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Group sues for Michelle Obama vacation records

A conservative legal group is suing the U.S. Air Force for access to first lady Michelle Obama’s travel records from a 2010 vacation to Spain.

Judicial Watch filed suit Tuesday in the United States District Court for the District of Columbia for access to all records pertaining to an August 2010 vacation taken by the first lady and her daughters — including cost estimates and passenger manifests.

“Evidently, American taxpayers were stuck with a sizable bill so Mrs. Obama could tour around Spain with her family and friends, This administration, as a supposed steward of taxpayer dollars, has an obligation to disclose the full costs of the Obama family’s luxury trip,” said Judicial Watch president Tom Fitton in a statement.

The White House has insisted that the Spanish vacation was paid for by the Obama family — but taxpayers generally pick up the tab for security and other assorted costs.

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  1. Edward Lazarus says:

    And here we are on the brink of another election, messages of hate swirling around “those black people” who have the audacity to occupy the White House……while the GOP works feverishly to find a way—-ANY way—to discredit a president far more productive and successful than any republican president in modern history, but saddled with a world class liar as a candidate in the tax cheat, Romney!

    But a fascinating scenario is quickly becoming evident that, once developed, will create still more confusion and misery among the worthless, treasonous trash of the GOP and assure decent Americans of a future where the strength of the Democratic Party grows….as the GOP nosily and stupidly rambles on toward political oblivion!

    Planned or merely happily accidental, President Obama has opened a path for an almost guaranteed ADDITIONAL eight years of the comfort and joy of having a Democrat making all of the most important decisions for America from 2016-2024.

    Two very wise political moves have shown, once again, that Barack Obama is STILL the “smartest man in the room.”

    First, the choice of Hillary Clinton to be our Secretary of State, (a position at which she has clearly excelled), has led to the second prescient decision; to make full use of the most admired politician and effective salesman in today’s America, former president Bill Clinton….who clearly longs to see his wife sworn in as our first female president, and the first to become our president married to a former president.

    This should occupy a few interesting pages in the history books my grand children will study….much to the chagrin of the remaining trash who still self-identify as republicans.

    If President Obama is reelected in a few short weeks—(and I am certain he will be)—it will be with a great deal of help from Bill Clinton.

    If—and it’s a big “if,” Hillary chooses to run for president in 2016, she will have three of the strongest surrogates one could possibly imagine….President Obama….Michelle Obama….and that giant of the party, Bill!

    She will have the added advantage of merely indicating a desire for the role and no other Democrat will seriously oppose her. It would take a complete idiot to challenge Hillary….and there are no politically suicidal Democrats on the horizon.

    Who, among those already born, do the hapless GOP have to oppose Hillary in 2016? And there is certainly not enough time to create such a person to oppose her.

    And who could doubt that Hillary, especially with a grateful President Obama at her back, and Michelle and Bill fully on board, combined with the already fully functional Obama campaign structure in place, that the job is hers for the asking.

    Imagine also, that Elizabeth Warren is, by then, a successful and admired Senator who, as a running mate for Hillary in the V.P. slot, would be not only a strong V.P., but might herself follow Hillary into the Oval Office.

    Far fetched? Maybe. But far fetched is more likely an apt description of a mendacious, tax dodging, know-nothing fool like Mitt Romney actually thinking he is capable of leading America.

    I hope I have enough time left on this fretful planet to see some of the future unfold….after Barack Obama distinguishes himself still further with amazing accomplishments in his second term….not the least of which is at least a start toward a “Medicare For All” program to permanently seal Universal Health Care in place for all time….and the final demise of the GOP in one very happy package!

    Could America be this fortunate? WE shall see!

  2. This is one of the most honest webpages ive ever had the pleasure to view, hey girls keep up the good work

  3. Here we go again, guys! These folks just can’t handle Michelle sitting on that Flotus throne. It’s killing them that she is The First Lady of the United States. And they’re still seething about the Spain vacation. They can’t handle our beautiful First Lady and those darling little girls living in the White House.

    LOL! I’ll let Della tell them how I feel about their lawsuit.

    • Ametia says:

      C’mon, SG2. You know the HATERS can’t stand it when BLACK folks have anything. And when we do, hey want it. NO ORGINALITY, NONE. Just HATIN’ AND IMITATIN’!

  4. Here is some real bitchassness right here…

    Michelle Obama’s State Dinner Dress: Daring or Pandering?

    Michelle Obama’s Alexander McQueen dress that she wore to last night’s state dinner with Chinese President Hu Jintao has received high marks from the fashion cognoscenti. No doubt, the dress was stunning: a brilliant red silk organza ballgown with black swirls and an asymmetrical neckline. Sarah Burton, who took over the Alexander McQueen after the death of its eponymous designer early last year, designed the dress as part of the British label’s pre-fall collection, though it was slightly modified to suit the First Lady’s taste (namely, eliminating the sleeves).

    But was it a politically savvy choice? Here, two of the biggest fashion critics disagree. Robin Givhan, over at the Daily Beast, writes that Obama’s dress “offered rich fodder for examining the complex relationship between the designer fashion industry, the rising prominence of China, and the position that eclectic style can occupy in a world of protocol and tradition.” The Financial Times‘ Vanessa Friedman, in contrast, calls the dress — or more specifically its brilliant red color — “ridiculously obvious.”

    I love Givhan’s argument — that choosing a British label that, above all else, is revered for its craft and daring artistry signifies a “celebration of the global fashion industry … [symbolizing] the ability of a designer’s imagination to cross borders, connect different cultures, and ultimately express itself in a singular moment of beauty.” But Friedman has a point. After all, the First Lady was not the only one sporting red — the color of the Chinese flag — during Hu’s visit. Friedman notes that President Barack Obama greeted Hu upon his arrival in a red tie and that Hillary Clinton wore a (very cute, I must say) red jacket during lunch with the Chinese president. All that red couldn’t have been a coincidence.

    Furthermore, Mrs. Obama, though a fantastic dresser, is not always known for her sartorial subtlety. Take the strapless gold column she wore for the state dinner with former Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh. That dress was by — surprise — an Indian-American designer, Naeem Khan, and though it was beautiful, the outfit — with its golden color and heavy bangles — did feel a little obvious in its homage to Indian costume.

    I hate to admit it but the first thing I thought when I saw a photo of Obama’s dress from yesterday’s dinner was not “McQueen” or “beautiful” but “RED!” (The second, painful, thought I had was: “Oh boy, conservative commentators are going to have a field day with this.” Fortunately, they seem to be keeping mum on the First Lady’s fashion choice.) Who knows Obama’s real motives for choosing that red McQueen dress. But while it’s certainly beautiful and aesthetically daring, it’s hard not to see it as a bit too obvious.

    The moment I began to read this article I thought…here is some real b*tch*ssn*ss right here. I mean really! It’s so obvious. I can see the hate foaming on your lips from my computer. Get over yourself, Robin Givhan. Michelle Obama is the FLOTUS. What did you think this hit piece was going to accomplish? No one is hating but you. Michelle was absolutely stunning in that dress. No doubt about it. I sit back and laugh at your asses. You b*tch*s are really pathetic.

    • Ametia says:

      BWA HA HA HA Robin the HATER’s at it again I see. SG2, where’s the bottle and glass. Let these angry, jealous bitches drown their envy and sorrows in a bottle. Michelle Obama didn’t get where she is as First Lady worrying about Gihvan and Co. think about her clothing. GTFOH

      Our First Lady is just wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy to much for them. HA HA HA HA HA HA.

      • Here is what I wrote to the bitches…

        The moment I began to read this article I thought…here is some real b*tch*ssn*ss right here. I mean really! It’s so obvious. I can see the hate foaming on your lips from my computer. Get over yourself, Robin Givhan. Michelle Obama is the FLOTUS. What did you think this hit piece was going to accomplish? No one is hating but you. Michelle was absolutely stunning in that dress. No doubt about it. I sit back and laugh at your asses. You b*tch*s are really pathetic.

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      • Ametia says:



  5. Edward Lazarus says:

    I always find it amusing when some undereducated caveman from the vile bowels of the GOP refers to President Obama as “arrogant!” It is an interesting choice of words to describe him, coming from those who’s own arrogance won’t allow them to admit—even to themselves—that HE WON AND McCAIN LOST!
    For over two years they have smeared him in ways that would gag a maggot, yet none of these “loyal Americans” will lift a finger to help him solve our nation’s problems.
    In spite of their blatantly unpatriotic behavior he has managed to accomplish more in two years than ANY republican president in my lifetime. (And that goes back to the days of FDR). Eisenhower, the first republican president in my lifetime achieved a great legislative coup with our excellent Interstate Highway System . I ask people to tell me of three major accomplishments under ANY republican president since the 50’s that were beneficial to working and middle class Americans***without special consideration to the wealthiest among us. So far…no answers! None! So…is it so amazing that Obama….with an incredibly impressive list of such accomplishments…might seem a bit smug? Or even arrogant?
    He already knows what the GOP fears most; that his place in history is assured…..and that of Bush is still being manufactured in the toilet known as Rove’s office!
    So…when I hear these hapless mopes criticize Obama….I just smile and write a modest check to the DNC. And I remind myself that the head of the GOP is a 4 times divorced, overweight, undereducated, drug addict, ARROGANT bastard who chases little boys around foreign countries with oxycontin in one hand and Viagra in the other. (Tho I’ll bet those boys think he has 3 hands.) I’ll bet those creeps are proud of their pus-filled “leader.”

  6. Ametia says:

    Add Micahel Moore and Bill Maher to the list of HATERS.

  7. Ametia says:

    Tot he Green Station you go Obama Haters book club1

    The Obama Haters Book Club
    By John Avlon

    Just two years into his term, some 46 books demonizing the president have been published. John Avlon on the latest sign that hate is driving the midterm elections.
    Hating President Obama has become its own industry—and here’s a new stat to prove it: To date, there have been at least 46 anti-Obama books published. I’m not talking about thoughtful criticisms of his policies, but detailed demonizations of the president. These screeds cannot help but have an impact on the typically low-turnout, high-intensity midterm elections that will take place Tuesday.
    It’s also evidence that the proliferation of Obama Derangement Syndrome has out-paced Bush Derangement Syndrome—big time. At this point in Bush’s presidency there were only five anti-W books (a total no doubt depressed by the national unity that emerged in the wake of 9/11). It took Bush until November of 2004—the culmination of his contentious re-election campaign – to hit 46.$RZT

  8. Ametia says:

    LOL! The MSM is in full blown OBAMA hate. Throw all those sons of bitches in the GREEN ROOM!

    • Here’s a HP commenter’s take on the bullsh*t meme being pushed….

      So on point!

      “The only “wave” the GOP and/or Teapartiers have to ride is one manufactured by the bought and paid for media outlets. Bought and paid for by a teeny tiny percentage of extremely rich people/cor­porations. IF you believe that our nation’s governing bodies — legislative AND judiciary — should be all about the highest monetary bidder, then you have no place in a democracy, do you? Go and live in a rightwing dictatorship where money rules everything, where your rights are only semi-guaranteed by the amount of bribery you can afford.

      It has been proven time and again that the Tea Partiers are funded by a corrupt and corrupting handful of people/corporations and that Tea Party “members” are a very very small percentile of the overall US population. It has also been shown effectively that even diehard GOP voters are (this year) a small minority. It is only the whipped up drama and “close race” BS of the media that creates this alleged “wave” against Demos and Progressives. So cut the BS. No one with any sense is believing any of it anyway.”

  9. Haters gonna hate!


  10. The distain he has for the President is dripping from the page. Jealous mofos!

    Michael Gerson can bite me!

    • Ametia says:

      Oh, you know Michael will have company joining him here in the Green Room!

    • Ametia says:

      Now the Chief Justice of the SCOTUS is setting up the court justices to bail out of the 2011 State of the Union….. These MOFOs are sooo FOUL.

      To the Green Room you go!

      Roberts: Attending State of Union up to each judge

      The Associated Press
      Wednesday, October 20, 2010; 12:08 AM “Justice Samuel Alito said last week that he doesn’t plan to attend the next State of the Union because the president’s annual speech to Congress has become awkward for the justices, who are expected to show little emotion as they listen. Alito shook his head in disagreement and mouthed the words “not true” during the last one, when President Barack Obama rebuked the court for a decision in a campaign finance case.

      “Some of my colleagues made the decision that they don’t want to go, period,” Roberts said at the forum, “and I think that’s something that’s up to each individual member of the court.”

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