Open Thread | More From Mayor Pete😒😒😒

This article has gone viral.
You know how I feel about Mayor Pete.
Well, another video of him dropped.

This was Michael Harriot’s response to the video:
Pete Buttigieg Is a Lying MF
Michael Harriot
Yesterday 8:00PM

I am from what most people would call “the hood.” The bad section of town. You know—where black people live. During the crack revolution of the late ’80s, to get to school every day, I would give a friendly nod as I walked past the early-rising dope boys. I meandered through the projects and—if it had recently rained—I waited for someone to help me put a 10-foot long wooden plank across the ditch that separated the black part of town from the bucolic neighborhood where the only high school in town was located. If no one was there, or if a prankster had hidden the makeshift bridge, then I had to either leap across or walk the long way around, adding an extra 15 minutes to my morning walk. Our neighborhood had no bus, so either you walked that balance beam behind the projects, took the 30-minute stroll or you said: “fuck it.”
I never said fuck it.

So, when a clip surfaced of Buttigieg explaining why negro kids fail at school so often, his answer made perfect sense.

“Kids need to see evidence that education is going to work for them,” Buttigieg explained whitely, when he was running for mayor in 2011. You’re motivated because you believe that at the end of your education, there is a reward; there’s a stable life; there’s a job. And there are a lot of kids—especially [in] the lower-income, minority neighborhoods, who literally just haven’t seen it work. There isn’t someone who they know personally who testifies to the value of education.”


Majority-minority schools receive $23 billion less in funding than majority-white schools, according to a recent study by EdBuild. Black students in Indiana, the state where Buttigieg serves as mayor, and across the country, are disciplined more harshly than white students. But even though Buttigieg has never attended a school with more than 10 percent black students, he thinks he knows what’s stopping black kids from achieving their educational dreams.

Apparently, it’s not the fact that the unemployment rate for black college graduates is twice as high as the unemployment rate for white grads. Black college graduates are paid 80 cents for every dollar a white person with the same education earns. White people leave college with lower debt and higher earnings. White kids get more resources, more advanced classes and have access to more technology. But Pete says it could all be solved with a vision-board.

Mayor Pete’s bullshittery is not just wrong, it is proof.
It proves men like him are more willing to perpetuate the fantastic narrative of negro neighborhoods needing more role models and briefcase-carriers than make the people in power stare into the sun and see the blinding light of racism. Get-along moderates would rather make shit up out of whole cloth than wade into the waters of reality. Pete Buttigieg doesn’t want to change anything. He just wants to be something.


The entire article is fire. Absolutely on point.



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    • eliihass says:

      Todd Prepsky @toddprepsky
      Exactly. It’s one giant shell game.

      Randy Ferrell🍑🆘 #VetsResistSquadron @rpdandy
      They’re going to crash the economy and make the Bush recession look like a blip on the radar!

      Ray Zitto @RayZitto
      The bubble will bust. When? No one knows but it’s gonna be worse than last recession.

      Paul Kearney @onemordumazz
      Today the market is being controlled by 6 or 7 groups primarily & can hold up this facade for awhile, but not much longer, especially if Congress & the People start to question things. The truth is, about 80% of the wealth they claim is theoretical & has little basis in Truth.

    • rikyrah says:

      Biden took the moderate lane. It so happens that the moderate lane and the Black base are pretty much one and the same.

      • eliihass says:

        Truth is, Biden has stayed true to himself..

        He’s not trying to be what he isn’t..

        As he keeps saying himself, folks can vote for someone else if they don’t like his proposals..

    • eliihass says:

      A benefit of being new on the scene.. a shiny newcomer.. whereas Booker has been around and is somewhat of a known quantity..

      Doesn’t help that over the years, folk have mostly seen through and quite tired of Cory Booker.. even his once loudest cheerleader but now mostly absent ‘pal’, Oprah (who granted, isn’t terribly consistent in her notorious bandwagoning.. some folks last a tad longer than others in her isn’t he/she so great, flavor of the moment schtick orbit, while others quickly fizzle out..) – she’d talked-up Beto, and mentioned that she was interested in Buttigieg.. whose name she couldn’t pronounce..

      Booker had his time. and was quite fawned over …folks are fickle.. and quickly move on and forget.. Pete may yet suffer the same fate.. sooner, even..

      Lis Smith (of the Elliot Spitzer handler and mistress fame) is Pete’s campaign ‘guru’.. not a fan of hers.. we’ll see how she handles/navigates it..

    • eliihass says:

      Nobody running in this election can recreate the Obama coalition.. nobody..

      I wish folks understood that.. and stop with the delusion..

      Nobody sparks that excitement …and as dangerous and awful as the treasonous buffoon is, nobody currently in the running elicits any real enthusiasm.. and again, it’s not because ‘Biden’.. or because ‘name recognition’..

      Even if V.P Biden ‘dropped out’ as some folks are pushing for, many of these candidates deludedly hanging their hopes and political fortunes on a Biden ‘implosion’ or exit (that won’t be happening) are still not going to excite folks – or even rise that much in the polls..
      Not going to happen..

      They just don’t have what it takes.. and hate to say it, but folks are already quite exhausted and turned off by the endlessly inconsistent and petty machinations of what essentially amounts to an uninspiring bunch …and it’s not looking to get better..

      Again, folks don’t get to do-over ‘first impressions’..

      And again, contrary to the spin, folks have been paying as much attention as they are ever going to.. and they’re not buying what these folks are selling..

      Besides, folks have to remember that even President Obama by 2012, had shed a substantial sliver of his coalition/support ..with many not even bothering to show up to vote for his re-election..

      So, there isn’t an Obama coalition scenario like in 2008.. (Biden’s coalition looks quite different .. with only the hefty black support the important commonality.. even though he’ll probably not get the same huge turnout numbers.. nobody in the running can or will.. but Biden can get just as much of the black turnout as will be inclined to vote this cycle.. numbers that not even say, descendant of slaves, Cory Booker can pull off..)

      There’s been a splintering and divisions that have only deepened over the past several years – some of it further enabled and coarsened by some Russian disinformation …but even more so, by the colliding egos and political ambitions of a multitude of ruthlessly ambitious politicians (and their supporters) – thirsty politicos who’ve bought into their own hype and the heady fawning that is the echo chamber of cheerleaders and self-serving, agenda-driven paid staff – who also stand to be propelled alongside the candidate, if they win..

      ..and now with a treasonous buffoon removing any semblance of a bar, everyone’s running around with visions of occupying the Oval Office running around in their heads..

      But no, there’s no recreating the Obama coalition..

      As one who was an active and deeply committed and invested part of that coalition and who on my own, deploring my own resources, did a whole lot of the very gratifying and creative work needed to help pull off stuff …my family and huge circle of friends, colleagues etc. too, also part of that coalition.. I can assure you that based on the polling done with said family and friends over this thanksgiving… a pretty telling bellwether, there’s nobody in the running who can get that Obama coalition.. And contrary to this lame nonsense about ‘prosecuting the case’, that is not in fact what smart voting folks care about …nobody is looking for a presidential candidate to be that..

    • eliihass says:

      Exhibit.. This is Krystal Ball who until recently was a part of the Obama coalition..

      This is Krystal Ball now.. full of the sort of contempt a paid gig with dubious outfits mandates..

  1. rikyrah says:

    Mayo Pete has a Black defender…
    John McWhorter 😒😒 😒

    What… Shelby Steele was unavailable 🤨🤨🤨

  2. rikyrah says:

    Yeah… suicide…
    I believe that 🙄🙄🙄

  3. Turkey is done, greens are done, broccoli and rice casserole is done. Next up dressing and then I’ll shut down the kitchen until morning. I am tired!

  4. rikyrah says:

    My mouth is watering reading your food tweets 😋😋😋

  5. rikyrah says:

    Bloomberg on stop and frisk: “None of us do everything perfectly. I’m sorry it happened, I can’t rewrite history. Let’s get on with it.”

    the policy let the police TERRORIZE Black and Brown men FOR YEARS…..
    EACH of those stops could have turned bad and turned the Black or Brown man into a phucking HASHTAG….

    But, ‘ let’s get on with it’?


  6. My turkey necks and gizzards are on, broccoli is on. Turkey will go in the oven in a minute. Next up wash greens.

    My brother’s turkey is done. He slow cooked it all night. It smells wonderful.

  7. rikyrah says:

    Bring those receipts.

    ‘The hubris is unbelievable’: Dems seethe over Bloomberg GOP donations
    Good luck explaining the Scott Brown endorsement against Elizabeth Warren.

    Michael Bloomberg’s debut 2020 campaign ad touts that he “took charge” of New York in the wake of 9/11.

    What Bloomberg doesn’t mention: He leaned heavily on an endorsement from Rudy Giuliani, the then-New York mayor who is now President Donald Trump’s personal attorney, to win that post. Bloomberg trumpeted his support in TV advertising and direct mail, chastising his Democratic opponent for being “no friend of Rudy Giuliani.”

    Giuliani is just one of many skeletons in Bloomberg’s partisan closet. As he pursues the Democratic presidential nomination, he’ll have to explain the millions he’s spent putting Republicans into office, including contributions backing more than a dozen current and former members of Congress.

    The billionaire businessman, who has switched parties several times throughout his political career, endorsed George W. Bush’s 2004 reelection campaign, contributed to John McCain and even held a fundraiser for a House GOP member as recently as last year.

    And that’s not all. Beneficiaries of his largesse include former Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), a vigorous Trump defender, and Senate Appropriations Chairman Richard Shelby of Alabama, who once chaired the Senate Banking Committee.


    Bloomberg has contributed to Sen. Susan Collins (R-Maine), and Independence USA, a super PAC he funded, spent money to elect Republicans such as Sen. Pat Toomey of Pennsylvania, 2012 House candidate Andrew Roraback in Connecticut, and former Reps. Mike Fitzpatrick of Pennsylvania and Bob Dold of Illinois.

  8. rikyrah says:


    They like the boot on everyone else’s throat😒😒

    • eliihass says:

      And the media is once again doing their darnedest to dampen upward tick of polling re: pro-impeachment sentiments, by deliberately muddying stuff up, stepping all over the properly handled, well-facilitated, Dem-led impeachment proceedings and the important takeaways..

      The media remains not only complicit, but a massive impediment to the proper functioning and execution of our democracy and democratic institutions..

  9. nedhamson says:

    Michael Harriot right on target and reveals defensive thinking that gives those with power a way to buy – “it’s not my fault” passes on supporting racism and a way to appear to be caring.

  10. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄 😄😄

  11. He tore Buttigieg a new one. Buttigieg was shook he had to call him about that article.

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