Wednesday Open Thread

Happy HUMP Day, Everyone!


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Tuesday Open Thread

Today’s feature covers the REAL history of reconstruction.

See how our past affects our present with this inside look of Reconstruction with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Reconstruction: America After the Civil War
premiered April 9 & April 16. You can watch the 4-part series HERE.

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Monday Open Thread: Democrats refuse to take impeachment off the table after Mueller report

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Sunday Open Thread

Good Morning.I hope that you are enjoying this weekend with family and friends.
Happy Easter!

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Saturday Open Thread

Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend with family and friends.

Just dust 😢😢😢

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Friday Open Thread | Why Not Medicaid For All?

Medicare for All?
Why not Medicaid for All?
I know that a number of Democrats have gone in on Medicare for All.
But, why not Medicaid for All?

There is a poster on Balloon Juice named Kay, and she has always argued that the greatest part of Obamacare was the Medicaid Expansion, because, if it had been fully implemented, it would have transformed the lives of the working poor, coast to coast. She lives in a rural area of Ohio, and she always comments about how it has been lifechanging for the rural White populace in her area.

These are people who had NOTHING, and now, they have access to healthcare. All around healthcare. It would have been an universal fact, save for the John Roberts Court, which decided to remove a huge swath of the populace from benefitting from Obamacare. So, then, we were stuck with states with Democratic Governors expanding Medicaid, while those with GOP Governors punished their citizens and refused to do so. Even as their states suffered. As their states gave up money on the table, because the Black President delivered on a healthcare plan that would help all, and they couldn’t give the Black President a victory, even if it would help their own constituents.

Is Medicaid for All the better option? And, if so, why isn’t it being pushed forth as such, except for the state of New Mexico.

I mean, you get more coverage through Medicaid -in most states that do it well, dental and vision are included. Unlike Medicare, you don’t have to by a supplemental package. And, unlike Medicare, the bills are taken care of, and it’s not a burden to the customer to come up with a % of the total dollars.

So, why not Medicaid for All?
Kay believes that it’s cause a lot of the left looks down on Medicaid as a ‘poor person’s program’. And, I can’t dispute her there. The GOP has been very successful in branding Medicaid with the poster children being Shaniqua with her 3 children by 3 Baby Daddies and Rosa Maria with her 4 anchor babies.

THE TRUTH of the matter is… in terms of largest PERCENTAGE of Medicaid DOLLARS given out…
The poster children SHOULD BE Bob and Emily Whitebread America’s Grandma and Grandpa.

Shaniqua and Rosa Maria don’t begin to get the amount of DOLLARS that Bob and Emily’s Grandma and Grandpa do.
Or, June and Joseph’s disabled family member.

I don’t begrudge ANYONE getting the help that they can get. Nursing home care is OUTRAGEOUSLY EXPENSIVE..
And, taking care of a disabled family member is also very taxing on a family, not only emotionally, but, financially.

It’s just that THOSE GROUPS get a pass, while pushing forth stereotypes of folks no less deserving.
Medicaid expansion has helped THE WORKING POOR the most. Folks that get up everyday and go do work, SHOULD be able to have access to healthcare, and that transform lives.

I think more of our candidates need to look and study the outcome of the Medicaid buy-in that New Mexico has offered. And, now, Washington State is looking into implementing a public option.

I don’t think that we need to be wedded to Medicare-For-All. Just be wedded to the idea that American Citizens should have access to healthcare, and should NEVER be one illness away from financial ruin.

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Time For You To Do Your Civic Duty

Give the Democrats a spine

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