Tuesday Open Thread | The Demons Come After LEGAL Immigrants

This isn’t surprising. We have been warning you about this Administration and Immigration. We told you that their telling you that they were only going after CRIMINALS was utter bullshyt. We told you that they were after immigrants, period. After Non-White people, PERIOD.

Here is the latest:

Trump Administration Aims to Sharply Restrict New Green Cards for Those on Public Aid
By Michael D. Shear and Emily Baumgaertner
Sept. 22, 2018

WASHINGTON — Trump administration officials announced Saturday that immigrants who legally use public benefits like food assistance and Section 8 housing vouchers could be denied green cards under new rules aimed at keeping out people the administration deems a drain on the country.

The move could force millions of poor immigrants who rely on public assistance for food and shelter to make a difficult choice between accepting financial help and seeking a green card to live and work legally in the United States.

Older immigrants, many of whom get low-cost prescription drugs through the Medicare Part D program, could also be forced to stop participating in the popular benefits program or risk being deemed a “public charge” who is ineligible for legal resident status.

The move is not intended to affect most immigrants who have already been granted green cards, but advocates have said they fear that those with legal resident status will stop using public benefits to protect their status. The regulation, which the administration said would affect about 382,000 people a year, is the latest in a series of aggressive crackdowns by President Trump and his hard-line aides on legal and illegal immigration.

These are LEGAL immigrants.
I said LEGAL immigrants.
Meaning, they did it the so-called ‘ right way’.



The racism of this Administration in terms of Immigration policy is absolutely out of control. They want to MAKE AMERICA WHITE AGAIN, and will use whatever means possible to halt the immigration of those who are not-WHITE.

We told you this.
When they started with the undocumented who hadn’t done anything criminal..we told you that it would not stop.
And, it hasn’t.



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Michael Avenatti says a 3rd Kavanaugh accuser to emerge in 48 hours

LOS ANGELES – A third woman accusing Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of sexual misconduct will come forward in the next 48 hours, according to Michael Avenatti, the lawyer for adult film star and alleged President Donald Trump mistress Stormy Daniels.

Following a Monday hearing over Daniels’ lawsuit against Trump and his former lawyer Michael Cohen over a hush-money deal, Avenatti told reporters he has been hired by a former employee of both the State Department and the U.S. Mint who has information of a sexual nature about Kavanaugh and his high school friend Mark Judge.

“It will relate to how they behaved at countless house parties,’’ Avenatti said.

Avenatti also told reporters the woman, whom he did not name, has multiple security clearances and will “literally risk her life’’ by coming forward. He called her “100 percent credible,’’ saying she has multiple witnesses to corroborate her story and would be willing to take a polygraph if Kavanaugh does as well.

Avenatti didn’t disclose how his client met Kavanaugh and Judge or reveal details on the timing of the alleged misconduct.

Kavanaugh is scheduled to testify on Thursday in front of the Senate Judiciary Committee about allegations that he sexually assaulted a fellow teenager in 1982 while he was a student at Georgetown Preparatory School in the Washington, D.C., suburbs.

His accuser, Christine Blasey Ford, is also scheduled to testify. She has said Judge was in the room at the time of the alleged attack, during which Ford says Kavanaugh held her down, covered her mouth with his hand and tried to remove her clothes after he and a friend locked her in a bedroom at a party.

Both Kavanaugh and Judge have denied her account.

On Sunday, The New Yorker magazine published allegations from Deborah Ramirez, a former Yale University schoolmate of Kavanaugh’s who said he exposed himself to her during a party during the 1983-84 academic year.

Kavanaugh also denied that accusation.

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Monday Open Thread | They Are Treating Dr. Christine Blasey Ford Worse Than They Treated Anita Hill

Yeah, I know it’s hard to think that’s possible, but it’s true.
Anita Hill got an FBI investigation.
Anita Hill got witnesses called in her case.

Dr. Blasey Ford is not getting any of this.
Unlike, the Hill/Thomas case, this isn’t a case of ‘he said/she said’.
Because, there was a third party involved – Mark Judge – who Dr. Ford wants subpoenaed , but the Republicans are refusing.

WHY don’t they want the FBI to investigate?
WHY don’t they want to subpoena Mark Judge?
WHY don’t they want to allow for other witnesses to be called?

Could it be that they know that lying to the FBI isn’t something that will be forgiven. After all, it’s pretty clear that Kavanaugh perjured himself when he has testified at previous confirmation hearings, and the GOP has poo-pooed that. But, they know that the FBI won’t excuse Kavanaugh or Judge lying to them. They don’t want to put Judge under oath, because lying to them would be perjury too, that could be taken up at a different time if the Democrats take back the Senate.

They don’t want for other witnesses to be called because they don’t want to give out the context of Dr. Blasey Ford’s accusations, and her reluctance to come forward.
There were a whole Twitter hashtag that developed after Dolt45 tweeted offensively that if it had been ‘ so bad’, then Dr. Ford would have reported it then..back when she was FIFTEEN YEARS OLD.

#Why I Didn’t Report
Go through that hashtag and prepare to cry at the pain that you will read about. The isolation. The terror. The fear that they would not be believed. Each story I read was heartbreaking and unique, yet common threads ran through them.

Why do I believe her?
Because, I do. Because, I have heard the story too many times. Because, I went to school in that kind of environment, and the story is not unfamiliar. Because, she’s told too many people of her reactions to things, and how she has to have certain things in her life as a result of this incident. The story about remodeling her house to make sure that there were two exits everywhere is too deep for words, and proves the lifelong impact that an incident like this can have on someone’s life.

Because, nobody would voluntarily put their children through this:

And….Kavanaugh has his nerve…so upset about getting ‘private questions’?

And, previous Right-wingers are warning Dr. Ford about what is upcoming (but, I think she knows that.)

Uplift Dr. Blasey Ford in your prayers. They don’t want the truth, and are mad that this woman is speaking her truth, and coming forward. They are livid. Let them stay mad. This woman is an example of what Kavanaugh thinks of women and there’s nothing in his judicial decisions that says he’s ‘evolved’ from his high school years. Don’t think that he’s a threat to women? As the undocumented teen who became pregnant via rape that he tried to force to give birth, and who had to sue to be able to get an abortion. This didn’t happen 5 years ago. This was THIS YEAR.

Continue reading

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Sunday Praise & Worship | Worthy Is The Lamb

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Saturday Open Thread | Tx Senate Debate: Beto O’Rourke vs Ted Cruz

Beto O’Rourke is one hard working man. Visiting all 254 counties. He was in Houston playing dominoes with folks in 5th Ward and listening to their concerns. The best candidate for US senate Texas ever had. A Senator to help better the lives for ALL Texans. Every Texan matters to him. #VOTEBETO


Full coverage of debate

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Friday Open Thread | Brett Kavanaugh’s story just found a way to get even creepier

Hat tip: Palmer Report

In the days since Dr. Christine Blasey Ford has accused Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh of attempted rape, we keep finding out more about Kavanaugh’s background – particularly when it comes to how he’s viewed women over the years. Yesterday we learned that three years ago, Kavanaugh said “What happens at Georgetown Prep stays at Georgetown Prep” during a speech to law students. If that was indeed a hint about just how much he has to hide, we’re now seeing even more of it surface.

First comes the revelation in today’s Yale Daily News that while Brett Kavanaugh was a student there, he belonged to a club called “Truth and Courage” which was informally known by the offensive name “Tit and Clit.” Kavanaugh also belonged to a fraternity which (years after he graduated) was eventually banned by Yale after its members chanted “No means yes, yes means anal” in front of the University Women’s Center. But that’s only the half of it.

The other half of today’s ugliness also comes from Yale, but deals with the period of time after Brett Kavanaugh became a judge. According to several news outlets, a Yale law professor would tell female students that if they wanted to land a clerkship with Kavanaugh, they would need to do themselves up in “model-like” fashion. This means that, well into adulthood, Kavanaugh was choosing young women for his legal team primarily on the basis of their physical appearance. This of course raises the question of whether Kavanaugh tried to do anything to these young women while they were clerking for him.

The bottom line is that Brett Kavanaugh’s story keeps getting creepier by the hour. He was a creep toward women (and an alleged attempted rapist) when he was in high school. He spent college joining groups whose specific goal was to be as creepy toward women as possible. He’s spent his time as a judge continuing to be creepy toward women. As Ford prepares to testify against Kavanaugh, how many more similar stories will come out over the next few days?

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Thursday Open Thread | Willie Nelson: “I don’t care” if my fans get angry that I support Beto O’Rourke

Musician Willie Nelson said Tuesday that he’s not bothered by the fact that many of his fans are boycotting him because he’s headlining a rally for Rep. Beto O’Rourke (D-Texas) later this month.

“I don’t care,” Nelson said on ABC’s “The View. “You know, they’re entitled to their opinions and I’m entitled to mine.”

Nelson added the he’s been supporting Democratic lawmakers his entire life and that he didn’t know why this latest event sparked outrage from a contingent of his fans.

“Everybody has an opinion,” he said. “Everybody has a right to an opinion.”

O’Rourke, who is running to unseat Sen. Ted Cruz (R-Texas) this November, announced last week that Nelson would headline a rally in Austin, Texas on Sept. 29.

Rolling Stone reported that the appearance from Nelson would mark his first-ever public performance on behalf of a political candidate.

Fans quickly took issue with the announcement, with many posting angry comments on the singer’s Facebook page, where he had shared a post on his plans to headline an event for the Democratic Senate candidate.

“Open your eyes Willie!” one user said on his Facebook. “Beto is a Socialist who probably has lied to you. This is a real shame you support him.”

“I am no longer willing to watch that hippie guitarist who supports that … socialist running for Senate,” another user said on Twitter.

Nelson in a statement said he and his wife “share [O’Rourke’s] concern for the direction things are headed” in the U.S.

While Texas has not elected a Democrat to the Senate in three decades, polls have continued to show that Cruz and O’Rourke are in a tight race.

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