3 Chics Favorite Music Videos

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  1. Durham says:

    Isn’t amazing how music makes our cares fly away and conquers our fears. All of these artist have the talent we all wish we had, but we’re just happy they share their talents with us. In this day when the ugly head of racism and anger has once again raised it ugly head, and liberals and the far right conservatives argue where our country should be headed, we should just all chill out to the music we love and draw us into a peaceful mood we all feel has been lost. As an old white liberal, I can’t believe what I’m once again hearing and seeing in something I thought we had left behind in the 60’s. I thought we had pretty much conquered racism, or at least thought we were well on our way to be united as one country, not two. Obama’s election was needed to keep us from going where we were headed, but with his election we saw the hateful racist and their hate speech emerge once again. God bless Obama and his re-election. Hopefully if he gets re-elected, and he will, the racist will again retreat back into the darkness where they belong and Obama can accomplish what we all know needs to be done.

    You probably have me tagged as an ol’ hippy, which I wasn’t visibly, but certainly my sympathies were there and I supported their message, just not openly. I will say this though, San Francisco was a great place in 1970. Peace!


    • Ametia says:

      Sup Durham; welcome to 3 Chics. We got one America and a few strays that can’t or refuse to keep up with the ushering in of the 21st century. We’re going to knock the crap back, and keep on moving ahead. Peace to you too!


      • Durham says:

        Thank you for the welcome, I truthfully wasn’t expecting any but it was very much appreciated, I think. I must admit I’m a little confused what exactly you meant in your reply, was it good or bad? I had to come back today because the song “Get Here” by Oleta Adams, just kept echoing inside my empty brain today and yesterday. It’s a very nice song that I haven’t heard in a long time and it was nice to hear it again.
        The ol’ fat liberal


    • Bill Armani says:

      Music does have that affect on us. I am a Republican and I am white and i did not vote for President Obama, but i respect him. The man has won reelection so now its time for everyone to get behind him. I am very impressed with his career and i think it is wonderful that we have matured enough as a nation to finally have an African American President. At the end of the day we are all Americans. Though my political views are slightly different than the President’s views, i agree he has done wonderful things for the country. I enjoyed all the music videos. I am 44 years old, so growing up in the 80’s these songs were awesome. Thx. Bill A. in Florida


  2. dande3 says:

    Ametia talking about age I love to hear Boz Scaggs Low Down. Hell I know Iam older then you young ladies. But I love low down boz scaggs.


  3. Rosie says:

    Just had a click on some of your videos. Haven’t listened to some of them in a very long time!


  4. Le Chele says:

    That Herbie Hancock and Quincy Jones….phenomenal!


  5. Angelar says:

    By the Way….”Get Here” was one of my favorites while my huband was courting me….we both had to travel in our careers so some of the lyrics just seemed to fit. Old memories…..


  6. Angelar says:

    this is great….fell in love with Love That Girl, never heard it before…..


  7. CareyCarey says:


    Let’s see, where do I begin? Well, I was sipping my morning coffee while doing my normal blogroll investigation, then, over at jack & Jill Y’alls name “3CHICSPOLITICO” popped up. “Uuuuuummm”, I said to myself, I wonder what those chicks are talking about. You know, I knew it had something to do with politics, of which, for the most part, I don’t do, but my curious got this black cat, so I moosied over.

    Okay, now I am here. Then I noticed “3 Chics Favorite Music Videos”. Now I’m thinkin’, 3POLITICALCHICS and MUSIC VIDEOS, oh boy, maybe I should cut my losses and run for the hills. I mean, in my basic brotha midwestern mind, there was no way we were going to have a love connection. But I was stuck in the moment so I ventured forward. Besides, my odds were pretty good that one of the 3 blacks chicks wouldn’t hit me with Beethoven’s Symphony No. 5 in C Minor, Op. 67.

    And you know what, I’ve alway believed that a person shows me their soul through the music they listen to. So I prepared myself for another love TKO. Stupid I know, but there I was, expecting the worst… Barry Manilow was about to find his way in my ear hole.

    But lord have mercy, Y’all – she – somebody killed this. You’ll had me broke down on the ground…. taking me down my memory lane. What minds are behind these selections? I mean, who can hook together Miles and The Emotions and Al Green!

    Come on now, Michael Jackson and Coltrane and Roberta Flack, Yawl killing me softly. Stop it…. Chaka Khan, The Brother’s Johnson and Raphael Saadig, who are you women. Look, I don’t know what chick picked what song -and this is about much more than “music” – but when the winning Super bowl quaterback is asked where he is going, he says “I’m going to Disneyland”. Well, if I was asked that question, I’d say ” I’m going to find those 3CHICSPOLITICO because they thrill me – in so many ways. In fact, I’d take all of them out to dinner so I could have an evening of picking their minds. I’ve read y’alls words and listened to your music, now I’m thinking, who are these well rounded women?



    Seriously, some of the videos didn’t even play


    • Ametia says:

      LOL Hey ther CareyCarey. Thanks for the props, my brotha. You’re talking well over a century worth of true blue living between at least 2 of the 3 Chics here. If you’re ever in the Twin Cities, look me up. I’ll take you up on the dinner offer.

      And thanks for letting us know about the videos that don’t play. WE’ll replace with new music. :-)


      • CareyCarey says:

        Be careful what you ask for, I have ties in the Twin Cities. On a side note, I saw Luther at the Target Center.

        Anyway, on the political front, I know a little sumtin’ about the man who lost his bid for a seat in the house of representatives. He ran in district 55A (Saint Paul).

        But yeah, I knew there was years of wisdom up in here. After listening to your favorites list, I came to the conclusion that someone went to college in the late 60’s early 70’s. Someone has deeply loved another and recieved love. Also, someone has been around a diverse group of individuals… possibly traveling alot.

        I am even going to go out on a few small limbs and say, someone was raised in a 2 parent home in which spirited conversation was a constant. And, somebody up in here loves to do a little steppin’.


  8. Vettte says:

    Special video request: “Bad Habit” by Maxwell


  9. Altha G says:

    Beautiful memories. This is good for the heart and soul. Thank you.


    • SouthernGirl2 says:

      Welcome to 3 Chics, Altha!

      We’re glad you dropped in and happy you like the music. It is good for the heart and soul. Good memories that will live forever. What’s your favorite?


  10. SouthernGirl2 says:

    Classics indeed! Listening to them makes me feel good. They bring back so many wonderful memories!


  11. Ametia says:

    A-MA-ZING! We’re really telling our age here. That’s alright; these are classics!

    Love’em all.


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