Open Thread | Just Say No To Mayor Pete 😒😒

You know, I had dismissed Mayor Pete long ago.
Mayor of a small town in Indiana being qualified for President?
No, I don’t think so.

But…he went to Harvard…
So did Julian Castro. …and, he was a mayor of a town 10 times the size of South Bend and was a Cabinet Member during 44’s Administration.

But…he was a Rhodes Scholar..
So was Cory Booker…who was mayor of a town 3 times the size of South Bend, AND got elected statewide to the office of United States Senator.

And, then, they try to do the Obama comparisons.
Um, no. By the time Barack Obama ran for President, he had been in the Illinois Senate for a decade. His Illinois Senate District was twice the size of South Bend. And, he was an elected United States Senator. So, stop with that foolishness of comparing him to Obama.

Now, we have Mayor Pete atop of the leader board at the Iowa Caucus.
So, here’s the latest South Carolina Poll:

And, this is his problem. He has no traction with the BASE of this party.
A few weeks ago, this ugly trope started to come out about the South Carolina Black voters, I believe, put forth by Mayor Pete’s team in a bid to discount them and their importance. Based upon a focus group of 24 people done back in JULY…..
The trope began that Black people weren’t voting for Mayor Pete because he was gay. That they couldn’t see what an AWESOME candidate that he was because of his sexuality, because Black people are so tremendously homophobic.

Are some Black people homophobic?
But, no more than the general population.
And, even with those that are homophobic, let’s get this straight…
It’s NOT Black people who had funded all these state anti-gay measures that have been placed on ballots all across the country.
It’s NOT Black people who are funding NOW, the anti-LGBTQ cases working through our court systems.
It’s NOT Black people who vote in legislators on the state level that put forth laws to limit the rights of LGBTQ people.
It’s NOT Black people who are pushing for the ‘religious exemption’ like that bullshyt baker case.

So, get the ENTIRE Phuck Outta Here, trying to push the meme that Black homophobia is behind them not supporting Mayor Pete.


Jonathan Capehart of the Washington Post had a good piece about this, and how the ‘ Black people are so homophobic’ trope is just insulting and wrong.
From Capehart’s article:


Folks harping on black homophobia conveniently ignore the four straight black men who led on gay rights during the Obama administration — most notably President Barack Obama and then-Attorney General Eric Holder. And folks harping on black homophobia ignore how the Trump administration, since day one, has been laying siege to all the Obama-era LGBTQ equality regulations and protections.

African Americans have evolved on LGBTQ equality just like everyone else. According to the Pew Research Center, only 29 percent of blacks supported same-sex marriage in 2009. Ten years later, a majority (51 percent) now does. Sure, that is lower than other ethnic groups, but not significantly so. Also, citing that gap contributes to the intellectual laziness on this matter especially while ignoring other relevant data points. A recent survey from the Public Religion Research Institute (PRRI) has a raft of data that obliterates the blacks-riven-with-homophobia myth. When looking at the numbers below, keep in mind that 69 percent of all Americans favor laws protecting LGBTQ Americans against discrimination in jobs, public accommodations and housing.

· 65 percent of all African Americans “favor laws that would protect LGBT people from discrimination in jobs, public accommodations, and housing.”
· 65 percent of black Protestants “support laws protecting LGBT people from discrimination in housing, public accommodations, and the workplace.”
· 67 percent of black Protestant Democrats “support nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people.”
· 68 percent of black Democrats and 65 percent of black independents “support for nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people.”
· 73 percent of young black Americans “favor LGBT nondiscrimination protections.”
· 54 percent of senior black Americans (age 65 and older) “favor LGBT nondiscrimination protections.”
· 60 percent of black men and 69 percent of black women “favor nondiscrimination protections for LGBT people.”

So, yeah, take your ‘Black people are so homophobic’ nonsense and shove it.

Black people mess up a large part of Mayor Pete’s schtick. He’s the moderate, who talks so, oh so sincere about faith. Well, you can’t out faith the most religious group, by every study’s count done- the BLACK base of the Democratic Party. They are one group that will never accept being lectured to them about faith, Mayor Pete.

Let’s outline Mayor Pete’s problems with the Black Community.

Nobody knew who he was. He had no ties to anyone in the South. Nobody could vouch for him. So, Black people went to South Bend looking for some sort of feel of what Mayor Pete would do as President, by asking Black folks in South Bend what he did as Mayor.
The answers were not good. From a gentrification plan that decimated Black neighborhoods to a problem with the police, the answers Black voters seeking to find out about Mayor Pete, came back not good. A racist police force goes head to head with a Black Chief, and the Black Chief gets fired. And, the racist cops are still on the force. At the end of his term, there were FEWER Blacks on the South Bend Police Department than when he began. During this election cycle, there was police involved shooting, and his response was underwhelming.
From the beginning, he was always ‘reaching out’. He could reach out to Trump Voters. How we had to see how Dolt45 got elected. We know how he got elected. We know the basis of his support. But, Mayor Pete was never honest about that.
Then, there was the numerous times when he was throwing shade on either President Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton- one a successful two-term President and the other the highest vote getter in election history aside from the successful two-term President.
Yeah, had the nerve to throw shade at both of them.
So, Black folk paying attention, made up their minds accordingly.
In response, he comes up with the so-called Douglass (as in Frederick) Plan for Black America. Made a show of putting it out, and even claimed all this Black support for it.
You notice that I used the word CLAIMED.
Cause, find out, reporters start calling up the Black folks that he’s got listed on it, and they are like,

So, Mayor Pete put out a plan, claimed all these Black folks signed onto is…only to find out that they didn’t….
He used STOCK PHOTOS FROM KENYA to accompany it.
As usual, Twitter understands the problem:
This is all true😒😒

The photo was there for months?😒😒

Trump/Pence are modern war treasonists. (@RobertWalter) Tweeted:
@BETNews @docrocktex26 Same deceptive shit Trump folks were using in their FB ads to show support from women and minorities, except pics were taken from internet and quotes were fake.

Let’s remember Mayor Pete is a buddy of Zuck and there are links betw his campaign management and Facebook management.

Paychecko (@Paychecko) Tweeted:
@BETNews It isn’t just the photo. It’s also that the mayor of a ~30% black city didn’t have photos with any actual black supporters to use. AND that Pete lied about endorsements from 400 black SC voters—many of whom are either not black or not supporters. That’s the real story here!

Ally (@allyaranda) Tweeted:
@BETNews The stock photo from Kenya is embarrassing but the real problem is that he lied about how much support he had. He faked a bunch of the endorsements.

So, the latest is a video that has surfaced of Mayor Pete talking to a TEA PARTY GROUP.

Yeah, THAT Tea Party.
Mayor Pete and the Tea Party?😠

A debate on the authenticity of the Tea Party video.

Uh huh
Uh huh 😒🤨

She’s not wrong. Every turn…Mayor Pete needed to be ‘clarified’. Even though English is our primary language, we’re just not ‘ understanding’ Mayor Pete. All along, we dumb Black folks have needed to be EXPLAINED TO, what Mayor Pete REALLY meant. Our understanding of English just isn’t that good.
Uh huh
Uh huh

Yes… remind us about that Tea Party history 😠

The Twitter Streets knew….they’ve always known about Mayor Pete.

I hadn’t thought about this 🤔🤔🤔

You want to know why Black folks aren’t feeling Mayor Pete?

Because, he’s a phony. A fraud. He doesn’t respect us, and we know it, and respond in kind.

He tried to throw Big Mama and them in South Carolina under the bus based upon a 24 person focus group, and didn’t think that we wouldn’t smell out that nonsense? That we wouldn’t be offended FOR Big mama and them in South Carolina, and adjacent, all other Southern Black voters, because THAT is who he was insulting. THAT is who he was trying to get the media to disregard and disrespect.
I’ve always thought the reason why the Black Voting Community is so maligned, is because we are a practical bunch. We don’t fall for bright shiny objects like others. We always vote for what we believe are in our best interests. We really do have a lot of agency when it comes to our voting. So, the ridiculous pundits who arrogantly believe that the Black voters in South Carolina, throughout the South, as well as other diverse states, are awaiting with baited breath to see what Iowa and New Hampshire have voted on….you are on one. No. We don’t look to Iowa and New Hampshire to decide about the candidate who best represents what we want for our families and communities.

Mayor Pete might be Iowa’s bright shiny object, but he’s not, nor will he ever be OURS.

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  1. When I listened to Buttigieg saying young low income minorities had no one to talk to them about the value of an education, it enrages me. I grew up on a farm. Neither of my parents went to college. One of my older brothers went blind when he was 6 yrs old. My parents sent him to the Deaf and Blind school & from there they sent him to Kerrville Tx School for the Blind to learn a trade so he could take of himself. My parents told me my brother cried, he didn’t want to leave them. They cried too. Can you imagine the fear they felt sending their little blind child to live someplace else without them? But they wanted him educated so he didn’t have to depend on anyone to take care of him. My brother owned his own business. How dare Buttigieg’s racist ass! He don’t have a clue the struggle many Black families went through to get their children educated. He is a lying motherfucker!

  2. Got dammit! Buttigieg is racist AF! Now you know why he’s polling at zero percent with Black voters.

  3. Liza says:

    I saw this a few days ago, it happened in Tucson and was on the local news. I don’t know how the kid came to be a multiple amputee, but he has been abandoned by his parents and ended up in a group home. The cop here should be charged.

  4. Liza says:

    Well, just my opinion, but watching Joe last night he just seemed really old, just an old guy who looked (and sounded) out of place.

  5. Liza says:

    Truth. Tom Steyer makes some good points, but he has indeed bought his way into this. And I wish there were a way to eliminate Tulsi Gabbard from the debates.

    • eliihass says:

      💋💋Her audio book was incredible.. It remains the most popular and most listened to on Audible..❤️❤️

      As one who loves the smell of books.. and even though I read Becoming in hard cover, I also listened to it on Audible …this was my first time listening to an audio book.. And it was absolutely terrific..

  6. Liza says:

    No one seems to last except Betsy, Kellyanne, and Miller.

    • eliihass says:

      It’s been said that he’s been planning to run for Senate ..with an eye to running for president.. They say there’s a taxpayer-owned and funded AirForce jet parked at an airport in Kansas most weekends..

      Simply resigning won’t do..

      This horrid, craven, complicit crook must be held accountable for his part in the corrupting and decimation of our democracy and its institutions.. he must be held accountable for his prime role in the extortion of Ukraine.. and the invitation of foreign countries to interfere in our democracy..

  7. RIKYRAH, you took Mayor Pete to the woodshed. Blistering!


    • eliihass says:


      Not impressed..

      This same ‘influencer’ chick who’s been gratuitously sh*tting on my historic FLOTUS on the sly.. and all in a bid to prop-up her flailing, contrived, mediocre candidate.. does not now get to suddenly try to feign outrage ..and only to slickly co-opt ‘Michelle’ to try to advance the transparently dubious agenda of this paid social media ‘influencer’ and their candidate – an agenda that’s entirely about their candidate – and very little actually, if anything, to do with ‘Michelle’..

      These folks with their silly mind games aren’t as slick as they think they are..

      As for Virginia Heffernan, the finger-wagging Ms. Ann in question ..brimming over with her all-consuming sense of slave-owner indignation and that ever-present sense of entitlement.. who can’t abide the historic FLOTUS having the nerve to not know her place …not do their bidding and turn herself over to the whims of their all-knowing supremacy and the ‘superior’ minds and agenda of massa/massa’s wife.. same folks who’ve always turned a blind eye to, and in many instances, enjoyed, enthusiastically snickered ..and even incited and often joined in, as the historic FLOTUS has been endlessly dehumanized.. Same folks who are quick to angrily chime in in defense of, and demanding that the Birther moll turned 3rd wife of treasonous buffoon, not be ‘slut-shamed’..routinely running interference on behalf of one half of the treasonous buffoonery ..who they insist is a ‘victim’..

      Virginia Heffernan thinks she knows better what my historic FLOTUS (her President-husband, too) ought to be doing post-presidency..

      Ms Heffernan does not think that they should be focused on making an honest living.. and certainly, not setting up their presidential library (which they’re having to work 1000x harder for.. seeing as unlike previous First Couples, their every funding source is being carefully scrutinized by the world, eager and ready to pounce ..and there will be no Saudi largesse or laundered Russian oligarch monies – or any donations for that matter, allowed..)

      The still chattel in Virginia’s mind.. my historic FLOTUS (and family).. as far as Ms. Virginia is concerned, should be a charity case ..remain perpetually poor, dependent on others and so, beholden …groveling for and living on handouts and forever at Ms. Virginia’s mercy, while still preferably, remain entirely at Ms. Virginia’s beck and call …and according to Ms. Ann, my historic FLOTUS should have no priorities of her own …and if she must write, write for free of course …but only books on feminism and racism ..and only as prescribed, decided and directed by Ms. Virginia .. because God knows that they’ll not really want my historic FLOTUS to actually write the book on race that’s tucked away in her big brain.. God knows the hurt that’ll unleash..

      The Obamas in the minds of these folks, will always have to get permission and never ever be entitled to freely live.. and certainly, not as all previous presidential couples before – or after them.. have been unquestionably, freely allowed to..

      Those who selectively tout the Carters, forget that the Carters actually built and maintain their presidential library and post presidential life on oodles of unscrutinized monies from big donors and others.. and also, books.. but heaven forbid the Obamas even think of it..

      It’s not the Obamas’ fault that in spite of every attempt to chip away at them, thoroughly trash and discredit them so that they no longer lead the popularity polls nationally and globally, that they both still remain exceedingly beloved and popular, and in-demand as arena-sold-out keynote speakers.. and books..

      Virginia Heffernan and the chorus of perpetually faux-outraged faux-progressives demand that my historic FLOTUS stop living, don mourning rags and make herself available for Ms Virginia and co. to use as they see fit, to according to them ‘save’ America and its burning democracy …and take on the treasonous buffoon..

      Where has Ms Heffernan and her all-knowing racist cohort been as my historic FLOTUS has without being elected, and without a thank-you, done and done again? What hasn’t she already done? She deployed her hard-won political capital and campaigned her heart out in 2016 for the Dem candidate, clearly articulating & forewarning about what is happening now.. She did so much more than most to help in 2016, and even though she does not have to, she still showed up on her own time and money in 2018, helping to get swathes of dormant voters registered, and turned out voters to the polls.. she continues to work her heart out for an ungrateful country (and party) and our seriously under assault democracy …for her, unlike many, it’s not an act or gimmick to selfishly advance political ambition …she actually genuinely cares …she has always been about the greater good and seeing and bringing in and leveling the playing field for the unseen and downtrodden in this uneven union… She is strategically and in tangible ways, doing the necessary work – including forging, actively facilitating and privately funding her important and impactful ‘When We All Vote’ initiative.. among other very important and impactful self-funded efforts..

      She owes nobody anything, even if she’s still out here doing more good than most..
      Somebody ought to remind Ms. Virginia that the historic FLOTUS is not an indentured servant.. And she reserves the right to live her life as a private citizen, on her own terms..

      Someone also please explain to Ms. Heffernan that she’s not even nearly as smart or savvy as the double Ivy League educated historic FLOTUS and direct descendant of slaves, who’s also existed in this country as a fully black woman, and has actually seen and experienced things that Ms Heffernan will never ever have to..or understand..

      The historic FLOTUS more than most, actually gets it.. she gets the psyche of this country .. and the effect it has had and continues to have on both its entitled/empowered and its unentitled/unempowered citizenry..

      But more importantly, she understands why a vast majority of eligible voters in America, routinely do not bother to vote..

      What the entitled, all-knowing, racist finger-wags and their co-signers don’t get is that she, more than most, actually knows how to reach and engage a huge swathe of these dormant, disinterested, mostly turned-off, but eligible voters -many Dem-leaning.. And books on ‘feminism’ and racism aren’t going to ignite voters, neither will clobbering folks over the head with political epistles..

      Ms. Virginia and her racist cohort, in all their sniffing condescension, remain stuck in their unbelievably shortsighted and obtuse bubbles… even as they continue to erroneously believe themselves smarter than the historic FLOTUS who is after all, known as ‘The Closer’ ..and for good reason too.. an intrinsic and indispensable part of activating and rallying voters and winning and delivering a 2-term historic presidency..

      She’s always been an original.. always imitated, never duplicated … she’s always approached, taken on and solved things in new/different, and the most wonderfully smart, strategic but completely unconventional ways ..actively engaging huge swathes of people (many non-political) in powerfully compelling, unscripted, authentic and heartfelt ways that only few can or know how to..

      At all her book events, she has without fail, very effectively tapped in, hooked and reeled in her humongous audiences with a certain clarity about how their voices matter and how they must participate in their democracy… starting with showing up in and for their immediate communities… She very effectively makes the compelling arguments about why that matters … and how decisions that affect you on a day to day basis will be decided for you by others whether you like it or not, if you do not show up and speak up ..including with your vote..

      There could not be a truer and more effective call to action ..for voting, organizing and activism..

      She’s strategically reaching and speaking to huge swathes of people who’ve never been tuned in, to those who’ve been turned off.. and to those who’ve never believed that their voices/votes matter or count..

      And she’s very powerfully making a brilliant case …and all without making it feel political..

      She knows exactly what she’s doing..

      And Ms. Virginia and co. need to shut up and watch ‘The Closer’ work her magic..

      P.S: this is said Virginia Heffernan with Anand Giridharadas

  9. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

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