Saturday Open Thread | Baby girl dancing with dad & killing it

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Star Parker Does not Speak for Black Christian Communities: COONBUSTER ALERT!

coonbusters-copy (1)

Excuse me, what planet is this lady from? How the HELL are you going to call for the CBC and black folks to support this nut, when John Boehner broke protocol and invited a Prime Minister to speak to speak to Congress without first engaging the President of the United States?

And the fuckups that are the GOP, just voted against funding the DEPARTMENT OF HOMELAND SECURITY. This ought to make Israel’s PM feel real safe. Still want to come and speak to Congress, Bibi?

Black Christians love Israel
by Star Parker
February 23, 2015

All Americans should welcome with enthusiasm the thoughts of the Israeli Prime Minister, who leads a nation that has fought for its survival in the Middle East every single day since its founding.

Black caucus members walking out on the Prime Minister violate the principles of freedom of our nation, for which Dr. King fought.

They also betray the unique relationship of black Christians, and America in general, to the Jewish people and the state of Israel.


UM, NO, STAR PARKER. No we in the black Christian community DO NOT welcome Bibi Netanyahu.

So go sit your ass down somewhere and eat your dinner. This is what you’ve sold your $OUL for:


Star Parker: “The Congressional Black Caucus should be absolutely ashamed of themselves and these black ministers are standing to oppose them. We want the Israeli Prime Minister to know that he is welcomed here by the black Christian community.”

Israel- go back to Africa

Please let it be known that Star Parker does not SPEAK for the BLACK CHRISTIAN COMMUNITIES that I know and care about.

You see we don’t have it twisted, black-christian-love has nothing to do with the vile hate and brutality in which Netanyahu and his minions govern .  Don’t lump us in with that SHIDIGGETY, lady. And please leave Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s words and works out of your so-called love for freedom and Civil Rights.

Memo to Star Parker: American Jews are nowhere near the same as Israeli Jews under the leadership of Netanyahu.

Israel caught forcibly sterilizing their Ethiopian population disguised as vaccinations

Israeli protests against African immigrants who have been seeking asylum in the Jewish State, have gained a lot of numbers lately. Riots rising to 1000-strong in Tel Aviv failed to convince many that they were “protests” as right-wing Israelis described them.

Israeli residents of the Hatikva neighborhood swarmed the streets, waving Israeli flags and screaming “Deport the Sudanese”.

Others could be heard yelling, “Infiltrators get out of our homes.”

Huge Race Riot in Israel

Tell us why, Star Parker, we should welcome Prime Minister Netanyahu, who allows this kind of hate run amok in Israel against BLACK PEOPLE?

African Immigrants in Israel

African immigrants in Israel stage mass hunger strike over 'inhuman detentions'

SG2 here: Truth be told

Netanyahu and Israel despise black people b/c God forbid if black folks find out who the original Jews are. Black folks just don’t know who they are. Scripture backs it up.

Gamal Nasser

The Jews were black. King David, his son Solomon and Jesus were all black. Israel was all black until Rome invaded Jerusalem 70 ad.

In 70 ad when Rome invaded Jerusalem over one million Jews ran into Africa. If they were white they could not hide in Africa.

Gamal Nasser and the Arabs KNEW. He said ‘you left here black and came back WHITE’.

Deuteronomy 28:68 : And the LORD shall bring thee into Egypt again with ships, by the way whereof I spake unto thee, Thou shalt see it no more again: and there ye shall be sold unto your enemies for bondmen and bondwomen. (SLAVES)

What other people were taken by ships and sold as slaves?

Revelation Chapter 3 9: Behold, I will make them of the synagogue of Satan, which say they are Jews, and are not, but do lie; behold, I will make them to come and worship before thy feet, and to know that I have loved thee.

“I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the Synagogue of Satan.”

The Door of no Return. Prophecy.

view from the 'Door of no Return.' Human cargo forced to board awaiting slave ships.

Star Parker is an old time Slave Catcher. She’s been around for a long time, shinning and grinning for those White Right-Wing Dollars. Anything you want negative to be said about Black people, she’s there for you. She wraps herself in Christianity, yet, has taken on the cape of the White Evangelical. Her brand of Christianity is nothing I’m familiar with, and I’ve been going to church – the Black Church – all my life. She disgusts me, and I don’t take her seriously because all she knows is to parrot what White Evangelicals say. That’s why she’s a staple on Fox Noise. She just didn’t get this hustle since the President came to power…no…she’s been on that pole for White folks for a long time…. truly part of the deranged and delusional. With all the problems that face the Black Church…does Israel even come up in the top 50?


Been in church all my life, and I’ve never had a pastor who remotely brought Israel as a topic of conversation in the sermon.

No, concern for Israel is that White Evangelical mess. …like I said…she’s been cooning on that pole for a long time…parroting everything THEY SAY.

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Friday Open Thread | Texas sportscaster delivered a powerful speech about racism

white power signs-flower mounds hsThe Texas news anchor known for lessons on empathy and equality is back, this time offering advice for the administrators at Flower Mound High School.

WFAA anchor Dale Hansen dedicated his Feb. 24 “Dale Unplugged” segment to what happened at a Feb. 13 boys basketball game between Flower Mound and Plano East Senior High, and the way the community reacted to the incident.

Two students in Flower Mound’s bleachers held up signs that said “White” and “Power.” The school administration initially claimed the “white” sign just represented the school’s colors and that the “power” was usually held up as part of “Jaguar Power.” They said there was no racist intent.

Parents added that the media and Twitter community were blowing the incident out of proportion, that the kids had five signs and just randomly grabbed two and it was an unfortunate coincidence that the two they chose read “White Power” when held together.

A subsequent investigation into the incident led school administrators to ban signs at games, according to WFAA.

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President Obama remembers Trayvon Martin

Barack cites Trayvon Martin at black history receptionPresident Obama on Thursday commemorated the third anniversary of the death of Trayvon Martin, the 17-year-old black high school student shot dead in Florida by a neighborhood watch volunteer.

“Today on the third anniversary of Trayvon Martin’s death, showing all of our kids, all of them, every single day, that their lives matter — that’s part of our task,” Obama said during a White House reception for Black History Month that was attended by Martin’s parents.

“Progress in this nation happens only because seemingly ordinary people find the courage to stand up for what is right, not just when it’s easy but when it’s hard,” Obama said.

Earlier this week, officials announced that the Justice Department would not file civil rights charges against George Zimmerman in the fatal 2012 shooting of Martin, saying it did not find sufficient evidence. Zimmerman, who said he killed Martin in self-defense, was acquitted in a Florida trial.

After Zimmerman’s acquittal in 2013, Obama made a surprise appearance at a White House press briefing where he empathized with black Americans outraged by the decision.

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#BlackHistory: Student uncovers lost Malcolm X tape

Malcolm X came to Brown University in 1961 in response to Katherine Pierce's writing in the Brown Daily HeraldEver since Malcolm X was killed, every detail of his life has been scoured. At least that’s what Malcolm Burnley thought … until, as a senior at Brown University, he discovered a story about a campus visit.

“Reading his autobiography was a really big moment in my adolescence,” said Burnley, who said he realized that Malcolm X was on his campus, but he didn’t know about it. “I didn’t know about it, and no one knew about it.”

Burnley had come across a 1961 article in the Brown Daily Herald written by a student named Katherine Pierce, who argued that integration of the races was the key to progress. Malcolm X had read the article and came to Brown to push back.

Malcolm Burnley“My instinct was to find her phone number,” said Burnley. “Hope that she was still alive and really remembered the entire story.”

Burnley, named in part for Malcolm X, tracked down Katie Pierce. It turned out, she remembered it all.

“He did not detract from his central thesis,” said Pierce. “Which is that separation is better than segregation. Brilliant speaker.”

She even had a tape of that night in Sayles Hall that included her own introduction.

“I now turn the platform over to Minister Malcolm X Shabazz.”

And the words of the man himself.

“We who follow the Honorable Elijah Muhammad absolutely reject integration because we feel that it is hypocritical and that it takes too long.”

Burnley believes the idea that Malcolm X would go to a university after seeing a criticism in a student paper wouldn’t happen today.

“I mean, usually the battle will happen on Twitter or something,” Burnley said.

Pierce said Malcolm X did not change her mind.

In fact, Malcolm X would change his, moving closer to Pierce’s belief in integration before he died. Four years after he traveled to Brown.

“It was almost giddy, being in the midst of something potentially interesting historically,” said Pierce.

Time has not eroded Malcolm X’s place in history, nor in her-story either.

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Thursday Open Thread | Obama’s Immigration Town Hall

Townhall in MiamiWASHINGTON —  President Barack Obama said Wednesday that Republicans can go after his immigration programs in the courts and in Congress, but his confidence will not be shaken.

“In the short term, if Mr. McConnell, the leader of the Senate, and the speaker of the House, John Boehner, want to have a vote over whether what I’m doing is legal or not, they can have that vote,” Obama said at a town hall in Miami hosted by MSNBC and Telemundo’s José Díaz-Balart. “I will veto that vote because I’m absolutely confident it’s the right thing to do.”

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BlackHistory: #AmeriKKKa Selling humans for profit

America has committed crimes beyond description against black people, caused destruction of families and untold sufferings.

Value of Slaves 1834- Perry County Missouri

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