President Barack Obama Prayer Circle

We’re not giving in to fear of the ignorant, bigoted, racist, and insecure.

Feel free to drop your words of daily inspiration and prayers for the president and his family.

We’ve got work to do, and so does our President.


Vindicate My President, Lord!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Nothing but slander and lies directed against our President with this birtherism!
Vindicate him!

100 Responses to President Barack Obama Prayer Circle

  1. Bob says:

    Father thank you for President Obama. As he ends his term in office may you vindicate him in front of his enemies. Prepare a table before him in the presence of his enemies. May goodness and mercy follow him all the days of his life and let him dwell in the house of the lord forever.

  2. Herlena P. Leggins says:

    Our Heavenly Father, thank you for sending us an upright man to lead your people. I submit to the will of God in all things and I declare that no weapon formed against President Barack and Michelle’s Obama’s family shall prosper. Let the evil that rises up against him show the Glory of You by in his actions. Let the steps of our president be ordered by the You as he continues to be a president of the people by the people. Give him the strength and wisdom he needs to change the evils of this country. Help him to do and say the right thing as he strive to make America the country that it should be. In Jesus name I pray, Amen, Amen and Amen! Herlena P. Leggins

  3. Sarah A. Shaw says:

    President and Mrs. Obama:
    I am praying for you and your family . I am Praying for God’s protection and that you be given the wisdom to do the job he sent you to do. rust In the Lord. He has promise to keep you and never to leave you . His promises are sure. 2 peter 2:9.
    Proud of the job you are doing under such difficult circumstances. Pray much Mr. President.Many prayers are going up for you asking God to cover you and your
    Thanks for the opportunity to send a word.
    Sarah Allice

  4. trekkiewife says:

    Dear LORD, Thank YOU for protecting President and Mrs. Obama, their daughters, Sasha and Malia, and extended family, close friends, staff, supporters. YOU have blessed our country with this wise president and truly I thank YOU. Please continue protecting and extending YOUR Grace, Mercy and Loving Kindness to the First Family. In the Mighty Name of JESUS I pray, AMEN.

  5. Ametia says:

    God, we pray that you protect and keep our First Family safe. Thank you.

  6. The enemy would come against a President like Barack Obama, but God is for him and the favor of God is greater than any adversary. If God be for you , who could be against you !! Proverbs 27:9

  7. johnnie stallings says:

    8:30 am got a call that said “pray for PBO there is a plot against him. breaking news at 12:30 noonday said “there seem to to be a plot against PBO and and some senators”. THE DEVIL IS A LIAR!!!!!!! PRAY PEOPLE PRAY.

  8. ruthie says:

    To PRESIDENT OBAMA, i pray that you will seek GOD for wisdom before making any decission, i pray that he will give you ears to hear what the spirit is saying for this right now generation. i pray that he will surround you with GOD fearing men and women that are full of HOLY GHOST, of wisdom that comes from above, of power, understanding, and revelation to pray with you and your staff everyday before you began working. There is so much wickness in the world and the only help that we can put our faith in , is the word of GOD first. PRESIDENT OBAMA , you are a great leader and i respect you and FIRST LADY MICHELLE. I pray that GOD will encamp angles around you and your family , and your cabinet members ,to protect you from dangers seen and unseen every day. IN JESUS NAME I PRAY AMEN.

    • Ruby Houston says:

      president OBAMA, I pray for you and your family and your white house family as well every day. Our county must turn back to God He says in 2nd Chronicles 7:14 and my people who are called by My name humble themselves, Pray and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways, then I will hear from heaven, forgive their sins and heal the land. Prayer is the key and faith unlocks the door. Pray first about everything before you think it or do it. god bless your every second.

  9. Vettte says:

    Lord we continue to ask Your blessings on the re-election of our President, Barack Hussein Obama, so that he may continue to do Your annointed will. Lord we stand on Your Promises that You will prepare a table for him before his enemies and You won’t allow any weapon to form against Your righteous son. Make his way straight. Bless President Obama with re-election. In the blessed name of Jesus we pray. Amen.

  10. dannie22 says:

    may the Lord place a circle of protection around the President and his family to strengthen, uplift and protect them.

  11. marie budden says:

    May the lord bless him president obama and his family and mr joe bidden and his family to. mayhe show his face to them and have mercy on them .may he turn his countenance to them and give them peace .may the lord bless them and protect them from the attack of the enemies.

  12. Sandra says:

    Dear God, please, please, please let President Obama win. He is destined to be our president. Please don’t let people be fooled by all of the lies and crap that Mitt Romney is putting forth. He is truly terrifying to me. PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, allow some way for people on the east coast to be able to vote so that they can vote for Obama as they were going to. I will really lose faith in many things if Romney wins. Please let the CORRECT PERSON WIN.

  13. Rob Quintero: God, I lift President Obama in prayer today. I pray that no weapon formed against him shall prosper. I pray that God will give him wisdom and knowledge to say and do the right things this evening. I ask for discernment during the debate to answer questioned posed to him in the way You want him to answer them Father. I lift his family in prayer that you protect them from all harm and
    evil and that nothing will ever hurt them. God I ask you to bless President Barack Obama in a way that only You can bless him. I pray that he will be blessed tonight during the debate and that You are with him in each and every word that comes out of his mouth. I pray that lies will be exposed and that the opposition will reap what they are sowing. I thank you God that you have made President Obama the head and not the tail. All of these things I pray in Jesus name, Amen & Amen

  14. johnnie Stallings says:

    praise him,praise him, praise him in the morning praise him in the noonbday praise til the sun goes down..God we thank you for Persident truely you made him the loving ,kind ,humble man of our time and we thank you.Presient Obama quoted the scripture that said”bless are the peace makers,for they shall be called the sons of God .Our Prez is a peace maker and God fights his battles. Thank you God for this man Barack Obama and his family.

  15. Patti says:

    Praying for victory both in tonight’s debate and in the election! Amen!

  16. Carolyn says:

    Omnipotent, Omniscient, Omnipresent God our Father forgive me for anything that would separate me from you. Cleanse me oh God and lead me in the way everlasting that I may come boldly before Your throne and make my request known. Father God, bless President Obama. Lead and Guide Him in the way that he should go. Give him Divine Wisdom in his decision making for our country and the world. Order his steps that he will not go ahead of you or lag behind where you want him to be, but he will hearken unto Your voice and Your will for the purpose you have ordained for his life in this tenure of time. Envelope him in Your Grace and Your Mercy oh God. Put a hedge of protection around him with Your holy angels and their fiery swords. I plead the Blood of Jesus the Christ over his life and that of his family from the crown of their heads to the soles of their feet that no weapon formed against them shall prosper and that every tongue that rises against them shall be condemned. Make his enemies his footstool Father God. Give him your favor. Meet him at his point of need mind, body, soul and spirit. Bless Him with a double portion of Your Sweet Holy Spirit that leads us unto all truth and understanding and tells us of things to come. Encourage his heart oh God and continue to place him before the world as the mighty man of valor and Godly leader that he is so that You God may be glorified. You are my God, my Father, my Protector, my Peace, my Deliverer, My Every thing. I thank You and I praise You for the Faithful God You are. Bless your Holy Name. In Jesus Mighty Name I pray and receive. Amen, Amen and Amen.

  17. johnnie stallings says:

    happy holiday ladies .I watched a program by Joyce Meyer husband called Freedom Tide+future of America. I hope you check it out. They have come out of their closet. telling their people to vote for the Tea Party Gop. Using words like food stamps., lazy ect. the evangelicals are 50,000. churches strong some of them have 50,000 in their churches .praying against President Obama. We need to pray and work for our President I voted for george bush because I didn’t believe in abortion and same sex married.PBO do not make women have abortion ,he does not
    make same sex marry. I could not see farther then that . I didn’t notice George Bush was sending our men women and children to war to kill and be killed. Christian !!! it time to wake up..There was so much

    • johnnie stallings says:

      there is so much more. Pray and send some money, we send money to the white evangelicals when they ask. Meyer message is American got to go back. Go back where?and who? are they going back to when they were begging for money and thinking food stamps were fine? we need to put a stop to this.we need to come out for God who chose PBO

    • johnnie Stallings says:

      ladies, God is good all of the time. Ispoke w/a friend,she asked me where could she find the scripture”they laid the money at the Apostles feet. answer…Acts 4:31-37,5:1-10. Oh thank you Jesus!!! I found the answer to all of the statement from the evangelicals Pastors who agree with their leader and Romney about giving to the Black people. i am so high in the spirit I can heartily write. Please I’m begging you to read these scriptures. Huckbee,Charles Stanley, James Robison, Joyce Myer and many many others have written books about socialism and not giving to the poor. they are now a part of the 1%,they are million and billionares. they owe private jets mansions, best of education and millions $ iheritance for their children and their wives are co pastors in their minister. The main point in the scripture.”and laid them down at the apostles feet:and distribution was made unto EVERY MAN according as he had need” Our President has eyes that only God could give . The Hope and Change is here for EVERY MAN WOMAN, CHILD and NATIONALITY. We all are now includsive we are a part of the American Fabric. Oh my God thank you for this man of valore and his family. Thank you that this world will never be the same and we lived to see the HOPE turn into CHANGE and only God could do this thought BARACK OBAMA. PLEASE READ THE SCRIPTURES

  18. May each of us model peace, respect, and inclusion and may
    our prayers for President Obama protect him and help guide him to victory
    for a second term.

    • johnnie stallings says:

      my daughter and sistahs, I had a revelation yesterday. I was thinking on how congress, congressmen judges ,Pastors, T Smiley and Rep. has talked and treated President Obama.with disrespect like no other President. I began to think about Moses and Pharaoh. God said Go tell Pharaoh to let MY people go. God said not only will he let them go but he will drive them out with a strong hand. God harden Pharaoh ‘s heart 11 times and Pharaoh harden his own heart on the 12th time. God wouldn’t let them go until both the Hebrew People and Pharaoh knew and understood that He was God and there would be no other god before him. so this is where we are as soon as the people understand God is using President Obama to tell gopharaoh and Pastors to let HIS people go so they can serve Him. Right now the haters hearts are being harden congress must say no, so that we may see the miracles of the century through our President He is a miracle and all of the odds were and still are against him. Almetia NOBODY BUT GOD !!! is in this plan.This is why John B crys all of the time …he feels Gods spirit when he about to attack our President.

      • Ametia says:

        LOL Hi Ms. johnnie. John Boehner cires all the time because he is a DRUNKARD.

      • johnnie stallings says:

        my daughter, I am glad you read my comment. You are right J boehner is drunkard AND HE GETS CONDEMNED because he knows he is making the wrong decisions. Last night Moses went to tell pharaoh to let my people go and the gop said NO to fair wages and unions. Once again their hearts are harden. I don’t know how many times this is but I know it is getting close. The RED SEA is ready to open. I love sweetie

  19. johnnie stallings says:

    I believe that God is using President Obama to open the doors to everybody closet. It was not only gay people coming but all of us with our hidden feeling. Gay, greed, hate, lairs,thieves covertness ,, judgmental, ect. and most of all Not loving God with all your heart soul and mind and your neighbor as yourself, do we really love our enemies.would you walk two miles if asked to walk one. how about selling your goods and give to the poor. giving your last bread to someone.
    all of these things are scriptural Jesus said give it all. This Evangelicals group that spewing all of this hate for President is not about issues , its about greed. they are now the million and billion$ who don’t want to pay taxes. they want to build bigger barns and give the money they begged from us to their children . Everybody need to empty their own closet. I am looking over my life. Am I willing to give bread instead of stones, my answer is (sometimes) I give sarah palin a stone every chance I get(smile) President Obama has shown us the Jesus kind of LOVE that say judge your self. Let this be a new beginning. It is for me I will say some kind things about the Evangelical Group. President Obama always says kind things about his enemies as well as his friend. Thank God FOR OUR PRESIDENT.

    • johnnie stallings says:

      no weapon formed against PBO will prosper they can’t win. Prez is swaggerrific he has a love for people that just won’t stop. The vibers that said all of those things about him is saying what ricketts were feeling and saying in their closet so now we know who they are. i prayer in Jesus name they get save ,speak in tongues and regret what they said forever.and blah blah blah

    • johnnie stallings says:

      Dear Amertia, No weapon formed will prosper. We received this word this morning. Get a picture of President and 1st lady Obama ,write Triumph( with the meaning ) a ceremony attending the entering of Rome by a general who has won a decisive victory over a foreign enemy. The joy or exultation of victory or success,a victory or conquest by or as by military force. A notable success. PBO Triumph over every situation,enemies and every weapon formed. Pray for Michelle side of her family concerning sickness. i called you by your name so you would know it serious. Please reply

      • Ametia says:

        Hi johnnie. MAY THE BLESSING BE!

      • johnnie stallings says:

        Ametia, Sorry I misspelled your name in my other comment . However , the rest of the word we received was that trump is going down,down down. we will see. No weapon formed against PBO will prosper. If I am right we will shout the victory.Our pray is they get saved repent and spend the rest of their life trying to help the people they have hurt.

      • johnnie stallings says:

        Oh Lord we need you to help us! Oh Lord we need you to help us,while we are on this journey,while we are our way,(four more years)OH LORD WE NEED YOU TO HELP US.2nd Kings 6:17 when the enemy thought that they had Elisha in a crossfire, Elisha prayed To the Lord that his servant eyes open and his servant saw angels in chariots of fire. Today was not an exciting day for our President and I prayed for us to see these angels.No weapon , No weapon., pray,pray,pray.

  20. johnnie stallings says:

    In the name of the Father,Son and the Holy Spirit, I just want to say thank you for all of the miracles that was seen and unseen in our life time .Thank you for showing us what real love is like. We have seen both mighty men and women put their lives in hurt harm and danger for the good of mankind I want to start with our President and his family knowing that all families are equal to his and I know he would say this. In Jax,Fla it is a beautiful bright day one that we have never seen before and will never see again. My little boys sings this song: if bright shiny sunbeams were jelly bean and Ice cream oh what a day it would be ,I’d stand outside with my mouth ah,ah,ah,ah. Wherever you are stand outside and say thank you!thank you!.To my sistahs and daughters I want say God is all are doing wonderful job with this site.

  21. johnnie stallings says:

    my dear sistahs and daughters in the Lord this is our special day of reminding us not only who we are also who’s we are. First I want to ask for forgiveness on this great and wonderful day for displaying bitter and hateful words that I’ve expressed for the hurt that I feel for OUR BABY Trayvon. The one thing we don’t know is what God said to Trayvon and what Trayvon said to God.A young lady said to me “a man shot her with a 45 gun then he choked her to death,her spirit went immediately with no pain before a humongous chair with a bright brilliant light and a voice said it’s not time,she said she look down and saw the man kicking her in her head she didn’t want to return but she had to. When she dropped back in her body the man was still kicking her in her head.She has some side effects but she she preaching the gospel. I want to believe God told Trayvon to stay because He is going to use his life like others: M.Everes,MLK, JFK,RK and many un-names people who were murder.

    Because of to day and what it stands for I want to forgive zimmerman Joe Oliver, Juan Williams, oreilly,hannity. the lady with the short dress on fox,geraldo, and all the other people who felt this was a time to say wicked and evil thing against Rev Al Sharpton J.Jackson and everyone who God has sent to seek justice. As you can see the more zimmerman is out of jail the under cover things are coming out of this case.” Forgive them far they know not what they do says our Lord and Savior”.

    HAPPY EASTER GIRL. pray for me..

  22. Jennifer Caldwell says:

    Ptayijg for you and for Michelle. Be strong and vigilant. The Lord is w you!

  23. johnnie stallings says:

    no weapon form against our prez shall prosper and Every tongue lift up in judgement shall be condemn. I thought some one explain this to rush limbo. i guess he thought it was a” saying” ,not the truth. all of the mean hateful things he has said about our 1st lady and our 1st family they never hit back. They just kept rolling on. So I guess Rush taxes will be lower now that his sponsors are leaving. NO WEAPON !!!!

  24. johnnie stallings says:

    Andrew Breitbart died today, please let ‘s lift up his family in prayer in Jesus Name

  25. The enemy has raised it’s ugly head in attacking our President’s faith. We come against this wickedness & rebuke it in Jesus Name. How dare anyone attack a person’s faith?!

    Roman 10:9-10 says…That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

    Vindicate our President, Lord! And deal with Rick Santorum as you see fit.

    • johnnie stallings says:

      thank you! thank you! I love this site, yes, this is the program I was taking about. Last night I met with the love gathering sisters and the word is still coming forth Obama 2012. God has been using President O to draw these so called Christians who don’t want to pay tax on their millions $ that they have stored up for their children out of their closets.
      NO weapon form against him will prosper and every tongue lifted up in judgement will be condemned . Thank God for you southern girl2 shame on Franklin Graham!!!

  26. johnnie stallings says:

    Today Msnbs Morning Joe, Franklin Graham used doubts about President Obama being a christian but has no doubts about santorum and gingrich,He even said his views were different from his daddy Please show this thread from this program. We need to pray people we need to pray.

    • Hi Johnnie,

      Are you speaking about this video?

      • Franklin Graham, I rebuke you in the name of Jesus!

        Roman 10:9-10 says…That if thou shalt confess with thy mouth the Lord Jesus, and shalt believe in thine heart that God hath raised him from the dead, thou shalt be saved. For with the heart man believeth unto righteousness; and with the mouth confession is made unto salvation.

        And there you have it! When did God give Franklin Graham the power to discern and read hearts?

      • Jesus warned us in Matthew 7:15

        “Beware of false prophets, who
        come to you in sheep’s clothing but inwardly are
        ravenous wolves”.

  27. Political Insider Phil Gingrey walks out on Barack Obama’s prayer address’s-prayer-address/

    A spokeswoman for U.S. Rep. Phil Gingrey confirmed this afternoon that the Marietta Republican walked out of President Barack Obama’s address at the annual National Prayer Breakfast, offended by what the congressman said was an injection of political rhetoric into an occasion of non-partisan reflection.

    “He was glad that the president attended, but he felt that there were 364 days in a year to give a speech on your policies or campaign rhetoric,” said Gingrey spokeswoman Jen Talaber.

    She said Gingrey enjoyed the remarks by the event’s keynote speaker, conservative author Eric Metaxes, who was in South Carolina last month campaigning with GOP presidential candidate Rick Santorum.

    Here are the opening paragraphs from the Associated Press account of Obama’s remarks:

    WASHINGTON — Blending politics and religion, President Barack Obama said his Christian faith is a driving force behind his economic policies, from Wall Street reform to his calls for the wealthy to pay higher taxes.

    Obama’s remarks Thursday at the National Prayer Breakfast were his most explicit account of how his personal religious beliefs factor into his decision-making on the nation’s pressing problems. The comments came amid election-year criticism from Catholic groups and some Republicans that the president is waging a war on religion following his decision to require church-affiliated institutions to cover free birth control for employees.

    Speaking to more than 3,000 people at the annual breakfast, Obama said “faith and values” should play as much as role in tackling the nation’s challenges as sound decision-making and smart policies.

    • johnnie stallings says:

      This article said 3,000 attend the prayer breakfast and 1 congressman walked out,well thank God. PBO give a very wonderful message and only 2,999 stayed to hear him say that Billy Graham prayed for him and he felt to pray for BG. Eric Metaxes talked the strong pray life , worship, songs and totally sold out believers in God to God by black people.

      I am making a prayer list of people that we should pray that They will be exposed and hear the voice of God and their lives will be turn around.for the better of man kind. 1. Joe Scarbough Rick Santorum the evangelicals group, as Metaxes said in his message from Jesus and MLK we must love our enemies. Love Gathering

  28. President Obama Speaks at the 2012 National Prayer Breakfast

  29. johnnie stallings says:

    Right now President Obama is speaking at Prayer Breakfast . He is awesome as usual. Every person need to hear this whole program on c-span

    • Morning Johnnie!

      I only caught a bit of his speech. What I did hear was good. I’ll check out C-Span. Feel free to drop a word of prayer or words of inspiration for our President!

      • johnnie stallings says:

        southern girl2. Thanks for your response. my prayer group song is” I know it was the blood” also we knew sarah palin was a fall star ,it just seem to have taken so long. PBO will be President again but you need to encourage your site to pray. God is saying no weapon formed against him shall prosper BUT! we need to pray that every tongue lift up in judgement shall be condemn . Can you imagine PBO praying for Billy Graham. This program should go around the world like Al Green song. I saw clips on some of the news station this evening. If evangelical can band together we can pray that their money be exposed because this is their fight they don’t want to pay tax!!!!! The name of of our group is “Love gathering”

        • Johnnie, “I know it was the blood” was my mother’s song. She loved it and we sang it at her funeral. Bless her little sweet soul. I still love her! If you’re so inclined, drop an inspirational word or a short prayer for our President. GrannyStandingforTruth prayed on another prayer thread and had me in tears. It is a powerful prayer! Granny owns her own blog but she comes over and discuss different issues with us. She’s a very fine woman!

  30. johnnie stallings says:

    I am kind of disappointed that there are such a few comments in this area we blah people as RS says he said. are believing, praying people and we do believe in miracles. I sent my prays to Santorum during the illness of his daughter. but!a reminder that his baby was in good hand because of God but also because of good insurance paid for our by tax, he could expect the best care. He openly said he wouldn’t make black(blah) people lives better. He doesn’t understand that God was doing miracles for us when we couldn’t go to school to learn how to take care of our selves. They are rich because they could pay less wages to us,over charge for needed good that we could only
    buy from them live in there slum houses ect.. God sustain us and will continue after he is gone. Our PBO needs to be cover in prayer 24/7 I pray . The evangelicals has band together to pray and fast against PBO and we must pray and fast for them to see the light..Thanks for this site

  31. johnnie stallings says:

    oh HOLY! I found this site 3min. ago. I am a mother grand mother and great grand mother. I am a christian pro-lifer and an OBAMACAN(was a rep) I was not an Obama person My daughter was,I totally disagreed with some of the things I was total he said. Nov 2007 while walking down my hallway, a voice said to me “I can change him” I look around eventho I knew I was alone,a thought came to me saying listen to what he is saying not what people are saying he said. I sat at my $1500.00 computer that I didn’t know how to work and God worked it out. We in my prayer circle knew he would be President and God is saying to us now” I am going to use him one more time” Readers we must pray,pray pray, No weapon formed against him shall prosper..

    • johnnie Stallings says:


  32. May god give you peace and I pray as Paul prayed in Colossians 1:9-12

  33. Ametia says:

    May God protect and continue to shower its blessings and love on our POTUS and his family.

  34. Let the circle be unbroken. We’ve got your back, Mr. President. Amen.

  35. wynomie craig says:


  36. The Challenges of President Obama

    Every plan
    Is defied and resisted;
    Your proposals are
    Trounced, hammered, and slammed,
    And pounced upon
    By angry wolves
    Of prey.
    You’re taken to task and trashed
    For any and all things asked.

    You have been
    And you are daily met with strong opposition
    At the very onset.
    You are confronted on all fronts,
    And faced with obstacles
    Placed in your path to hinder
    And to bind your hands and feet –
    To prevent your success
    By contests of wills and might
    From men who dare you to rise
    As a beam of inspiration or a vision light.

    Through Rejects and objects,
    You are thwarted
    By means placed in your path for the fall.
    Enemies circle about to snare,
    To trip,
    To impede
    And hamper.
    To foil and deter any progress
    Which could possibly be generated,
    Initiated or otherwise created.

    I’m reminded of King David,
    Who cried unto the Lord,
    Surrounded all about by enemies alike.
    “My foes like bulls have surrounded me,
    Strong bulls of Bashan have hedged me in.
    Against me they opened their mouths wide,
    Like a ravening and roaring lion.
    “I am poured out like water,
    And all my bones are out of joint…
    My strength is dried up like a fragment of clay
    For like a pack of dogs
    They have encompassed me;…
    But be not far off from me,
    O Lord;
    O my Help, hasten to my aid.” Ps 22:12-15

    There are many mighty enemies
    In this American land
    Who have formed a tightly wounded band
    To strip you of your sword,
    To make you as shattered glass;
    A splintered and broken man.
    Like Donny Hathaway sings,
    These are trying times.
    And yours have been made a bed of
    Many thorns
    With oppositions lying in wait to readily revile, and scorn,
    Ridicule and mock.
    “But the swords of the wicked shall enter their own hearts,
    And their bows shall be broken.” Ps 17:15

    The Lord will hear…
    As unto David –
    “This poor man cried
    And the Lord heard him,
    And saved him out of all his troubles.” Ps. 34.6
    “He hears and answers out of His holy hill.” Ps. 3:4
    Be still,
    Give pause
    For the Lord will
    Be the undertaker
    Of your cause.

    So, my dear son,
    “Wait and hope for
    And expect the Lord;
    Be brave and of good courage,
    And let your heart be stout and enduring;
    Yes, wait for and hope for and expect the Lord. Ps.” 27:14

    I pray for you as David prayed –
    “Hear my prayer, O, Lord,
    And let my cry come to You,
    Hide not Your face from me in the day when I am in distress;
    Incline Your ear to me,
    In the day when I call, answer me speedily.” Ps. 102.1-2

    I ask of the Lord,
    “Let the words of my mouth and the meditations of my heart
    Be acceptable in Thy sight,
    O Lord, my strength and my Redeemer.” Ps. 19:14

    God bless you,
    My dear President Obama.
    I pray
    Men will look upon you
    And question –
    What manner of man is this?!
    Because they will be awed by the wisdom, intellect and insight
    Which is poured into you by the Holy Spirit anointing!!

    I am a strong supporter,
    Ruth Ce. Jones
    10737 Venetia Mill Circle
    Silver Spring, Md. 20901

  37. Vette wrote:

    Prayer circles surrounding all polling places in November 2012. Lord place a hedge of protection around our President and our most vulnerable citizens in our country. What’s is meant for harm, we are standing on your promises that you will use it for GOOD. In Jesus name…Amen

  38. I pray the wisdom of the Lord give every move and direction of our beloved President.
    I pray that he will be surrounded about with songs of deliverance from intolerance and mean-spirited men. I pray the Lord will indeed vindicate him, will bless his family with the protection of His guardian angels camped round about him. I pray the Lord will give him strength in his conviction and lead him to victory!!! And I pray our President will overcome the obstacles and challenges which meet him at every turn. Amen (So be it) To the glory of the Lord God.

  39. Bonnie Jackson says:

    I pray for my President and his family on a daily basis—- during my walk, shopping, sitting next to my pool, or just sitting. I pray that God continues to watch over them, keep them safe, and keep them strong in the face of tremendous hate by certain segments of our Christain country.

  40. Shafeeqah V. Smith says:

    May The Almighty bless, guard and protect President Obama and his family! May He reward them for all the good they do! May He keep them strong and safe!

  41. Chester D.T. Baldwin-Lord I’m Trusting

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  43. s says:

    Prayers of peace and love and light will ALWAYS drive out hate.

    Thank the Divine for protecting the President and his family.

  44. $1 Trillion Dollars in bailout support for urban cities across America for for profit and non-profits AFAM* cos. and orgs. to increase and create wealth via AFAM Businesses so
    we can hire our people in large numbers and create JOBS for our own people NOW!

    *African American

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