What Dolt45 Has Been Doing Since the Impeachment Sham Trial Ended😒😠

What Dolt45 has been up to since Impeachment.

Excellent thread:
Judd Legum (@JuddLegum) Tweeted:
1. Trump was acquitted by the Senate on FEBRUARY 6.

Since then, he’s been on an absolute RAMPAGE.

This thread is a list of what has happened.

3. Trump fired Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman, who provided damaging testimony in the impeachment inquiry.

4. Trump called on Vindman to be investigated by the Pentagon.

5. Trump attacked his former Chief of Staff, John Kelly, for defending Vindman, saying Kelly had a “legal obligation” to “keep his mouth shut.”

6. Trump ordered the removal of John C. Rood, a Pentagon official who told Congress that he had cleared the release of military aid to Ukraine. (Trump withheld it anyway.)

7. Trump called the Justice Department’s sentencing recommendation for his longtime political adviser, Roger Stone, “horrible and very unfair.”

8. Trump cheered Attorney General Bill Barr when he intervened in the Stone case to withdraw the sentencing recommendation. Four prosecutors on the case resigned in protest.

9. Trump attacked the judge presiding over Stone’s case, Amy Berman Jackson, as biased, falsely accusing her of placing his former campaign manager Paul Manafort in solitary confinement.

11. Trump asserted he has the legal right to order Barr to intervene in any criminal case.

12. Trump’s Attorney General, William Barr, assigned an outside prosecutor to review the case against Michael Flynn, Trump’s former National Security Adviser who pled guilty to lying to investigators. (Barr is also reviewing other “politically sensitive” cases.)

13. Trump commuted the sentence former Governor Rod Blagojevich, who was convicted of trying to sell a U.S. Senate seat. (Blagojevich appeared on Trump’s reality show and wrote an op-ed for a conservative publication opposing impeachment.)

Having read all that, it’s not surprising that he’s done this. After all, the Republican Party has betrayed America and enabled this power hungry monster. They have enabled him every step of the way, which is why I call them traitors to this country, and they must ALL be dealt with in November 2020.



I have said from the beginning that Dolt45 was a RISK TO NATIONAL SECURITY.

From being in Putin’s pocket…
To having meetings with Russians IN THE OVAL OFFICE without any of the regular National Security people present..
To having meetings where the only person in there is the interpreter AND TAKING THE INTERPRETER’S NOTES
To the lack of security at those clubs of his…

He has been a threat to National Security before he was even ‘ elected’. Yet, another thing that the Republicans better never open their mouths about ever again.

So, here’s a snippet from an article about the National Security apparatus:

“By the end of this month, Mr. O’Brien will have completed what he calls a streamlining of the National Security Council, chopping the council’s staff from 174 policy positions in October to fewer than 115. The reductions have focused on the dozens of career officials who are detailed to the council from other federal departments and agencies, including the C.I.A., the Pentagon and the State Department,” the report states.
This allows the group to work with less interference from career officials who are considered suspect by Trump loyalists.

Career officials. People whose first loyalty is to THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. NOT Donald Trump. These people who work, day in and day out, no matter who the President is. They consider themselves patriots on our front lines, making sure that this country remains safe.

LOOK at the gutting of these offices. You think that the flunkies left have any of the experience, or wisdom, or intelligence to make sure that we have a functioning National Security apparatus?
I don’t think so.

This is the kind of clown that is now left😒😒

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66 Responses to What Dolt45 Has Been Doing Since the Impeachment Sham Trial Ended😒😠

  1. Liza says:

    He’s a Trojan Horse in the Democratic race. But the fact that he can so much support by running ads on TV should make us very, very afraid.

    • Liza says:

      We’re doomed.

      And we’re discussing his re-election when we should be storming the WH with torches and pitchforks.

  2. Liza says:

    APPLAUSE! Standing ovation!!!! Ten minutes of applause!!!

    • Liza says:

      “We’ve been down that road before.”

      That’s right, Rev Al. In addition to the civil rights leaders being branded as socialist, communist, etc…, the same reactionary lies and propaganda gave us popular support for the Vietnam War in the mid 1960’s.

      I have no problem with moderates vs. progressives or whatever.

      I do have a problem with fear mongering and smears and people saying things without facts or knowledge of history.

    • eliihass says:

      Pfffftt.. LOL..

      So, they’re now quoting Rev. Al..

      Since when did the racist Alt-Left think anything good of Al Sharpton beyond mocking and hating him as a ‘race-hustler’..

      Since when did Cornel West or Nina Turner – both the personification of opportunism and self-aggrandizement – one the grand poobah of envy & spiteful opportunism, the other a shilling black face tap dancing for her supper… since when did these become ‘credible’ alibi.. or trustworthy vouchers of ‘integrity’.. for anything or anyone.. and worse, all based on how *they* are being treated..

      Shall we also ask all these black Mayors & state/local govt. officials who’ve all been bought up by Bloomberg, how he’s treating them – as a gauge for how Bloomberg has treated and will treat black folks..

      As happens every election time.. everyone wants to be kingmaker.. stake their claim on some candidate – and by extension, their supporters/audience ..to be harnessed entirely for power, their own relevance, agenda/aggrandizement..

      He who makes the king, gains access if and when the king ascends the throne.. at least peripherally ..as the go-to person for black voter matters/optics..

      In the end it’s all about power, access, relevance, ‘influence’-wielding..

      King-making more than anything else, is about ego, asserting and outdoing the other self-styled kingmakers.. it’s all a hustle..

      We know Cornel West.. we know Nina Turner..

      We also know Rev. Al..

      We know Bernie.. and we know his many surrogates and staff rather well by now..

      • Liza says:

        This isn’t about the racist Alt-Left or Nina Turner or Cornel West, etc…

        It’s a video clip of Rev Al Sharpton talking to voters in SC, reminding them that red baiting has an ugly history.

        And it does. People can disagree with Bernie on healthcare or whatever he’s hawking but smears, lies, and propaganda are just wrong. And this is coming from Democrats who are vehemently opposed to his winning the nomination.

        I’m going to vote for the candidate who is nominated by the Democrats and it is increasingly looking as though it will be decided at the convention.

        This is about Democrats / Democratic candidates not shredding each other to pieces before that happens. And, most importantly, don’t succumb to the Fox News model of propagandizing the electorate. What in God’s name is the justification for that?

        Red baiting should be flushed out of our politics.

        Did I mention Vietnam? Yes, I think I did.

        • eliihass says:

          Like I asked below.. since when did we start caring about not ‘shredding’ our candidates.. Since when did Bernie acolytes who’ve actually perfected it, raising it to such a malevolent art form.. since when did they start to care..

          This entire primary has been all about shredding candidates that are not ones preferred candidate.. And when it wasn’t ones candidate at the receiving end, everyone feigned surprise, rolled their eyes and insisted that it was all ‘vetting’; the entire point of the primaries, they argue..

          This call for a temporary ceasefire is only because their guy is supposedly the ‘front runner’ at the moment.. and the same folks who endlessly attacked and threatened that they would not vote for anyone not Bernie, now realize that all 30% of them – if that – can’t pull it off all by their lonesome.. they’ll need the rest of the party they invaded and have tried to destroy, to propel their guy…

          Someone needs to remind them too, that smearing the Obamas is a losing proposition.. without BOTH Obamas, their guy – if he’s the nominee, won’t make it..

          They also can’t wait until their guy gets the nomination to decide to stop attacking & smearing the Obamas, or deleting their anti-Obamas tweets and write-ups..

          The internet is forever..

      • Liza says:

        As I said below, my opinions are my own. I am not a “Bernie Bro” nor am I familiar with their rhetoric.

        I’m talking about the ridiculous socialist / communist smear being used against Bernie for saying something about the Castro regime trying to eradicate illiteracy.

        So now, in your mind, I am responsible and/or in agreement with everything every supporter of Bernie Sanders ever said even though I don’t know most of these people.


        Please don’t write any more replies to me.

        I apologize for having an opinion. No, I apologize for having an opinion that differs from yours and writing it where you would see it.

      • Liza says:

        See my reply below.

        Let’s forget it. I understand now that you weren’t attacking me. Sorry that I took it personally. Please forgive.

        Don’t stop replying, I would miss you.

  3. Liza says:

    I’ve been watching the debate this AM. So far, 40 minutes in, it’s just horrible.

  4. Liza says:

    “The 10th Democratic presidential debate took place Tuesday in Charleston, South Carolina, and two billionaires were at either end of the stage: Michael Bloomberg and Tom Steyer. Front-runner Bernie Sanders, who has made attacking the power of the “billionaire class” a central theme of his campaign, stood in the middle. It was a visual representation of the split within the Democratic Party, in which a growing number of people are “rising up against plutocracy,” says Anand Giridharadas, editor-at-large at Time magazine and author of “Winners Take All: The Elite Charade of Changing the World.” His recent piece for The New York Times is titled “The Billionaire Election: Does the world belong to them or to us?”


  5. Liza says:

    Hmmm. Now I’m not a political strategist and truth is, what do I know? But I’d be going after Bloomberg if I didn’t like Bernie. And, going after Bloomberg is a good thing because he’s a shorter, richer version of Trump. Just sayin’…

  6. Liza says:

    But most Americans do not know the history of their own country, particularly foreign policy. We pride ourselves on being the most history-illiterate people on the Earth. Most Americans can’t even tell you what is going on right now with respect to foreign policy.


    • Liza says:

      They keep telling us in various ways that the idea of universal access to healthcare, even in the midst of a growing global pandemic, frightens them more than a Trump dictatorship. This is the nation that enslaved us for hundreds of years. Remember where we are. 2/2
      Bree Newsome Bass

      The white establishment is so upset by Sanders comments on Castro that they’ve no choice but to enable Trump in establishing a dictatorship here that empowers nuclear dictatorships in N Korea, Turkey & Russia & helps Saudi Arabia assassinate journalists.

      Face with rolling eyes Let’s think, y’all
      NBreeewsome Bass

      Look beyond the corporate-sponsored propaganda that white establishment media is trying to drown you in everyday.

    • Liza says:

      Bernie also criticized Israel’s leadership. He empathizes with the Palestinians right to exist as human beings. What a traitor!!!!! Traitor!!!!

  7. Liza says:

    Here’s what Bernie said about Castro.

    “SANDERS: We’re very opposed to the authoritarian nature of Cuba but you know, it’s unfair to simply say everything is bad. You know? When Fidel Castro came into office, you know what he did? He had a massive literacy program. Is that a bad thing? Even though Fidel Castro did it?”

    And this is being blown up into some kind of fucking scandal? Seriously? A fucking scandal that is twisted into support for authoritarian dictatorships? Like Saudi Arabia where they still cut people’s heads off? And any other number of dictatorships supported by the USA?

    My advice to the rabid Bernie haters is to look harder and stop blowing up a statement like that into a big fucking scandal. Find something else that might make you seem not so desperate to smear him.

    I’ve got some major problems with Joe Biden who has apparently been forgiven for his entire pre-Obama career. Why?

    His Iraq vote is enough to disqualify him IMO, the biggest war crime since Vietnam. But that’s not all.

    LET THE PEOPLE VOTE. All we’ve got is the vote, this is a representative democracy.

    Tearing apart our own candidates hands this to Trump. And then we can all say good-bye to whatever was left of democracy.

    Know the real enemy or forever wish you had.

    Hindsight sucks. Try to look ahead.

    • Liza says:

      But for those who are worried that Bernie could win…

      I strongly suspect the Democratic leadership, the ones who planned the Great Hillary Clinton Presidency that resulted in the implantation of a criminal enterprise in the White House, yes those great thinkers and planners in the Democratic Party, will deny the nomination to Bernie and give it to….

      Probably JOE BIDEN. It won’t be Liz or Pete. Maybe Amy, maybe Trump-Bloomberg, but most likely Joe.


    • eliihass says:

      Kinda funny to suddenly hear all this talk of ‘not tearing apart our own candidates’ by Bernie folks.. now that he’s supposedly the ‘front runner’..

      Very same folks who’ve made it an art form, are now asking for a time-out.. that is, until someone else takes over the ever-(r)evolving ‘front runner’ spot..

      Same Bernie staff & surrogates who’re not only ‘tearing apart’ Dem candidates, but have viciously gone after both the Obamas..

      Not just their Russian bots & trolls, or the incel Libertarian white nationalists that make up Bernie-land, but also the real-life, living, breathing, mainstreamed faux-“progressive” racist opportunists like David Sirota, Ryan Grim, Matt Stoller, Shaun King, Peter Daou, his wife, Leela Daou (previously Clinton acolytes but now that the Clinton machine has been sidelined, and their long-wielded money/power/politics/relevance well has effectively run dry, and a new hustle was needed, the Daous have jumped on the Berniebros wagon, newly flush with money and a built-in audience ….with the Obamas entirely the focus of, blamed for, and at the receiving end of the Daous’ every gratuitous anti-‘neoliberal’, anti-‘establishment’ rants, smears and attacks..

      One can’t make this stuff up..

      Guy who worked for the Clintons, somehow puts the Obamas at the top of his list of the ‘problematic’ ‘neoliberal’, ‘establishment’ class …a poison that must be ‘obliterated’..

      It’s all rather amusing watching these various clout-chasing, 2-bit hustling clown-grifters all trying their opportunistic darnedest to hustle themselves into relevance and lined pockets.. by coming for the Obamas ..who ironically, will be key to rallying for and electing the Dem nominee.. Boggles the mind how these folks think they can bash and smear the Obamas – then turn around and demand that they rally behind their person.. and even, get on the campaign trail to help their guy win..

      Incredibly galling.. and amusing..

      Amusing.. until these their sustained attacks and vicious smears – based on lies, begin to gin up even more hate, exacerbating already unprecedented levels of death threats especially on the historic First Lady ..the unelected wife of the historic President that even in the face of hate, obstruction and against all odds, dutifully served out their 2 terms 31/2 years ago.. but somehow the very existence of this historic couple still continues to threaten the Alt-Left as much as the Alt-Right..

      For me, my historic FLOTUS remains that redline.. you cross it, you automatically lose me – and my entire family and most of our friends too..

      You come for this unelected wife, you completely and irreversibly lose ..especially using the very same lies, smears, attacks, antics maliciously perpetuated by the Alt-Right.. and worse, riding these lies and smears so hard, with the effusive approval and endless Twitter likes from all manner of racists and white nationalists who gleefully amplify these attacks from so-called ‘progressives’..

      So, to Bernie and his surrogates, here’s a sparingly used but well-earned f*ck you..


      Calling the historic black FLOTUS a ‘criminal, neoliberal warmonger’.. with the likes of Shaun King actually having the gall to pretend to know or care more about black folks than the black woman who was born and raised on the SouthSide of Chicago – and who even 3+ years after leaving the White House, continues to not only be viciously attacked & dehumanized, but still receives unprecedented levels of death threats – entirely because of the color of her skin..

      And while we’re at it, passing around a deliberately taken out of context right-wing generated 30 second video clip of a 2013 publicly-streamed White House student summit (full video of event is on YouTube) – in partnership with various groups such as Disney, PBS, Sesame Street etc. ..because the Historic First Lady’s office did not have a budget and so had to creatively implement her Initiatives which focused mostly on underprivileged kids/students… working with relevant partners and sponsors … including providing these students – most first-generation college/college-bound, scholarships, paid internships ..access and networks they’d never otherwise have..

      If acknowledging Harvey Weinstein (pre accusations) and his team, amongst other high-profile sponsors/attendees at this important 2013 White House Summit for students from disadvantaged communities, suddenly makes the historic FLOTUS some “sell-out” and an “accessory” to sexual assault..

      Perhaps Berniebros can explain what that makes top Bernie surrogate – Cornel West …what and when did Cornel West know of his brotha and partner of many years, Tavis Smiley’s sexual predilections…and Mr Smiley’s now confirmed multiple sexual misconduct charges..

      We can play this game for as long as they like..

      There are receipts.. and they are plentiful..

      • Liza says:

        It’s not clear to me how the Obamas or Weinstein or any of the people you mention for that matter are related to any of my comments.

        I’m not a “Berniebro”, I haven’t supported any candidate so far, and my opinions are my own. I don’t listen to the “chattering class” because I haven’t got the time left in my life to be concerned what they think about anything.

        But you seem to have missed the point and decided to rail on me with one of your ten thousand word replies.

        I was talking about red baiting and applying that smear to Bernie. I would be just as angry if they applied it to anyone else. And you can bet the farm Al Sharpton understands that too.

        Cold War Red baiting gave us Vietnam, the worst war crime of the 20th century.

        That may be a small thing to you as seriously do not seem to get that. You would rather rant about Bernie Bros and God knows how much more unrelated garbage you can come up with.

        Well, dear, excuse me for having an opinion. God knows I can’t compete with one of your rants or even figure out what your point is or how it relates to what I said.

        • eliihass says:

          My response/“rant” was not meant as an attack on you, Liza.. I might “rant”, but it’s never at or about you, or anyone here.. I still think the world of you, even if you think my “rants” are “garbage”..

          You ask what The Obamas, Weinstein has to do with anything – A whole lot..

          Red baiting is serious stuff, but so are the outright lies & hate-inciting propaganda that Bernie surrogates have long engaged in..

          Perhaps I should post some of it – but I don’t want to give them any more air than they already get..

          To cast Bernie as somehow ‘victim’ to potential red baiting, without acknowledging that his campaign is home to some of the most callous hate-inciting propagandists – who’ll go to any lengths, employ any means – no matter how dangerous… say and do just about anything to take out any perceived threat to Bernie’s presidential ambitions..

          They don’t care that their smears/attacks for instance on the Obamas, have in fact only incited more hate & death threats on them..

          Right now, Bernie surrogates are pushing a clip from a 2013 WH event to attack Mrs Obama as ‘protecting’ a ‘known’ sexual predator.. That’s how Weinstein’s comes in..

          I’ve included names of Bernie staff and surrogates who’ve directly attacked, and continue to attack, smear the Obamas..

          Bonkers, the idea that some folks labeling Bernie a ‘socialist’ etc. is somehow ‘dangerous’, but direct attacks and smears and even suggestions of violence by Bernie surrogates directly targeting the Obamas – smears that actually incite hateful comments & have some of the comments suggesting or directly declaring that the Obamas ought to be ‘hung’.. or the Bernie female supporter who posted on a Twitter that she wants to ‘punch’ Mrs Obama ‘hard in the face’..

          I only responded because this has always been a space where we’ve been allowed to exchange ideas, share opinions and respond to each other’s comments..

          Nothing I’ve written prevents you from holding on to your opinion.. You’re a smart woman, and a good human, and you’ve more than earned your right to your opinions.. but so have I..

          But if in trying to engage, I’ve offended you, I promise to stop..

      • Liza says:

        “Red baiting is serious stuff, but so are the outright lies & hate-inciting propaganda that Bernie surrogates have long engaged in..”

        One does not justify the other. And if wrongdoing by one person were ever to justify wrongdoing by another then we are in a circular firing squad, forever.

        I’m not following the Bernie surrogates and I have absolutely no idea that they are saying these things. I’m the one who said repeatedly from the very beginning of this campaign season that Bernie and Joe were too old, Liz is borderline. My favorite in the beginning was Julian Castro who gained very little recognition. So, obviously, I have to live with other people’s choices. Again.

        Your replies felt like a personal attack on my beliefs but that, of course, is hard to judge on the Internet.

        I grew up with the Cold War. I lived in Florida during the Cuban missile crisis. My generation got sent to Vietnam to fight “communism” and the “enemy” turned out to be mostly farmers minding their own business in their own country.

        I have a really hard time equating the red baiting that was going on during the Cold War and which led this country into the most savage war in post WWII history to the hate speech by relatively small groups of people on the Internet.

        But what I do see is that red baiting in 2020 is an attempt to revive that very same mid-century red scare that has cost this country and the world so much suffering and death. And it makes me angry enough that I swear I could explode.

        Black people talk about “not going back.” Well, this is a similar thing for those of us who lived through this.

        Lastly, I generally like your rants. t’s always interesting to me how young people think these days. And you are obviously very intelligent,perhaps brilliant although those fine distinctions are difficult to discern here in cyberspace. Much like the loss of voice, tone, facial expressions, etc… when we disagree on something.

  8. rikyrah says:


    Dear Lord,
    Please bring this young man home.


    • eliihass says:

      But the priority for the greedy treasonous buffoon is keeping the stock market ‘booming’..

      Because heaven forbid that there be any focused and actual serious medical response to, and forcefully stemming a pandemic.. since any ‘appearance’ of anything that might negatively impact the markets, no matter how inevitable this global medical scare, is somehow ‘inconvenient’.. And so, the ‘mitigating’ of shocks to the market remains the only priority for an ignoramus installed by a hostile foreign entity..

  9. rikyrah says:

    You remember how breathless the MSM was about Ebola leading up to the 2014 Elections?

    Now, we have a probable pandemic, and the GOP has done nothing but cut the staff, refuse to staff, and cut the budgets of those agencies who would have been leading the charge from our government….
    How come THAT isn’t leading the news every hour.😠

    To be blunt, the Democrats should be bringing it up everytime they are in front of a camera.

  10. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😊😊😊

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