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Thursday Open Thread | Jeffrey Epstein found injured in federal jail cell

Jeffrey Epstein, the Palm Beach millionaire who was arrested earlier this month on child sex-trafficking charges, was found injured in his New York jail cell Wednesday, News 4 New York reported. The station said Epstein, 66, was found in the … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread | Civil rights groups sue Florida over ‘poll tax’ law to restore felon voter rights

A group of civil rights organizations filed a lawsuit against the state of Florida Friday after Gov. Ron DeSantis signed a bill that would require felons to pay court-ordered financial obligations if they want their voting rights restored. Florida’s new … Continue reading

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Tuesday Open Thread | Joyce White Vance: Mueller report is ‘sufficient to obtain a guilty verdict’ on Donald Trump

Former U.S. attorney Joyce White Vance told Congress on Monday that former special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on the Russia investigation should be enough to “obtain a guilty verdict” on President Donald Trump. Vance testified before the House Judiciary Committee … Continue reading

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Tuesday Open Thread | The Fire At Notre Dame Cathedral 😢😢😢

#NotreDamedeParis #NotreDame — Paris (@Paris) April 15, 2019 I was 15 when my parents told me what my 16th Birthday Present was going to be: A trip to Paris. Paris… My father, who had fought in Europe during WWII, … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread | Sen. Blumenthal: “There are indictments in this president’s future”

There are indictments in this president’s future,” Sen. Richard Blumenthal predicted on MSNBC’s “Morning Joe” Thursday morning. “They’re coming. Whether they’re after his presidency or during it.” JOE SCARBOROUGH: Let me ask you about the Mueller report. Do you have … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread

Happy Monday, Everyone. ICYMI-Europeans aren’t having it. Merkel calls out Trump in a speech, saying it “comes as a bit of a shock” to her that German cars may be named as a threat to American national security and points … Continue reading

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