Sunday Praise & Worship | John P. Kee

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Videos | 2017 Democratic National Committee Chair Election

How the election work & Who are the candidates

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Darrell Issa: Trump-Russia probe requires a special prosecutor

darrell-issa-6Rep. Darrell Issa (R-Calif.) said during an interview on “Real Time With Bill Maher” on Friday night that the investigation into Russia’s ties to Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and the U.S. election hacking needs a special prosecutor ― not Attorney General Jeff Sessions.

The conservative congressman, who supported Trump during his 2016 campaign, also seemed to agree with host Bill Maher that Sessions should recuse himself from the investigation.

Maher posed a question to Issa about the FBI’s investigation Trump-Russia by flipping the controversy on its head.

Maher asked Issa if, in 2012, he “would let it slide” had Russians hacked Mitt Romney’s campaign and been in talks with former President Barack Obama’s campaign.

“No,” Issa said quickly. When asked if he’d let it slide in Trump’s administration, Issa said again, just as quickly: “No.”

“We need an independent prosecutor,” Maher said later. “And Jeff Sessions should recuse himself, the same way Loretta Lynch recused herself, because he was a part of the Trump campaign, is that correct?” Maher asked, referring to former Attorney General Lynch and Hillary Clinton’s email investigation.

“You’re right that you cannot have somebody, a friend of mine, Jeff Sessions, who was on the campaign and who was an appointee,” Issa told Maher. “You’re going to need to use the special prosecutor’s statute and office.”

Then, Issa doubles down on his statement with a critical take on Russia.

“Here’s the reason we’re going to have to do it, Bill,” the congressman said. “There may or may not be fault, but the American people are beginning to understand that Putin murders his enemies sometimes right in front of the Kremlin … he’s murdered people and taken down using cyber warfare in Georgia and Ukraine.

“This is a bad guy who murders people. Who runs a gas station with an economy the size of Italy but is screwing up things all over the world, that we’ve been, quote, ‘working with.’

“Now, we have to work with them. We don’t have to trust them. And we need to investigate their activities, and we need to do it because they are bad people.”

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Saturday Open Thread | #FAKE #BlacksForTrump 2020

blacks-for-trump-3My friend Lee Pisacreta was at CPAC protesting and  confronted #BlacksForTrump

Lee Pisacreta:  Meet the Blacks for Trump 2020. Make no mistake these guys are not just paid but they are not political one bit. One even admitted to getting paid. I spoke to one who admitted he didn’t even vote. Spread the word. They paid them to come here from Miami and put them up in a hotel room at the Gaylord. Smh.

I came to face with one of the “Blacks for Trump 2020”. Paid and bought to be a fool. He didn’t even vote. Said he was supporting trump because the Democrats are trying to destroy five countries in Africa. I asked him to name one. He said Syria. #Resisttrump #resiststupidpeople

I read online that trump said the lines spanned six blocks to get into the event. LIE!!! I was there since 9. Zero lines!!

SG2: There are no . These are paid for ass clowns who the orange mop head is exploiting for a dollar. He is the epitome of EVIL.

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Mental health experts say Trump is unfit to serve

The Last Word

Some psychologists and psychiatrists are speaking out about Trump because of a duty to warn. Lawrence talks to two experts with this view: Dr. Lance Dodes and Dr. John Gartner, whose online petition of mental health professionals has more than 26,000 signatures.

As psychologists and psychiatrists continue to warn about President Trump’s mental health, the Columbia Journalism Review called Trump’s mental health “the elephant in the room.

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Friday Open Thread | ICE Agents forcibly removed a woman awaiting emergency surgery to a detention center.

prairieland-detention-center-in-alvarado-texasBARBARIC! How inhumane can ICE Agents get? Sick & in pain be DAMNED! If anyone walked into a Veterinary Clinic and forcibly removed a wounded dog awaiting surgery there would be OUTRAGE across the country & the person would be JAILED‼️ But for a 26 year old Latino mother of 2, THERE WAS NO MERCY. God help us all!

Why aren’t we seeing German, Irish, Russian or Canadian immigrants rounded up and deported? They have the complexion protection, that’s why. #ICE raids are about criminalizing Latinos for being in America. Nothing more! A young woman in the hospital awaiting surgery is NO THREAT to anyone.

A critically ill woman from El Salvador who was awaiting emergency surgery for a brain tumor was forcibly moved from a Texas hospital to a detention center by federal agents, raising concerns about President Trump’s directive to more aggressively pursue people living in the country illegally.

Sara Beltran-Hernandez, 26, a mother of two young children, was bound by her hands and feet and removed by wheelchair from Huguley Hospital in Fort Worth late Wednesday by Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents who brought her to a detention facility in Alvarado, Texas.

“It is heartbreaking and inhumane,’’ said Chris Hamilton, a Texas lawyer who tried to visit the woman Wednesday night at the detention center, where he was threatened with arrest for trespassing.

“This is unacceptable under our Constitution, and unacceptable from a standpoint of basic human rights,” Hamilton said. “This woman is critically ill and in severe pain.”

Lawyers who have been representing Beltran-Hernandez in an asylum petition said they plan to file an emergency appeal in Texas to get their client returned to the hospital.


“The medical team and legal team are focused on getting Sara the medical treatment she desperately needs,” said Lorena Massoni, a paralegal working on Beltran-Hernandez’s case.

Beltran-Hernandez was picked up by immigration agents in November 2015 while trying to get from El Salvador to New York to visit her mother and other relatives who live in Queens. She has been detained ever since at the Prairieland Detention Center in Alvarado, Texas, while her family petitioned for asylum, citing threats of violence against her, from a domestic partner, among others.

Beltran-Hernandez was transferred from the detention center to the hospital in Fort Worth this month after complaining of headaches, nosebleeds and memory loss. Doctors diagnosed a brain tumor and put her on a waiting list for emergency surgery, which was supposed to take place this weekend, according to her legal team. They were stunned when the agents removed her from the hospital Wednesday.

“They had tied up her hands and ankles,” Melissa Zuniga, another paralegal on the case, said in a text message. “I don’t understand why at all when she’s extremely sick and being moved in a wheelchair.”

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Thursday Open Thread | Mexican man kills himself after being deported from US

mexican-man-kills-himself-after-being-deported-from-usA Mexican man has apparently taken his own life just half an hour after being deported from the United States.

Guadalupe Olivas Valencia, 45, jumped from a bridge at the border after he was deported for the third time.

He was found unconscious next to a plastic bag with his belongings and died in hospital a short while later.

His death came as the Trump administration issued new guidelines to widen the net for deporting illegal immigrants from the US.

Witnesses said Mr Olivas was shouting that he did not want to return to Mexico and seemed to be in severe distress.

He jumped off a bridge just yards from El Chaparral, the main border crossing point between the US city of San Diego and Tijuana in Mexico.

Local media said a plastic bag like those US customs officers put migrants’ belongings in was next to the man.

Mexican officials said it was the third time Mr Olivas had been deported from the US.


He died of a heart attack and concussion.

Mr Olivas was a native of Sinaloa, one of Mexico’s most violent states and the stronghold of a major drug cartel.

Many Mexicans cite violence as a reason for leaving for the US.

The US released two memos on Tuesday aimed at speeding up the removal of undocumented migrants.

One memo, from Homeland Security chief John Kelly, includes instructions to enforce an existing provision of the US Immigration and Nationality Act that allows authorities to send some people caught illegally at the border back to Mexico, regardless of where they are from.

It is unclear whether the US has authority to force Mexico to accept foreigners.

But Foreign Minister Luis Videgaray said Mexico would not accept the “unilateral” immigration proposals.

Mr Kelly and US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson are due to arrive in Mexico later on Wednesday.

Mr Videgaray said the new border guidelines would now be the main point for discussion during those meetings.

He also said Mexico would take legal action to defend the rights of Mexican citizens abroad, and take the issue to the UN if necessary.

An estimated 11 million undocumented immigrants live in the US, many of them from Mexico. US President Donald Trump made immigration and border control a key part of his campaign.

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