Thursday Open Thread | ICE is TERRORIZING People😠😠😠

We have those wrong, awful members of ICE trying to terrorize people from coast to coast. But, people are taking a stand against what they believe is a wrong policy and a rogue agency, out of control, without respect for anything, except for doing the bidding of this rotten Administration.

There was so much that came out when I was preparing this post, I just couldn’t include it.

I used to be among those who thought those that said ABOLISH ICE were being hyperbolic and dramatic.

I don’t think that anymore. This isn’t about a few rotten apples. From top to bottom, this organization is rotten to the core. Time after time, we see these instances of their cruelty. And, it’s not just cruelty; it’s their insistence that they can do what they want to do and not follow the law. You want to pick someone up – have a warrant SIGNED BY A JUDGE. It’s not that hard. That’s your job. But, them just coming upon people, and trying to snatch and intimidate them, without a signed warrant, just by saying , ‘ we’re ICE ‘ …naw, phuck that.

agitator in chief (@soit_goes) Tweeted:
ICE has taken 35 of 2,000 people they were trying to deport into custody. They are blaming community defense efforts for their lack of success.

Keep it up y’all.

People in Tennessee stood up for their neighbor:

IF you had the right kind of warrant, then why do you have to smash the window of someone’s car?

Here is another nightmare ICE story….Once again, I will point out that they told us that the were going after CRIMINALS. Yet, once again, I see no CRIMINALS here…”>My friends were detained by ICE in Philly. Here’s what happened when I tried to help them. | Perspective

Updated: July 18, 2019 – 12:55 PM

Elisa von Joeden-Forgey, For the Inquirer



On July 2, at 9:02 a.m., Stockton University professor Elisa von Joeden-Forgey, a Bella Vista resident, received a text from her friend Elly: “Elisa ICE detain me n my husband.”

“It’s a text nobody wants to get,” Forgey wrote on Facebook later that day, after spending the day at the Philadelphia ICE office trying to get information about Elly and her husband, Fnu. Forgey detailed the frustrating experience in a Facebook post titled “American Nightmare,”that, as of press time, has been shared more than 21,000 times.

Here, an adapted version of that Facebook post, edited lightly for length and clarity:

My friends Elly and Fnu are asylum seekers from Indonesia who have been in this country for about 20 years as their case wound its way through the immigration system. They have two children who are American citizens. They are beloved members of the community, people who volunteer for everything. As with many asylum cases, their case has sometimes left them “out of status.” This is how their arrest was justified.

When I heard that they had been detained, I did not know what to do, so I went to the Philadelphia ICE office. It is a nondescript three-floor operation at 114 North 8th Street. It is sparse, with portable metal detectors and a few chairs, line separators that lead nowhere, and framed photos of President Trump and Vice President Pence hanging askew on the wall.

The security personnel on the first floor don’t make eye contact. They asked me why I was there. I said because my friends had been picked up earlier that morning. “Are you sure?” they asked. I wondered if they did this to create confusion and persuade me to leave. I said I was sure. They asked me for my friend’s name and I gave it to them. To me, it seemed like they recognized Elly’s name when I said it.


“You can go to the third floor,” they said. “You can ask about your friends there.”

“We don’t do that here.”

The office on the third floor was cramped. Chairs along walls. A standing table for filling out paperwork. Lots of people from many places. Children with toys. I was initially confused by sounds of joy. A father laughed as his toddler played with a plastic tic-tac-toe board. For a short moment I relaxed, my body thinking I was in a pediatrician’s office.


“I’m here to see my friends who are being detained in this building.”

We sat. I noticed a woman standing with the family whose toddler had earlier been making his father laugh. She walked over to the plexiglass window.

“Excuse me,” she said.

No answer. People walking around on the inside. She rested her weight on her elbow and scanned the waiting room with authority. She turned back to peer into the inside. Her left hand pressed the bell with annoyance. “EXCUSE ME.” Pressed, pressed, pressed the bell.

She scanned the waiting room again. She caught my eye and I realized I was smiling with relief at her acknowledgment of this strange situation. I felt shame for smiling, but she seemed pleased.

“You know they do this because they can,” she announced to me loudly.

Here’s a posting for a doctor to work at an ICE facility. Look carefully; does this job description sound on the up and up to you?

And, we also told you that they wouldn’t stop. We told you that they were after the non-White population of the United States:

Tim Miller (@Timodc) Tweeted:
This is absolutely indefensible. The state is detaining and American citizen solely because of his race and his families country of origin. He had his freaking ID.

Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) Tweeted:
A Border Patrol chief testified that 18-year-old Francisco Erwin Galicia never claimed to be a U.S. citizen when he was in Border Patrol custody for 23 days.

But that contradicts a DHS notice accusing Galicia of falsely claiming to be a U.S. citizen.

Qasim Rashid, Esq. (@QasimRashid) Tweeted:
After 23 days, ICE finally released Francisco Erwin Galicia—a Dallas-born U.S. CITIZEN
•He lost 26 pounds b/c they starved him
•They denied him showers
•They crammed him in a tiny space w/60 men

How much longer y’all who support 45 staying silent?🤔

Rabbi Danya Ruttenberg (@TheRaDR) Tweeted:
He lost 26 pounds in 23 days.

He lost 26 pounds in 23 days.

He lost 26 pounds in 23 days.

Think about what this means about the conditions and treatment in these camps.

What this means for people there for longer.

For children who need nutrition to grow.


Matthew Chapman (@fawfulfan) Tweeted:
Let me see if I have this straight.

ICE can now arrest, detain, and deport you without trial, anywhere in the country, if you can’t prove to them on the spot you’re a citizen when they ask, and sometimes even if you can?

Yes, absolutely frightening, isn’t it? They are out of control. And, the lot of them need to be fired en masse.


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    • Liza says:

      I can’t forgive either of them for voting to invade Iraq in 2003, but if I have to vote for Biden I will.

  1. rikyrah says:

    GOP’s Kennedy helps prove Buttigieg’s point about Republican rhetoric
    08/01/19 09:21 AM—UPDATED 08/01/19 09:29 AM
    By Steve Benen

    At a presidential primary debate this week, Mayor Pete Buttigieg made an argument that generated some applause from the audience. “It is time to stop worrying about what the Republicans will say,” the candidate said. “Look, it’s true that if we embrace a far-left agenda, they’re going to say we’re a bunch of crazy socialists. If we embrace a conservative agenda, you know what they’re going to do? They’re going to say we’re a bunch of crazy socialists.”

    Buttigieg added, “So let’s just stand up for the right policy, go out there, and defend it.”

    I don’t know if Sen. John Kennedy (R-La.) saw the mayor’s comments, but soon after, the Republican lawmaker helped demonstrate Buttigieg’s point.

    “I’m not buying the storyline of progressive versus moderate,” Kennedy said during an interview on Fox News, weighing the dynamics of the Tuesday night debate in Detroit.

    “I would remind you that the lesser of two socialists is still a socialist,” he continued. “Even from the less liberal candidates, I heard a job-killing, soul-crushing socialist agenda.”

  2. rikyrah says:

    Her mother’s double her age and looks better than her…..

    Tiffany Trump, 25, swaps her billionaire boyfriend for mom Marla Maples and soaks up the rays on a Mallorca beach as she continues her European summer break
    Tiffany Trump, 25, and her mother Marla Maples, 55, are spending time together on the Spanish island of Mallorca
    The duo were spotted heading to the beach with friends on Wednesday, before Marla took to Instagram to gush over her only daughter
    Tiffany is making the most of her well-earned summer break before she resumes her studies at Georgetown Law School in the fall
    The blonde socialite has been jetting back and forth between Europe and the United States since she finished her second year of classes back in May

    PUBLISHED: 02:29 EDT, 1 August 2019 | UPDATED: 09:10 EDT, 1 August 2019

  3. rikyrah says:

    ‘He was pure happiness and pure joy’: The Descendants stars Dove Cameron, Sofia Carson, and Booboo Stewart talk about Cameron Boyce following his tragic death at age 20
    Cameron’s co-stars and the show’s director Kenny Oretga appeared on Good Morning America on Thursday
    They talked about what a beacon of light and happiness the late actor was
    ‘This was the first time I ever dealt with anything like this,’ said Booboo, 25
    ‘If you could bottle up happiness, that was Cam,’ added Sofia, 26
    Cameron died unexpectedly from an epileptic seizure on July 6

    PUBLISHED: 11:08 EDT, 1 August 2019 | UPDATED: 11:44 EDT, 1 August 2019

  4. rikyrah says:

    It’s rough times when we have to nod in agreement with David Phucking Frum

    David Frum @ davidfrum
    -The Miami and Detroit debates took place in a weird alternative earth where the fate of the Democratic ticket in 2020 does not depend on how hard Barack Obama campaigns for African-American turnout
    -Enthusiastic African-American support for the 2020 ticket will lock Trump out of the industrial Midwest – and put him on defense in Georgia.
    -In 2012. African Americans turned out at a higher rate than whites for the first and only time in US history. Obama delivered that. And his would-be successors are talking about him in a tone of “Mmm, I don’t know … “

  5. rikyrah says:

    Watch Elizabeth Warren stand up to Chris Matthews as he looms over her and interrupts her constantly.
    She’s got a spine of steel. Mathews should be ashamed.

    — Sean Kent (@seankent) July 31, 2019

  6. rikyrah says:

    Booker’s Education Problem, and the Dems should catch a clue:

    Kay says:
    August 1, 2019 at 8:42 am
    @Betty Cracker:

    I was somewhat surprised by Booker doing it, because Booker’s got his own problems. Booker espouses Obama’s education policies, but on steroids, to the extent that he was doing speeches at Betsy DeVos’ “we hate public schools” events as late as 2012. That didn’t come up, but it will, because he’s vulnerable there and all his competitors know it. It’s a regional issue in a way, because the brunt of the anti-public school fever on the Right in the 2010 elections where all those Right wing governors swept the Great Lakes states was borne in MI, PA, OH and WI. It has particular salience here. DeVos is loathed and Democrats put that to good use in 2018. Booker was joining with her in a bipartisan manner up until Trump’s election. Wisconsins D governor, the guy who beat Walker, ran on public education. Same in MI. Same in PA. All those statewide rcaes where the D beat the R had public education as a central issue. These people WON Wisconsin and Michigan and they did it after Trump. I don’t know why Democrats have to reinvent the fucking wheel in these states. Run on the same things Democrats who won statewide ran on. We know that works.

  7. rikyrah says:

    Frederick Joseph (@FredTJoseph) Tweeted:
    The #KamalaHarrisDestroyed hashtag is primarily MAGA supporters and bots.

    That, plus further researching Tulsi Gabbard has me pretty convinced that Tulsi is a plant for the right and the 2020 version of Jill Stein.

  8. rikyrah says:


    Joyce Alene (@JoyceWhiteVance) Tweeted:
    With all due respect, if you’re a Democrat & you can win a Senate seat that would otherwise go to the GOP, that should be your race.

  9. rikyrah says:


    Elie Mystal (@ElieNYC) Tweeted:
    The quicker we can get to Warren, Sanders, Harris, Buttigieg, And Obama’s White Friend, the better.

  10. rikyrah says:


    PragmaticObotsUnite (@PragObots) Tweeted:
    I see Black Blue Check Twitter is congratulating Tulsi, who doesn’t give a damn about their Black asses. #DemDebate

  11. rikyrah says:


    #ListenToBlackWomenKamalaHarris2020 (@psddluva4evah) Tweeted:
    And here we go…usual blue check folks getitng behind Tulsi “Russian stooge” azz just cause she going the “Kamala is a cop” shit.

    Tulsi is earning her Russian stooge dollars tonight for sure

  12. rikyrah says:


    Jennifer Rubin (@JRubinBlogger) Tweeted:
    if anyone but Biden, Harris, Warren, Sanders, Buttigieg and Booker are on the Sept debate stage Dems are nuts.

  13. rikyrah says:

    Zerlina Maxwell (@ZerlinaMaxwell) Tweeted:
    Cory Booker won tonight and was the first to mention voter suppression!

    Kamala was solid. Julián is still being underestimated. Biden was better but I’m not sure he’s read his own oppo book bc he still seems a little flat footed when people are bringing up predictable critiques

  14. rikyrah says:

    Elie Mystal (@ElieNYC) Tweeted:
    Wow, Harris on CNN, when @AC360 asks about the Tulsi Gabbard hit, basically said… yeah I’m a top tier candidate and she’s not and she likes Assad and is trying to make a name for herself, so… I’m ready to move on.

  15. rikyrah says:

    Not just you 😒😒

    skeptical brotha 🌈 (@skepticalbrotha) Tweeted:
    is it me or is Van Jones useless? #DemDebate #CNNDebate

  16. rikyrah says:

    soonergrunt 🇺🇸 (@soonergrunt) Tweeted:
    If your chosen candidate for the Democratic nomination for President and is attacking Barack Obama and not Donald Trump, then s/he and you are doing it wrong and s/he should not be our candidate, and I will work and donate against them.
    Don’t @ me.

  17. rikyrah says:


    Veronica McDonald🗣 (@Purify_toast17) Tweeted:
    Democratic Candidate(s): OBAMA IS A PIECE OF PUTRID SHIGGIDY!!! (Gets claps & cheers from Blue Check Twitter, Bros, Hoteps & the Media)

    *Democrat candidate trailing Trump badly in October 2020*

    Democrat Candidate: OBAMA, COME SAVE ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  18. rikyrah says:

    Uh huh 😒
    Uh huh 😒

    Cheryl Rofer (@CherylRofer) Tweeted:
    I haven’t seen any reporter come up with this bright idea yet, but maybe Tulsi Gabbard’s and Marianne Williamson’s funding should be investigated.

    Remember Jill Stein.

  19. rikyrah says:

    Daryl Sturgis✊🏽 (@darylsturgis) Tweeted:
    In the year of our Lord MMXIX, in one of the most racially diverse countries on earth, where women make up 51% of the electorate and half the population doesn’t remember Ronald Reagan; the two front-runners for president are white men in their mid-to-late 70s.

  20. rikyrah says:

    #ListenToBlackWomenKamalaHarris2020 (@psddluva4evah) Tweeted:
    nothing Tulsi said was remotely true…but hey…what does the truth matter to a Russian stooge. Marianne W may be cray, but genuinely think she believes what she spouts. Tulsi I don’t trust AT ALL…she has an agenda…and her hard on for Kamala Harris above any other is a tell

    • Liza says:

      Reagan posed as the kindly grandfather but he was an actor. Not a great actor by any means but good enough to convince white folks.

  21. rikyrah says:


    Adam Serwer🍝 (@AdamSerwer) Tweeted:
    America has been a full democracy only since 1965. And these conversations essentially amount to: “why haven’t black people completely recovered from centuries of public policy designed to disenfranchise, impoverish, and marginalize them in a little more than half a century?”

  22. rikyrah says:

    ReclaimingMyTime (@MonieTalks_1) Tweeted:
    I don’t know what’s worse….

    Claiming people who live in large Southern cities are not the Deep South,or dismissing Black Southerners as the Confederacy.

    There is a disease in this country where too many folks, especially MSM, equate “real America” to white, rural folks.

  23. rikyrah says:

    Greg Sargent (@ThePlumLineGS) Tweeted:
    Folks are missing an important development from the debate.

    In taking on Trump’s racism, the Dems went hard at its *consequences* — rising hate crimes, discriminatory bans on travel, a spike in right wing terrorism, horrible messages to urban children.

  24. rikyrah says:


    Sherrilyn Ifill (@Sifill_LDF) Tweeted:
    This is so awful. Mentally ill man calls 911 for help. Police asphyxiate him in “prime” restraint. Grand jury indicts, but prosecutor dismisses. Ofcrs return to active duty. Only now do we get the video proof. Heartbreaking and appalling.

  25. nedhamson says:

    Out Of Control and thinking they are above the law – and they are since no one in DC is saying no way!

  26. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

    • Ametia says:

      Good Morning, Everyone. Been off the grid for a bit. Work project, Relaxing and spending time with my HUSBAND!

      Stay cool, safe and loved.

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