WATCH LIVE: Donald Trump Impeachment Hearings

The start of open hearings in the impeachment investigation into Donald Trump on Wednesday will give the American public their first chance to witness live the explosive showdown between Democrats and Republicans over the US leader’s future.

The hearing before the House Intelligence Committee marks the second phase of the impeachment investigation into allegations that Trump abused his powers by seeking help for his 2020 reelection campaign from Ukraine.

Trump is under threat of becoming only the third president in US history to be impeached — formally charged with violating his duties as president or committing crimes, and placed on trial in the Senate.

With Democrats in control of the House of Representatives, impeachment appears highly likely, as soon as the end of 2019.

But the Republicans hold a majority in the Senate, a bulwark against him being convicted and removed from office — unless they turn against him.

There is still much to do, but analysts believe the entire process could be completed before the end of January.

On Wednesday, the House Intelligence Committee takes the impeachment investigation public after six weeks of closed-door depositions from White House, State Department and other officials.

Those depositions have already painted a fairly complete picture of how Trump and aides, including personal lawyer Rudy Giuliani, pressured Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky to open investigations that could conceivably find political dirt against the Democrats and Trump’s possible 2020 election rival Joe Biden.

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Open Thread | Impeachment Inquiry Public Proceedings Begin

Well, today is the day.
The public testimonies for the Impeachment Inquiry for Donald Trump will begin.

There are so many charges that should be brought up on him, going back to Russia and betraying this country with Russia.

But, the Democrats seem to want to keep it simple and focus on Ukraine.

Here are our facts.

The Congress of the United States allocated a certain amount of aid- both financial, as well as military good – for the Country of Ukraine. Ukraine, which is involved in a war with Russia, needs both the financial and military assistance – TO SURVIVE.

Sometime earlier this year, those in the know, realized that the aid wasn’t exactly getting to Ukraine. Those civil servant professionals definitely noticed…as did members of Congress.

The President’s lawyer that he doesn’t seem to pay – Rudy Guiliani – begins to get loud that he’s going over to Ukraine – because of some supposed dirt on the Biden family. Folks begin to ask what is he doing, and the trip is ‘ cancelled’.

Found out from a segment this week on Maddow, that, even though Rudy didn’t go…that didn’t mean that this Administration’s message didn’t get to Ukraine:

Trump administration models corruption even as it scolds Ukraine

Rachel Maddow reports on the latest developments in the Donald Trump impeachment inquiry and its adjacent criminal investigations and scandals, including new reporting on Secretary Rick Perry helping a political backer secure a valuable natural gas contract with Ukraine, and notes the irony of the Trump administration lecturing Ukraine on corruption.

Hayes, too, focusing in on Perry….no wonder he was trying to get out of there:
Rick Perry is up to his neck in the Ukraine scandal

According to a report from the Associated Press, Rick Perry helped his political supporters secure a “potentially lucrative” energy deal in Ukraine.

And, from LarryO too:

Fmr. Defense Dept. official: Transcripts show Trump playing ‘dirty game’ with Ukraine aid

Evelyn Farkas tells Lawrence O’Donnell that the impeachment investigation transcripts show that Trump is acting against the national security interests of the U.S. by siding with Russia over American allies. Lawrence also discusses with Rep. John Sarbanes and John Heilemann.



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Open Thread | Remembering Our Veterans

Today is Veterans Day. We remember those who put on the uniform, and who have risked their lives for this country.


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Weekend Open Thread

Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend with family and friends.

Just dust 😢😢


‘You know that you got The Sugar’😂😂😂😂



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Open Thread | Where We Are With The Impeachment Inquiry

So, in case you missed it, the House is going to begin live Impeachment Inquiry Hearings on Wednesday, November 13, 2019.

Chairman Adam Schiff has been releasing transcripts of the witnesses. And, all I can say is, thank goodness for the professional staff. They have been filling in all the blanks, and just putting it out there—the crimes of this President with regards to Ukraine.

The following transcripts have been released:
Former Ambassador to Ukraine Marie Yovanivich
Former Senior Advisor to the Secretary of State Ambassador P. Michael McKinley
Former Special Representative for Ukraine Kurt Volker
Ukraine Embassy Chief of Mission Ambassador Bill Taylor
EU Ambassador Gordon Sondland (who suddenly remembered all this new stuff once the other transcripts were released)

Some want to say that ‘ quid pro quo’ has been proven.

It has, but, I agree with others – don’t call it ‘quid pro quo’. Call it was it was – BRIBERY AND EXTORTION.

And, it goes back far earlier than we suspected. The professionals alerted folks months before it became obvious – their fear that Dolt45’s lawyer – Rudy Giuliani – was carrying out a shadow foreign policy, outside of the bounds of the United States State Department.



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Open Thread | There Are Questions That Need To Be Answered About Medicare-4-All

One of the most informative bloggers that I have had the privilege of reading is David Anderson from Balloon Juice. For years, he posted under the name Richard Mayhew at Balloon Juice. Nearly all of the clarity and understanding that I have about Obamacare comes from reading his posts.
So, in case you didn’t know, Senator Warren published the substance of her Medicare-4-All plan.

I am not a fan. Never was. Saw it as an unforced error from the beginning.

We haven’t fully supported Obamacare. There’s so much that we could do with the Constitutionally-Approved Obamacare. Healthcare is a positive issue for the Democrats. I saw Medicare-4-All as being a serious unforced error for any Democrat to present.

So, here are two constructive criticisms of Warrant’s Medicare-4-All Plan.

Daringly deceptive: Elizabeth Warren’s Medicare-for-All financing plan is replete with mythical math, constitutional kabuki, and imaginary savings
By Spandan Chakrabarti

Under pressure for months for having refused to release detailed plan to pay for her single-payer, everyone-and-everything-covered government health care plan dubbed “Medicare for All”, Sen. Elizabeth Warren finally released such a plan on Friday. The plan is being highly praised among single-payer ideologues. Some are even trumpeting the fact that she put out a plan at all – the bare minimum that should be expected of someone running for president – as heroic.
I’ll pass.

Warren released a financing plan that is hasty, one that appears designed more to quell the criticism that she doesn’t have a plan to finance her single-payer proposal than to actually pay for her single-payer proposal, and one that looks more like swiss cheese than Swiss healthcare.

The savings from Elizabeth Warren’s single-payer Medicare for All financing plans aren’t even close to what she claims, and the plan won’t raise nearly as much revenue as she hopes.
Let’s delve into the financing plan’s major savings and revenue provisions.

Warren’s financing plan accepts the basic framework of a report published by the Urban Institute last month. The report examined multiple health care coverage expansion ideas, among them three different versions of Medicare for All. The option in that report that most closely resembles Warren’s plan is estimated to cost the federal government an additional $34 trillion over the first decade of implementation.

But Warren says her plan is better and it will require the federal government to raise just $20.5 trillion. How? Warren claims to have found $7 trillion in “savings” and believes that Congress can directly tax state governments to the tune of $6.1 trillion.

Warren fails the administrative cost vs. health care utilization challenge.

Almost $2 trillion in savings in Warren’s plan comes not from an actual policy but from an assumption. Warren’s plan simply assumes that traditional Medicare’s 2.3% administrative cost will remain flat, which allows for a $1.8 trillion in savings against the analysis from the Urban Institute. Having studied the idea, the Urban Institute says that holding administrative costs for Medicare to 2.3% when it is required to cover both everyone and everything, is impractical.

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Open Thread | Nancy Smash Is Trying To Tell You

Speaker of the House, Nancy Pelosi is trying to tell folks. Nancy Smash is all about what she can get the House, and what needs to be presented that will keep the Democratic majority. So, when she gives interviews like this, pay attention.👏👏

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