Tuesday Open Thread | The real reason Robert Mueller is sitting on a sealed indictment of Donald Trump

Over the weekend, Palmer Report spelled out the evidence which strongly suggests that Special Counsel Robert Mueller is sitting on at least one sealed indictment against Donald Trump, even as he openly pursues Trump’s various underlings. I’ve since been chewing on why Mueller would take this particular path. It’s now become more clear: it’s all about blocking Trump from being able to pardon anyone.

As I laid out earlier, court records list the indictment against Paul Manafort and Rick Gates as “Indictment (B)” means there’s also an “Indictment (A)” floating around out there, still under seal (link). By definition, Indictment (A) has to be against someone of higher value in the investigation than Manafort, which shortens the list to Donald Trump, Jeff Sessions, and maybe Jared Kushner. The target of the sealed indictment also has to be someone whose crimes relate to the crimes that Manafort and Gates are charged with, which essentially narrows it down to just Donald Trump himself. In other words, Mueller is sitting on a sealed indictment against Trump. But why?

It was a Palmer Report reader who helped me put the pieces together, as I’m once again reminded that I’m fortunate to have the smartest audience in all of politics. Various respected legal experts are of the belief that if Donald Trump tries to pardon his own alleged co-conspirators in the Trump Russia scandal, the courts will rule that those pardons are unconstitutional. Of course that puts the legal burden on Mueller to demonstrate that Trump’s underlings truly are his co-conspirators.

The shortest route to get there: each time Robert Mueller gets a grand jury to indict one of Donald Trump’s underlings (Manafort, Gates, Michael Flynn, etc) for any given crime, he’s having that grand jury indict Donald Trump as part of that same criminal conspiracy. That way, if Trump does try to pardon any of these people, Mueller can immediately unseal the indictment against Trump, thus blocking that pardon. This is almost surely why Mueller has a sealed “Indictment (A)” against Trump in the Manafort-Gates case.

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Monday Open Thread | Confirmed: Robert Mueller has far more Trump-Russia evidence than previously known

Palmer Report: All along, it’s appeared that Special Counsel Robert Mueller knows far more about Donald Trump’s Russia scandal than Congress, the media, or the public knows. Although Mueller keeps his cards close to the vest, his actions periodically suggest that he’s several steps ahead of the game. Now comes confirmation that Mueller knows about a whole new set of Trump-Russia meetings that are not yet public.

Buried all the way down in the fifteenth paragraph of a new Washington Post article, you’ll find this key revelation: “Witnesses questioned by Mueller’s team warn that investigators are asking about other foreign contacts and meetings that have not yet become public, and to expect a series of new revelations.”  In other words, this week the media managed to expose Donald Trump Jr’s contacts with WikiLeaks and Jared Kushner’s contacts with a suspected Russian mobster, and yet those are still far from the last of the Trump-Russia contacts that Mueller already knows about.

So just what are we looking at here? The WaPo article hints that many of the secret meetings involved Donald Trump’s former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn, who is reportedly on the verge of being arrested on a variety of charges which may include conspiracy to commit kidnapping (Flynn denies the charges). So even as the media has been recently exposing Trump-Russia meetings involving members of Donald Trump’s family, Robert Mueller is focused on Trump-Russia meetings of an entirely different nature.

Another remarkable part of the WaPo article in question is the revelation that Donald Trump and his attorney Ty Cobb are both insisting Robert Mueller’s investigation will be completed soon, and that Trump will be exonerated. That’s nothing short of delusional. Mueller is just getting started, and has only arrested three of the dozens of Trump-Russia players he’s targeting. Moreover, Mueller’s entire gameplan is based around getting these targets to flip on Trump himself. Trump isn’t just a target of the investigation; he’s the target.

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Sunday Open Thread

Have a Blessed Sunday, 3 Chics Family. I’m in the mood for George Winston today. Hope you enjoy.

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Saturday Open Thread | Sheryl Crow Week

Happy Saturday, Everyone. Enjoy your weekend with Family and Friends.

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Friday Open Thread | Sheryl Crow Week

TGIF, 3 Chics Family & Friends!

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Thursday Open Thread | Sheryl Crow Week

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Wednesday Open Thread | Sheryl Crow Week

Happy HUMP Day, Everyone!

Soak Up The Sun

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