So…Super Tuesday Happened..🤗🤗

It seems as if Skeptical Brotha was prophetic:


They truly thought that Black people had no agency.
That they were just gonna follow what Iowa and New Hampshire did.

That we were going to follow the pundits.

They are shook cause all those polls were wrong.

They are shook cause endorsements aren’t supposed to actually mean anything, and then they found out that exit poll that said 47% of the voters considered Clyburn’s endorsement as important.

They are shook because, as a Twitter account for a guy from South Carolina, broke it down how each of Biden’s local SC endorsements came through, all over the state.
Those Black folks in South Carolina have got them SHOOK 😳😳


I don’t know what I thought would happen on Super Tuesday….but, it wasn’t this. No…what happened on Super Tuesday was wildest dreams scenario territory.👏👏


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81 Responses to So…Super Tuesday Happened..🤗🤗

  1. eliihass says:

    And the so-called ‘pro-lifers’ continue to show us who they really are..

    And, oh, by the way, this is one of those ‘women leaders’ everyone insists will somehow ‘lead better and differently’..

    Same difference, no..?

    It’s a crying shame..


  2. eliihass says:

    And when it all comes down to it.. when push comes to shove, the Ms. Anns & Beckys part ways.. the all-knowing ‘feminists’ can’t decide which of their ‘superior’ fave’s ice is actually colder.. Or which deserves to have been the ‘first’..

    And so they dig in.. exposing not only each other’s slip.. but publicly unloading dirty undies too..

  3. eliihass says:

    The utter lack of self-awareness and hypocrisy.. LOL..

  4. eliihass says:

    “..I’ve smiled for photos with people who call my husband horrible names on national television, but still want a framed keepsake for their mantel..”

    -Michelle Obama; Becoming 2018.

    Same folks who’ll deceptively wield those same photos and deliberately taken out of context mash-ups of videos to claim a positive relationship that was in fact anything but..

  5. eliihass says:

    And here’s that ‘peace’ guy whose Twitter account posts what’s usually perceived as mostly ‘sweet’, Kumbayah videos.. Turns out he’s just another of those devious, agenda-driven accounts.. Now he reveals that ‘Obama and Biden’ are responsible for the most Muslim deaths.. not Bush I or Bush II..

    He says he’ll stick with the treasonous buffoon who has given carte blanche to the highest bidder(s) to do as they please with multiple populations of vulnerable Muslims across the Middle East.. in return for personal lining his pockets.. Same grifting buffoon who boasts of his billion dollar arms deal with Saudi Arabia …and loaning out our military as common mercenaries helping the highest bidder kill even more helpless Muslims in the Middle East..

    But to this ‘peace’ guy, treasonous buffoon and others get a pass.. it’s ‘Obama and Biden’ who are to be hated..

    Beware the purveyors of ‘sweet’ videos on Twitter.. they aren’t at all what the pretend to be..

    • eliihass says:

      It has been as diabolical and insidious as it’s been a mutually beneficial grifting, preening, enterprise between a vacuous duo and their ‘team’.. with every appearance of ‘benevolence’ calculated, and any ‘good’ deed, entirely incidental… hijacking and exploiting desperate incarcerated black folks as props.. after years of viciously opposing and obstructing every attempt to reform the criminal justice system.. and after years of revolting against and screaming that release of these same black folks posed a huge threat to society..

      No surprise that there are those wholesale buying into this whole charade.. and applauding this whole releasing a prisoner here and there scheme that’s entirely for the purposes of photo-ops/propaganda videos to be weaponized to boost a hateful, soulless racist and some vapid reality tv show person looking for new plot lines..

      My people suffer for lack of knowledge..

  6. nedhamson says:

    Wowza didn’t it rain real votes!🌟❤️

  7. Thank you for all this goodness. What a heart-lifting bouquet of commentary on this great news. So many excellent insightful witty pointed tweets — this one shines brightly for me, from @bed_steel:
    “Black folk are the soul of our nation and they will save our democracy if it can be saved, I’ve been saying this for a while. It’s so ironic, and historically breathtaking/poetic. After all’s been done to them our fate is in their hands. We’ve lost our way. They haven’t.”
    Amen. So grateful for all that y’all do every day every way. Means so much. Can’t give up when y’all are still out there holding the lamps high and speaking up and showing the way.

  8. Tyren M says:

    Good morning 3Chics!
    Glad to see my vote wasn’t wasted last night. As for Amy saving MN, Amy saved herself from the embarrassment Liz is feeling today. Online, my Bernbots are crying rigged…big money…billionaires… – Joe beat em all…broke. Onward. Have a good day all.

  9. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

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