Open Thread | Kanye Running for President?😒😒

So, Kanye is running for President.


Lips so pursed.😒😒😒

In case you don’t see it, this is a stunt to help Dolt45.

In 2020, there is no Jill Stein. So, Kanye’s trying to be the Jill Stein.
This is nothing but a stunt to help Dolt45.

It’s not a coincidence that this stunt comes upon the heels of Bob Johnson, in a Fox News interview no less, talking the nonsense that Black Lives Matter should form their own political party.
Black Lives Matter forming their own political party.

Kanye talking about running for President.

Don’t you see the pattern?
This is a GOTV election, and the goal for the Democrats is to get out as much of their base as possible.

4 million people voted in 2012 that didn’t vote in 2016. One-third of those were African Americans. Dolt45 won the Electoral College by a handful of votes in a few states, all of whom now have Democratic Governors.

That’s all this nonsense is about. Suppress the Black vote and help re-elect Dolt45.


All your skinfolk ain’t your kinfolk.
And, you will see the MSM try and make Kanye a serious thing.


The polls don’t look good for Dolt45. And, they want their horserace.
They tried to find a ‘BUT HER EMAILS’ for 2020 but have been unsuccessful.
They are lazy and only know how to cover a traditional campaign.

COVID-19 has Joe Biden in the basement, or doing events with focus, social distancing and meaning.

They have spent everyday since January 20, 2017, trying to normalize and justify anything and everything that Dolt45 has done.

THEY KNOW that he puts his own supporters in harm’s way, by having those ridiculous rallies.

I heard someone in the MSM ask Tom Perez – Chairman of the DNC – didn’t he think that Joe Biden needed to ‘get out there’.

INSTEAD of pounding the issue that this man was ENDANGERING PEOPLE’S LIVES, they were trying to get Democrats on the record criticizing Biden to ‘get out there’.

They want a BOTH SIDES.
And, let – JUST ONE PERSON – if Biden had done a rally – get sick with COVID-19…

They would tarnish Biden about it. They would have it all up and down the news channels. This ONE person. Versus the 130,000+ who have died due to Dolt45’s incompetence.

Stay in the basement, Joe. Just stay there.

They are also trying to make Kanye happen because they know. Until the end of time.

That Dolt45 will be forever thrown in the faces of White people as proof of:
1. Their lack of character
2. Their lack of rational thinking skills
The MSM has spent 3+ years, going on Cletus Safaris – throwing these Dolt45 voters in our face, as to why we need to understand them.

And, folks on this side have been consistent.
1. Phuck these people
2. Phuck you for continuing to cover them
3. There is nothing that I need to understand about these idiots

They are desperate to ‘both sides’ this. Well, it’s not just White people who will fall for it and vote for an entertainer – Black people do it too…see Kanye.

But, no, Dear. Kanye is a clown. He will be treated like a clown. He will not be shoved down our throats no matter how much you try and make it happen.

We are coming for Dolt45. We have been on a mission to rid this country of that man, and we will not waver from that.

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  1. rikyrah says:

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  2. Liza says:

    The pain of it all is just starting…

    • Liza says:

      Vote for Biden but commit to making his administration recognize America as it is and what it needs NOW. Things have changed in very fundamental ways and that change is accelerating at a rapid pace because of the pandemic, the protests, 3.5 years of Trump, and like it or not, America’s (as in USA) diminished position in the world.

    • Liza says:

      FFS, now I’ve heard everything.

      The Reality Show just never stops, plays 24/7.

      Can we hold out until January, that’s the only remaining question.

  3. Liza says:

    I’m looking forward to the day when this ignorant, wretched, silly-ass woman goes back to her woods.

  4. nedhamson says:

    “We are coming for Dolt45. We have been on a mission to rid this country of that man, and we will not waver from that.” Indeed, we need to stay on target, be sure everyone who can votes to replace Dolt45, the GOP Senate majority, build a larger lead in the House, take back state legislatures…

  5. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄

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