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Friday Open Thread | Two Tweets. Same Day. Amerikkka.

The way they do our lives….

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White Woman Screams “RAPE’ When A Black Man Walks Towards Her

This is pitiful, pitiful. While barbecuing this past Fourth of July, a young African American man noticed that one of his mother’s neighbors kept watching/spying on him from a distance with binoculars. He walked towards her to ask why, almost … Continue reading

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This is what President Obama was speaking about at the National Prayer Breakfast. OWN YOUR ISH, #AmeriKKKa.

RawStory: The charred corpse of a young black man, tied to a blistered tree in the heart of the Texas Bible Belt. Next to the burned body, young white men can be seen smiling and grinning, seemingly jubilant at their … Continue reading

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