Wednesday Open Thread | Where We Are Now On Trumpcare

I know today is a rotten day. I know that you are probably sad, disheartened, pissed off, and just absolutely disgusted.

Disgusted that those SOB’s voted to take away healthcare from at least 23 million people…so that the Koch Brothers and the Mercers can get a tax cut.

Because, that’s what this about.

And, watching the spectacle of them cheering that lowdown muthaphucka, who had the nerve, while sick, to come and vote to take away someone else’s healthcare.

MILLION someone else’s…

Enough to make you shake with complete and utter rage.


But, we have work to do. We have a fight to continue.

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Tuesday Open Thread | Trumpcare Kills and They Want to Start with Senator John McCain

The lengths of their evil just know no bounds:

Senate GOP: McCain may return for ObamaCare vote Tuesday
By Alexander Bolton – 07/24/17 05:31 PM EDT

Senate Republican Whip John Cornyn (Texas) told reporters Monday that McCain was trying to get approval from his doctors to return Tuesday.

McCain’s office declined to confirm his schedule.

Two Senate aides said they expect he will be present Tuesday afternoon when lawmakers vote on a motion to proceed to the House-passed American Health Care Act.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-Ky.) has said he will offer an amendment to replace it with a bill that repeals as much of ObamaCare as possible, setting up a two-year transition to craft replacement legislation.

If that amendment fails, the Senate is likely to move to its version of legislation to repeal and replace the pillars of ObamaCare, the Better Care Reconciliation Act. That measure, however, did not appear to have enough votes to pass, as of Monday afternoon.

Steven Dennis‏Verified account @StevenTDennis

Cornyn tells us he offered to drive McCain cross country in RV for health care vote.

Ain’t this some shyt?


Across the country, so that he can vote TO TAKE AWAY HEALTHCARE FROM 32 MILLION PEOPLE?

Their evil knows no bounds.

Senator McCain is a living, breathing pre-existing condition, and has been so since he returned from Vietnam.
Even if his wife wasn’t rich, he’d still be getting healthcare from that socialist organization known as the VA.

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American Healthcare 2017 in Wise Virginia

These people are Trump voters making $7.25 an hour, sleeping in cars overnight in order to receive free healthcare services in Virginia July 22 2017. How in the hell can they afford #Trumpcare? They camped overnight for free healthcare at a medical center that treated thousands over the weekend inside barns & animal stalls.

WISE, Va. — The sick and the disabled pour out of these mountains every summer for their one shot at free health care, but this year was supposed to hold hope for a better solution.

President Donald Trump won the White House in part on a promise to fix the nation’s costly and inefficient health-care system. Instead, Republicans in Congress are paralyzed and threatening to dismantle the imperfect framework of Obamacare.

No relief is in sight for someone like Larry McKnight, who sat in a horse stall at the Wise County Fairgrounds having his shoulder examined. He was among more than a thousand ailing people attending the area’s 18th annual Remote Area Medical clinic, where physicians and dentists dispense free care to those who otherwise have none.

“I really think that they don’t have any clue what’s going on,” McKnight said, referring to political leaders in Washington. “You watch the news and it’s two sides pitted against each other, which in turn just makes them pitted against us, the normal person.”

About 1,100 such people descended on the fairgrounds Friday, with more expected Saturday and Sunday. Medical personnel from across the state were there with makeshift examination rooms in tents and sheds. Sheets hung from clothespins for privacy; giant fans pulled hot air through buildings intended for livestock shows.

These events are staged nationwide, but the Wise clinic is among the biggest, drawing people from all over Appalachia and casting Washington’s sterile political debates into the starkest human terms.

A third of the patients who registered Friday were unemployed. Those who couldn’t afford a room slept in their cars or camped in the fields around the fairgrounds. They lined up in the dead of night to get a spot inside the event.

It is the place of last resort for people who can’t afford insurance even under Obamacare, or who don’t qualify for Medicaid in a state where the legislature has resisted expansion.

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Monday Open Thread | Sound the Alarm -Update on Trumpcare : CALL CALL CALL

We are going to check in with my go to folks on Trumpcare: Andy Slavitt and Topher Spiro. They are as up to date on the GOP’s attempts to pass the Legislative Evil known as Trumpcare as anyone.

From Andy Slavitt:

This was in Andy’s Twitter feed: Follow this thread:

Ben Wikler‏Verified account @benwikler

If you’re involved in the fight against Trumpcare (and if you’re not, join now), this week is going to be insane. 1/
5:59 PM – 23 Jul 2017

The first big tell is Tuesday morning, when Republicans need 50+1 votes to start final debate on… something bad, don’t know what yet. 2/

Nobody knows how Tuesday’s vote will go. I have a sinking feeling. As do others. Need constant, maximal pressure. Call: 202-224-3121 3/

Unlike earlier phases of this battle, the hard right is now fully engaged. Koch organizations, Trump admin, the works. We must be louder. 4/

Monday, Trump appears with Capito at the 2017 Boy Scout Jamboree. She’s likely to seem as pro-Trump as possible. 5/

If Capito Heller OR Murkowski commit to voting against Motion to Proceed, it’ll either fail—or McConnell will delay it again. ¿Unlikely? 6/

If McConnell votes FOR the motion to proceed but it FAILS, he can’t bring it up again and you can exhale. 7/

that’s very unlikely. Leaders nearly always switch their votes to “nay” so they’re voting w majority and reserve right to bring back up. 8/

DC believes that if McConnell loses MTP vote on Tue, it’s over. But DC has thought it was over repeatedly. Color me skeptical. 9/

McConnell is telling senators that voting AGAINST MTP is equiv of saying they support Obamacare. Plus pressure, buyoffs, etc. He may win 10/

If the Rs win the Motion to Proceed, we enter 20 hours of debate. Surreally, that’s all the debate we’ll get on Trumpcare. 11/

At that point we’ll need a HUGE wave of pressure. Normally a Motion to Proceed vote is preview of final vote. We’ll already have lost it 12/

In this case, though, the MTP isn’t necessarily a preview of final vote because we won’t know what the final bill will be. So TURN IT UP 13/

Tue-Wed, we’ll have 10 hours of R speeches, 10 hours of D speeches, furious dealmaking, & (your job) mega public outrage 14/

Then vote-o-rama: the weird Senate thing on budget reconciliation bills where each side proposes unlimited amendments & ALL get voted on 15/

Normally vote-o-rama is for “messaging” amendments in which each side proposes things that the other side will look bad voting against 16/

This time, vote-o-rama will be used by Rs to propose radical restructurings of the health care system without time for debate or review 17/

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REPORT: NY State is Investigating Trump Modeling Agency


As we all know, Donald Trump has run many businesses over the past several decades, so for anyone in charge of investigating any potentially illegal business dealings, there is plenty to siphon through. As has been reported in the past, Special Counsel Robert Mueller is looking at many of the Trump Organization’s business deals over the years, as part of his attempt to figure out if the 45th President of the United States may have been involved with any illegal activity.

The latest report from former White House staffer, and veteran of three presidential campaigns, Claude Taylor, shows that not only is Mueller investigating Trump, but the State of New York is as well. Taylor’s sources, while anonymous, have been surprisingly accurate over the past few months, and this time they have informed him that Trump Model Management, a Trump-owned modeling agency, is now under investigation.

Yesterday afternoon, Taylor tweeted: “There are a number of investigations being coordinated by NYAG Schneiderman office under both the Financial Crimes Bureau and the Organized Crime Task Force. According to my source one of the more intriguing ones is an [investigation] into the Trump Modeling Agency.”

It is unknown what this investigation could entail, but Taylor did follow up these tweets with additional information this morning, which read:
“‘Enterprise Corruption’ you’ll be hearing this term a lot. It refers to NY state’s version of the RICO statutes. #Schneidermanscoming. Keep in mind Preet Bharara was building a strong case against Trump on money laundering & financial crimes. Schneiderman has all his files.”

Alexia Palmer

“Enterprise Corruption” is a charge that involves organized crime, and for those unfamiliar with Schneiderman, he is the current Attorney General for the state of New York. If there was an ongoing investigation into Trump’s modeling agency or other businesses, at the time Trump fired Preet Bharara, then like Taylor mentioned, there is a good chance that Scneiderman is now the individual responsible for continuing the investigation.

As for the Trump Model Management business, back in August of 2016 several former models alleged that they were working for the agency without the company ever obtaining legal work visas for them. Then in April of this year, it was announced that the agency would be shut down, although it still remains active today. As for the investigation, we assume they could be looking into possible financial ties to Russia or potential mechanisms the business used for money laundering, but as of right now these are just wild guesses.

Former Trump model Rachel Blais appeared in this Elle fashion spread, published in September 2004, while working for Trump’s agency without a proper visa. Read Mother Jones‘ complete investigation here.

Additionally, Taylor’s source explained to him, “I am aware of at least one sealed indictment targeting multiple Trump Organization Principals”.

Regardless of what ends up happening, it will be very interesting to see where these alleged investigations go, and what, if anything comes of them and President Trump.

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GOP Voter Suppression- Massive ‘Purge Notices’ in Georgia

Meanwhile, here’ what the GOP rats are continuing to do, OBLITERATE our right to VOTE.

Stay WOKE, folks!

More Than 380,000 Georgia Voters Receive ‘Purge Notice’

More than 380,000 Georgia voters received a “purge notice” from their local board of elections under the direction of the Georgia Secretary of State’s Office, Rewire has learned through an open records request.

The ACLU sent a letter earlier this month to Secretary of State Brian Kemp and to the chairperson of the Fulton County Board of Registration and Elections alleging that these notices, when sent to voters who moved within the same county, violate the National Voter Registration Act of 1993. The letter requested more information about the notices that were sent out and officially informed the named officials of their intent to sue if corrective actions are not taken.

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Sunday Praise & Worship | Mavis Staples

Happy Sunday, everyone!

Mavis Staples performed “We Shall Overcome” at the Civil Rights Summit to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Civil Rights Act.

In 1963, with their celebrity rising thanks to a nationwide folk and blues revival, the Staple Singers delivered a concert in Montgomery, Alabama, that was attended by Reverend Martin Luther King, Jr., and they had the opportunity to speak with the civil rights leader after the show. The meeting had a profound effect on the group’s direction, and for the next several years they wrote songs exclusively in support of the American civil rights movement.

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