Sunday Open Thread | Praise & Worship

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Video | 2016 White House Correspondents’ Association Dinner


Video update




Watch it live here:

We’ll post the full video of President Obama and Larry Wilmore’s segments when available.

Larry Wilmore: “You did itMY NIGGA.”

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Saturday Open Thread | Could Bernie Sanders Pick Up More Delegates in New York?

Bernie New YorkTwo lawsuits are brewing in New York state, seeking to stop the New York primary election results from being certified. The suits, one filed by attorney Mark Moody and one filed by attorneys for Election Justice USA, are approaching the same problem from two different angles. (Read more about Mark Moody here.) If either lawsuit is approved, what could this mean for the delegate count in New York? Could Bernie Sanders pick up any additional delegates from the primary? His motion argues on grounds that a closed primary is unconstitutional according to New York state law.

Here’s what you need to know.

1. Mark Moody’s Motion To Have the New York Primary Declared Unconstitutional Will Get a Ruling on Monday

2. Election Justice USA Wants All Provisional Votes Counted in the Primary

3. Hundreds of Thousands of New York Voters Couldn’t Cast a Ballot in the Primary

4. The Election Results Will Likely Be Certified in Early May

5. Delegate Counts Could Change, Allowing Sanders to Pick Up More, Depending on the Results of These Lawsuits

To read more about the case, you will want to view the following files.

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Friday Open Thread | Protesters. Trump Rally. Costa Mesa.

Trump CaliHundreds of demonstrators filled the street outside the Orange County amphitheater where Donald Trump held a rally Thursday night, stomping on cars, hurling rocks at motorists and forcefully declaring their opposition to the Republican presidential candidate.

Traffic came to a halt as a boisterous crowd walked in the roadway, some waving American and Mexican flags. At one point, a demonstrator stomped on a police cruiser, its windows smashed to pieces.

“Dump the Trump,” said one sign. Another protester scrawled an expletive and Trump’s name onto a Costa Mesa police cruiser.

“I’m protesting because I want equal rights for everybody, and I want peaceful protest,” said 19-year-old Daniel Lujan, one of hundreds in a crowd that appeared to be mostly in their late teens and 20s.

Video footage showed some anti-Trump demonstrators hurling debris at a passing pickup. One group of protesters carried benches and blocked the entrance to the 55 Freeway along Newport Boulevard, with some tossing rocks at motorists near the onramp.

Officers clad in riot gear from the Costa Mesa Police Department lined up across a roadway and announced to demonstrators to clear the road.

Law enforcement agencies had deployed additional forces, including 50 Orange County sheriff’s deputies and a dozen Costa Mesa police officers to prepare for the night’s crowds.

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Thursday Open Thread | Bernie Sanders: Treating All People With Respect and Dignity

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Donna Edwards, Congresswoman Concedes Maryland Senate Race

Well it’s EVIDENT that Donna Edwards did NOT TOW the Democratic Party line.

Donna Edwards-untitled

Are you “TOO PROGRESSIVE for Maryland,” Ms Donna Edwards?

And the Establishment sent out the CBC to discredit Donna Edwards, just in time for last night’s primary.

From the Atlantic:

Why Donna Edwards Can’t Count on the Congressional Black Caucus

In her fast rise, Edwards has made enemies within the CBC and the Maryland delegation. That may hurt her Senate chances.

Excerpt: “Donna Edwards has always been an outsider to the caucus,” said the former staffer with CBC ties. “The CBC overwhelmingly doesn’t think that Donna Edwards has managed her relationships well or even developed one. “¦ I have heard members say that they will go and campaign for Van Hollen before they will support Donna Edwards.”

Edwards responded to such criticism in a statement, dismissing her anonymous detractors. “Whenever I’ve taken on a fight for the people of our state, I’ve done so proudly and put my name on it,” she said. “Marylanders do not need more backroom politics, they deserve a senator who will have their backs regardless of the circumstances. Maryland’s working families will always know where I stand—with them.”

Apparently, having her constituents backs doesn’t bode well for Ms. Edwards, according to the CBC!

So what is it going to take to elect another BLACK female senator?

YearofthewomanThe five women elected to the Senate in 1992, the “Year of the woman.

Patty Murray of Washington, Carol Moseley Braun of Illinois, and Dianne Feinstein and Barbara Boxer, both of California.


By the 111th Congress (2009-2011), the number of women senators had increased to 17, including four Republicans and 13 Democrats.

“So, I wonder WHO in the Democratic establishment decided that Donna Edwards should not be a senator?

All of this ESTABLISHMENT push back against progress and 21st century realities really needs to end. It will stop eventually, of course, but how? Democrats sure as hell do not believe in a soft landing as evidenced by their ramming Hillary down our throats and NOT supporting true progressive candidates.

This election. Damn.”

Madeline Albright: “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help each other”.

Is there a special place in hell for the women like Hillary Clinton, Barbara A. Mikulski, Nancy Pelosi who did not support @DonnaFEdwards in her bid for the US Senate?

Black people have ALWAYS been told…wait your turn, time isn’t right, not now. As a black woman I feel betrayed by the Democratic Party. And we’re the most loyal voting block, the base of the Democratic Party. But we get no help for a seat at the table.

Ain’t Donna Edwards a woman? If the Democratic Party can’t support black women and help elect them to office, then find my ass at the polls. I am no mule for the Democratic Party.


The most disturbing thing to me was the lack of support from the CBC.

What was Donna Edwards’ crime?

That she had the nerve to challenge and defeat Wynn?

Wynn was a sellout to Republicans, i.e, Bush’s WARS & BIG BUSINESSES.

That really is her sin. Because, you can’t say that she came into the Congress voting like Harold Ford, Jr.

That’s not the case – at all.

Donna Edwards challenged one of their corrupt buddies and HOW DARE SHE!

They think those jobs are lifetime appointments, and Edwards coming in showed them that they could be beaten.

They really do disgust me.

I won’t even get into the feminists not supporting Edwards. I never thought they would to begin with.
Always expecting Black women to show up for whatever White female candidate they throw up there….

But, suddenly…when it’s a Black woman coming around asking for Sisterhood, they’ve got 10,000 reasons why. Always quick with the explanations.

Uh huh.

Uh huh.

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Wednesday Open Thread | A “Special Place in Hell”

Is there a special place in hell for the women like Hillary Clinton, Barbara A. Mikulski who did not support @DonnaFEdwards in her bid for the US Senate?

Or Is “There’s a special place in hell for women who don’t help e̶a̶c̶h̶ ̶o̶t̶h̶e̶r̶ white women get elected”?

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