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I have also blogged as "The Christian Progressive Liberal" and "The Political Junkie", and I am committed to the political education and uplift of the poor and downtrodden.

In Response to the KKK Chef….

I never did like what she cooked because it wasn’t really Southern. Anyone who came from the South, or had Big Mama’s Cooking already KNEW that slop Paula Deen Cooked was just THAT…SLOP. Anywhoo, Get your Laugh On.  

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Constitutional Rights for Some.

The Field Negro points out that there are constitutional rights for some of US; not for all.  This Edward Snowden fella has caused a really big stink with his version of wikileaks – but at least he knew to get … Continue reading

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The Paterno Family Needs a Six-Pack of STHU

I mean, it’s bad enough your patriarch was involved with the cover-up of that monster, Jerry Sandusky, and his “pranks”, which included taking showers with pre-pubescent boys and raping them as well – Joe Pa allowed, conveniently turned his back … Continue reading

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Caption, please

Just remember, this guy stole the White House and held it hostage for EIGHT YEARS.

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Traitor Face.

TRAITOR FACE I know – you thought you were going to see a picture of some ReThug or worse, Harold Ford and Artur Davis, because they define what a TRAITOR is. Naw, I’m putting Senator Max Baucus on blast, because … Continue reading

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The Field Negro Said Just What I was Thinking About the Cleveland Situation

Let’s face it – when one of OUR children go missing, the po-po acts like they care just as much about our children as they do when little white girls go missing. Honestly, I don’t think they even give that … Continue reading

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LMAO! Guess Who’s Coming to Dinner at John Boehner’s House?

John Boehner’s Future Son-In-Law? Chris Rock once said that whomever you attack or make fun of, there’s a good chance that individual is going to wind up in your family tree, if he or she is not there already. My … Continue reading

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