella records, and although he says he didn’t have problems with Jay-Z, he openly acknowledges butting heads with white music executives who used divide and conquer strategies to make money off black culture. During an interview with VLAD TV, Dash explains that the main problem with hip-hop is that people who could never be successful in their own culture are allowed to infiltrate black culture, encourage a toxic environment and extract wealth.

    Dash clearly believes that black people should control their own work product and that white executives who extract money from black culture and never give anything back are pariahs. Urban hip hop culture is being managed by white men who don’t know or care about black people, and that’s a recipe for disaster, says Dash.

    In his interview, Dash names the worst offenders, calling out CEO of Warner Music Group (which oversaw Def Jam and Roc-A-Fella), Lyor Cohen, among others:

    “My beef was with Lyor cause I think he’s a fake CEO. And I think he’s fronting on my culture, but he can’t front on anybody else. And I’m calling him out publicly. And I want him to stop trying to rape my culture. Go make some money with some other people. Like stop having your agenda be Hip Hop…It was like they have people that their job is to create beef. So, that they can monetize it. Pause. But they don’t let their culture feel it. But they make money from it. And they can’t make any money or get any respect in their culture. That’s why they’re in our culture. Because the minute that they were allowed to be there, they would go. But they just can’t…Never had a beef with Jay. Always with Lyor and his whole crew. He’s the one that ruined Roc-A-Fella. Lyor Cohen.”

    Dash wonders why black people are taking orders from white executives about the urban culture blacks created:

  27. rikyrah says:

    we never did discuss that baby in Georgia that died because his father ‘ forgot’ him in the car.

    I do not believe that he forgot. Everytime I think about that baby a lump forms in my throat, because I BELIEVE THAT HE KILLED THAT CHILD. I think about the baby believing until the end that Daddy would come for him. I want to cry now thinking about it.

    if you don’t want your child, leave it at the fire station.

  28. rikyrah says:

    let’s check his bank account to see who sent him a check for this.

    because, of course, a party that throws now coming on 2,000,000 people off Unemployment is the same as a party that wants to extend it.

    because, of course, a party that wants to raise the minimum wage is the same as a party that wants to eliminate the minimum wage.

    because, of course, a party that set forth a program that has brought healthcare to 20,000,000 people is the same as a party that was quite ok with 50,000,000 being uninsured and is responsible NOW, for 5.7 million poor people not having healthcare.

    yeah, the parties are just the same.



    AlterNet / By Ted Ral
    At Some Point, Progressives Need to Break Up With the Democratic Party
    Time to get out of this abusive relationship.

    July 4, 2014 |

    At a certain point, if you have any relationship with dignity, you’re supposed to get sick of being used and abused. Speaking of which: liberal Democrats.

    Democratic politicians act like right-wingers. Liberals vote for them anyway.

    The Democratic Party espouses right-wing policies. Self-described progressives give them cash.

    Comedian Bill Maher gave them a million cash dollars — yet Democrats don’t agree with him on anything. Why? Because he hates Republicans even more.

    Why didn’t Maher save his money? Or better yet, fund a group or a writer or an artist who promotes ideas he actually agrees with? Because he, like tens of millions of other liberals, are stuck in the two-party trap.

    The relationship between liberals and Democrats is dysfunctional and enabling, abused pathetics sucking up to cruel abusers.

  29. Georgia police SPIT in black woman’s face & hurled a racial slur.

    A Georgia police officer was placed on administrative leave without pay after an African-American woman reported that the officer spit on her and called her a racial slur.

    Michele Griffith, 27, says off duty Clayton County Officer Thomas Sheats followed her closely, eventually bumping her car with his, while honking his horn.

    Griffith says it was only after she pulled into a parking lot where she was going to get pizza that she learned why Sheats had been following her.

    “Why the (expletive) you going 35 miles per hour on a 45 mile per hour road,” Griffith said Sheats told her, according to WSB TV in Atlanta.

    Griffith says when she told Sheats that he could have gone around her, that’s when he lost it.

    “‘I couldn’t pass, you low life piece of (expletive) (n-word)’ … and (he) spit on me,” Griffith said, as she described Sheats’ irate response.

    Sheats was yelling so loud that he actually created a scene in the parking lot. Witnesses came outside and one wrote down Sheats’ tag number, while another called police. Another witness said he saw Sheats spit on Griffith.

    Tristan Holt, who works in the shopping center, said Sheats was unhinged.

    “He was in her face the entire time. It was wrong. Everything he did was wrong in my opinion,” he told WSB.

    Griffith said she was stunned by Sheats’ behavior.

    After his rant, Sheats got back in his car and drove away.

    Griffith says Sheats shouldn’t be allowed to wear a police badge.

    “I want him gone,” she said.

    Sheats was arrested and charged with simple battery and simple assault. He was previously arrested for domestic violence.

  30. rikyrah says:

    PragmaticObotsUnite @PragObots

    Director 4 Ready 4 Hillary gets defensive when asked if his group is helping 2register folks for 2014: … #blacknews #p2

    PragmaticObotsUnite @PragObots

    .@QJames Black voters have a chance 2turn Southern districts blue but you’re focusing on Hillary Clinton. Wasted opportunity. #blacknews #p2

    PragmaticObotsUnite @PragObots

    .@QJames Yep. I also see the big ol’ barrier between your group & the Dem group & your group NOT registering folks for 2014. #blacknews

    Allan Brauer @allanbrauer

    @Maggyw519 @lapared @crtconsu @QJames @PragObots @Mama4Obama1 I’ll be there in 2016 for the candidate who was there for us in 2014.

  31. Ametia says:

    5 Scams and Rackets That Can Turn You Into a 21st Century Indentured Servant
    Failure to pay a parking ticket can ensnare you in a life of peonage—and even land you in jail.

  32. Ametia says:


    Friday, July 4, 2014
    Self Evident Truths

    “Freedom of religion wasn’t enumerated in the Bill of Rights so you could use it to deny everybody else their rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.
    For far too many Americans that is exactly what Freedom of Religion has become – a club to beat others with.”

    Read the entire post here:

    • I mean really. Look at her face? It looks deformed.

      • Ametia says:

        This BISH right here, she’s a spiteful, SELF-HATING, hateful, racist, Jew.

        She’s done everything to that face to get rid of her Jewish features. And just like the rest of the hateful racist, she cannot stand the Beauty, intelligence and magnificence of Our First Black President and his beautiful First Lady.

        Rivers, like the rest of these folks comments and behaviors will be in America’s history. My grandchildren will know about these UGLY PEOPLE.

    • Ametia says:

      On LEAVE?

      WTF you say. does that mean he left and won’t be returning, as in FIRED, or is this brutal BEAST getting paid vacation while the department figures a way to get him offf?

    • Liza says:

      So Joan Rivers thinks that PBO is gay and Michelle is transgender? Wow, really shows the depth of the cesspool that makes up the most vitriolic, hateful, false, and ridiculous accusations against innocent people.

      Joan Rivers is 81, probably hasn’t got much brain function left and wasn’t that bright to begin with. However, that’s no excuse. She really is a despicable, ugly old woman. Maybe it’s all that anesthesia, who knows?

  33. rikyrah says:

    Rick Warren Joins Letter Asking Obama For Strong Religious Exemption In LGBT Executive Order

    “[W]e are asking that an extension of protection for one group not come at the expense of faith communities,” a group of religiously affiliated leaders writes.
    Chris Geidner
    BuzzFeed Staff

    WASHINGTON — The pastor who caused an uproar from LGBT advocates when President Obama asked him to speak at his inauguration is now asking the president to exempt those with religious beliefs from an executive order banning federal contractors from discriminating against LGBT people.

    Rick Warren has joined forces with the head of Catholic Charities and others in asking President Obama to “include a religious exemption in your planned executive order addressing federal contractors and LGBT employment policies.” The Atlantic first reported on the letter earlier Wednesday.

    LGBT advocates have pressed for a limited religious exemption or no religious exemption in the order, but others, like Sen. Orrin Hatch, have said an exemption similar to that included in the version of the Employment Non-Discrimination Act passed by the Senate last fall is needed.

  34. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone :)

    Off to swim and run errands.

  35. Good morning, everyone!

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