Tuesday Open Thread | Sabotage of Obamacare

Yes…instead of trying to fix the parts of Obamacare that they consider ‘broken’, they are trying to destroy it, and, hurt MILLIONS OF AMERICANS.

In case you had any doubt…

And, the DNC needs to begin running ads about this RIGHT NOW.

19 States have sued Dolt45 for pulling the money for the subsidies.


This is the crux of it. MILLIONS OF LIVES ARE ON THE LINE.

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Monday Open Thread | Puerto Rico is still in the 19th Century. This Administration’s Response Is Horrifying

I honestly never thought that I would live through another Katrina.
But, this is so much worse. The problem in Katrina was getting the government’s response there. Once there, we sighed relief.
Not in this case. The incompetence of this response combined with the racism, is KILLING AMERICAN CITIZENS.

Have I heard a President talk about the cost of a hurricane, AS IF the hurricane were the victim’s fault
Have I heard a President talk about the economic problems of a place that suffered a hurricane.
Have I heard a President say that hurricane VICTIMS – WANT THE GOVERNMENT TO DO EVERYTHING FOR THEM

I just haven’t.

But, we’ve heard ALL of this from the malignant incompetent in the White House now.


I watch, as Rachel Maddow has a tv crew, traveling up clear roads, to rural towns that have been devastated. And, the first question the journalists are asked is


Maddow does her report, and FEMA gets back to her.


Puerto Rico has a population a little larger than the state of Iowa.
You mean to tell me, if Iowa was devastated, and thrust back into the 19th Century, and, if the devastation were in those rural towns, far from Des Moines and Iowa City..

That ANYONE would purse their lips to say that the MAYORS of those rural towns, were responsible for getting to the major cities to get supplies to take them back to their rural towns?


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Sunday Praise & Worship | Jonathan Butler

Photo Credit:R. Andrew LepleyJonathan Butler (born October 10, 1961, Athlone, Cape Town, South Africa) is a singer-songwriter and guitarist. His music is often classified as R&B, jazz fusion or worship music.

Born and raised in Cape Town during Apartheid, Butler started singing and playing acoustic guitar as a child. Racial segregation and poverty during Apartheid has been the subject of many of his records.[1] His first single was the first by a black artist played by white radio stations in the racially segregated South Africa and earned a Sarie Award, South Africa’s equivalent to the Grammy Awards.

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5 arrests made in 1983 ‘racially-motivated’ murder

SPALDING COUNTY, Ga. – Investigators said two men got away with murder for more than three decades thanks, in part, to help from two law enforcement officers.

The explosive news came in a news conference from the Spalding County sheriff Friday.

The death of Timothy Coggins was “no doubt” racially-motivated, according to sheriff Darrell Dix.

It was in 1983 that Coggins’ body was found abandoned near power lines on Manley Road.

According to the report, Coggins died of multiple forms of trauma. The sheriff said after an exhaustive investigation, the case went cold.

A new witness came forward earlier this year, which led to a re-examination of the case. Original witnesses were contacted and re-interviewed.

Channel 2 Action News learned that two of the five people implicated in the death of Coggins were acting in their official capacity when the crime happened. Dix said Milner Police Officer Lamar Bunn was charged with obstruction, and Spalding County Detention Officer Gregory Huffman was charged with violation of oath office.

Frankie Gebhardt, 59, and Bill Moore Sr., 58, were charged with felony murder.

Sandra Bunn, 58, was charged with obstruction.

“There is no doubt in the minds of all investigators involved that the crime was racially motivated, and if the crime happened today it would be prosecuted as a hate crime,” Dix said.

Coggins’ family thanked the current sheriff and the GBI for taking another look at this case.

“We know that there’s been tireless nights and we know that you guys have put in so many hours making sure that these people were brought to justice, so on behalf of them, we would definitely like to say ‘thank you,’” said Coggins’ niece, Heather Coggins. “The only unfortunate part in this is that our grandparents, Timothy Coggins’ parents, are not able to see this today.”

The sheriff said recent media coverage helped witnesses to come forward.

“Thanks to the assistance of both local and statewide new media coverage, previously unknown witnesses stepped forward and when interviewed, many of the witnesses stated that they had been living with this information since Coggins’ death but had been afraid to come forward until now or had not spoken of it until now,” Dix said.

The sheriff said the investigation is not over and that more arrests are expected.

Friends of the victims said they thought this day would never come.

“It worried everybody to death, but we never could find out what was going on, so life just continued to go on,” Alton McFarland said.

The Coggins’ family never gave up hope for justice.

“Even on my grandmother’s deathbed she knew that justice would one day be served,” said Heather Coggins. “So we are eternally grateful and we would like to say thank you.”

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Saturday Open Thread | Trump says he spoke to US Virgin Islands’ ‘president’ — which is him

Trump says he spoke to US Virgin Islands ‘president’? So ignorant! Can it be anymore clear this moron is UNFIT for office? He’s an embarrassment to America. White people who voted for him OWNS this. What have you done unleashing this ignorant thug on America to destroy all what is good? What have you done to this country?

Washington (CNN)President Donald Trump accidentally referred to the US Virgin Islands’ governor as their President during a speech Friday — even though he is technically their President.

“I will tell you I left Texas and I left Florida and I left Louisiana and I went to Puerto Rico and I met with the President of the Virgin Islands,” he told the audience of the Values Voter Summit in Washington.

“We are one nation and we all hurt together, we hope together and we heal together,” he said, later adding, “The Virgin Islands and the President of the Virgin Islands, these are people that are incredible people, they suffered gravely and we’re be there, we’re going to be there, we have really, it is not even a question of a choice.”

Trump appeared to be referring to Virgin Islands Gov. Kenneth Mapp, instead of the “President” who is Trump himself. The Virgin Islands is a US territory.

The White House did not immediately respond to CNN’s request for comment. But in the official White House transcript after the speech, his reference to Mapp as President was corrected to “governor.”

He was referring to how the US Virgin Islands was hit first by Hurricane Irma, then Hurricane Maria, which ravaged the island.

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Friday Open Thread | Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg won’t reveal details of company’s Russia probe

(CNN) Facebook executive Sheryl Sandberg will not say whether her company has identified similarities in how Russian agents and Donald Trump’s presidential campaign used the social media platform ahead of the 2016 election.

In an interview with Axios on Thursday, Sandberg repeatedly refused to answer when asked whether Facebook had seen an overlap in how Russians and the Trump campaign targeted their ads toward users.
The question of overlap is of potential significance for special counsel Robert Mueller and congressional investigators as they look for evidence of collusion between the Russians and the Trump campaign. Facebook has shared its data about the ads with the special counsel.

Sandberg did say that Facebook and Congress would release data on the Russian ad targeting when they release the ads to the public next month.
“We know we have a responsibility to prevent everything we can from this happening on our platforms,” Sandberg said, “and so we told Congress and the intelligence committees that when they are ready to release the ads, we are ready to help them.”

Sandberg’s interview came a day after she held closed-door meetings with members of the House intelligence committee, which resulted in Rep. Adam Schiff, D-California, announcing that the committee would make the ads public after a public hearing next month.

The Facebook COO dodged several questions during the Axios interview, including one on whether or not Facebook owed the American people an apology. Sandberg instead opted to say that whenever the platform was misused, “we’re angry, we’re upset.”

Sandberg also stood behind Facebook’s commitment to an open platform, and the right of people to say things or buy ads that supported controversial issues.

“When you allow free expression, you allow free expression,” she said.

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Thursday Open Thread | RepAlGreen unveils articles of impeachment against Trump

The impeachment process is a thousand steps, and this is merely Step One, but it officially happened today. Congressman Al Green has introduced articles of impeachment against Donald Trump today, reading them aloud on the floor of the U.S. House of Representatives. What may be most important here is that no one else in the House is even trying to interrupt him.

To be as clear as possible, a majority vote in the House is required just for impeachment hearings to begin – and there is absolutely no indication that enough House Republicans are currently willing to side with the Democrats in order to start those hearings. But while Al Green’s articles of impeachment are not likely to lead to any imminent impeachment hearings, this is a major symbolic step in the process. The most important aspect in this process may be that Green’s speech is airing live on CSPAN and will receive airtime on various cable news networks. From a strategic standpoint, Green’s timing is perfect.

This comes just three days after Republican Senator Bob Corker stated for the record that he believes Donald Trump is going to get us all killed because he’s too psychologically unstable for the job. Because Corker is from Trump’s own party, that kind of thing goes a long way toward convincing the American middle – which already largely doesn’t support Trump – that it is indeed time for him to be ousted. Al Green’s articles of impeachment will receive significant attention from the media and the public because the discussion is already underway as to whether Trump is mentally unfit for office.

Congressman Al Green has been threatening to introduce these articles of impeachment for some time, and he appears to have been waiting for when he could land the most impact in the court of public opinion. Going forward, the question on the minds of the public may now be why the Republicans are refusing to impeach Donald Trump.

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