Mayor Stop and Frisk.😒😒

Folks are wondering why he is doing as well as he has been.

I don’t have to like him in order to tell you that he’s smart.

Outside of Joe Biden, there is not another candidate in the Democratic Party race that has pushed the successes of the most popular Democrat in the Democratic Party – President Barack Obama.

Folks asking why all of Bloomberg ‘s non-Trump attack ads focus on President Obama? Because, unlike the rest of them, outside of Biden, he actually understands the popularity of 44 with the ACTUAL Democratic Party BASE.

And, so while they were spending MILLIONS on Iowa and New Hampshire, he has been blanketing the airwaves….ALL angles of the airwaves, with ads.

Someone on a blog pointed out to me that his ads don’t even call the ACA-the ACA. They call it OBAMACARE😒😒

It takes this lame azz, been a Democrat for 10 minutes, to understand how to brand himself to the BASE.I

You…me…we are political junkies. Most people are not. Those folks being reached by his as saturation campaign…They are not on Twitter. They aren’t on social media for politics.Expecting them to know what you know about Bloomberg is foolish.

And, it seems quite obvious that they are trying to knock out Joe Biden before the Black and Brown folks get their voting say.
As someone posted on another blog, these attacks on Biden are nothing but a voter suppression tactic.


But, folks are bringing receipts…you just gotta inform folks of them.

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Weekend Open Thread

Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend with family and friends.

Can’t tell him anything 😂😂😉😉

Best President EVER😁😁😁

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Open Thread | So…The Saturday Night Massacre Just Happened…

ICYMI while watching returns from the non-important state of New Hampshire….this happened:

ALL FOUR of the prosecutors on the Roger Stone case resigned after the fake azz criminal known as the Attorney General interfered with the sentencing guidelines for Roger Stone.

Barr is corrupt. Has always been corrupt. But, the obviousness was too much for these career DOJ folks.

Time for the IG to open an investigation into Barr.
Time for Congress to Impeach Barr.


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Open Thread | So, About That New Hampshire Primary

It has no business having a place of prominence, for a party that is majority Non-White.


New Hampshire is even more White than Iowa.😒😒

 And, folks think that we don’t peep game. That we don’t see how the MSM ran out the candidates of color before one vote was cast.
Before you open your fingers to type,
“What about Yang?”
He is not a Democrat. He is a Libertarian dudebro clown and should be treated as such.😒

So, now, back to the scheme. Now, they want to write Biden’s obituary, before one vote has been cast by a diverse state. Warren is from Massachusetts and Sanders is from Vermont. With two local folks, why should Biden remotely care about New Hampshire?

And, the thought that you are going to run him out before Black people have had the chance to get their say?
Nothing but an attempt at Voter Suppression.
That Black folks are just to accept what two lily -White states say, and we not have any agency of OUR OWN?


And now, we got some Nigra writing in the New York Times, trying to blame 44 for Dolt45.

Like this shyt ain’t transparent as glass..
Attack 44, in order to either suppress the upcoming Black vote, and/or try to damage Biden for being the Vice-President to 44. We peep your game.😒😒

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Weekend Open Thread

Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend with family and friends.

 Always trying to police Black bodies😠😠

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Open Thread | So, the Latest in Politics

I already told you how I felt about the Iowa Caucus. So, count me among the delighted at the mess it has now become. Couldn’t help but be overjoyed. It is a mess, and they deserve every minute that they are tarred with unprofessional. The mess that it became overtook the announcements of the “winner’-Mayo Pete?!😒

Don’t ask me to get excited about someone polling at 0-2% with Black voters.😒😒

Wasn’t going to say anything about Dolt45 and the State of the Union.

Dear certain Black People:
Stop allowing yourselves to be used as props for this racist Administration.😠😠😠

Leave it to Nancy Smash😊😊👊👊

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Open Thread | So, Today Is the Iowa Caucus

One of the most UNdemocratic practices.
This isn’t the GOP.
This is the Democratic Party. And, there is no reason for a Lily-White and rural state should have ANY kind of influence on the Democratic Party Primary.
If they meant right, it would be a PRIMARY.
If they meant halfway right, if they needed to do a Caucus, they could have it on the weekend.

But, they don’t mean right.
2024, this has got to end. No more of two Lily -White states going first.

And, then, the thought…
The thought that Black folk in the South and elsewhere should take their lead from what Iowa and New Hampshire do?!😒😒

 Naw….I don’t think so😒😒

The folks who haven’t fallen for the bright shiny objects of this election season are supposed to follow the lead of those who have?😒😒

Once again I say…
Naw…I don’t think so 😒😒

The goal of the Democratic Party should be to get out the base. The ACTUAL base of the party. To make sure that ACTUAL Democratic Party voters are not denied the franchise due to Voter Suppression😠😠😠

We sure in Hell don’t need to chase people that don’t vote for Democrats.😒😒

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