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  1. Axel says:

    Is this for REAL???

    • Hi Axel. We welcome anyone who wants to post and discuss as long as you’re respectful. There are a diverse group of people who post here on a regular basis. Come and join us anytime. We missed that comment. It has now been removed.

  2. Maria says:


  3. Sue uffmann says:

    I am so proud of our President, Barack Obama…and John Kerry. Today …I pray God will bless and give guidance to our President, leaders, both world wide, and at home, and to our honorable veterans who sacrifice for our freedom. Thank You

  4. johnnie stallings says:

    Ladies please pull up msnbc hardball chris today and listen to Val Nicholas Vice Pres./creative director of NBC and Michael Steele. Please Please then please tell me how to start a petition to get M Steele off of the air.

    • johnnie stallings says:

      ladies . Mr. Nicholas Vice pres./creative director said that the T Martin case brought up memories of some incidents
      that happen to him as a young black man . And he shared more than one incident that happen to him with policemen.please see Michael Steele make a fool out of himself.

  5. Leslie says:

    Thank you for your website. This is amazing and I can believe again that there are people in the world that care about the feelings of a President, Black, White, Red whatever. They can be the most hated men on earth and I would never want anyone I loved to be president. I know this sounds selfish. But I appreciate your hearts. I was floored at his accomplishments.

  6. johnnie stallings says:

    Our First Family has been declared as couple of the year . this can be found in HP Black voices.

  7. johnnie Stallings says:

    Hi my sistahs and daughters,Have I told you lately that I love you!…(smile) I can’t say thank you enough for your site I pray that you will go back through some of my comments and see when I said,” my prayer sisters said PBO was going to win the election”. What I would love to see on your Obama’s accomplishments page is the front pages from top newspapers declaring PBO re-election.
    Thank you again!!!

  8. johnnie Stallings says:

    Ladies, there is lots of humor out there I think should be on your humor page, like Thursday night live. You will love it. They are imitating Fox News concerning the tape of the 47% As you know it has been a long battle for us (Obama people)we NEED to laugh. Loved seeing you at DNC , Ms.A.

  9. C.J. Rebel says:

    THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU! I shared your “accomplishments” link on FB… We *never* hear about all of his accomplishments from the establishment. Again, thank you for your hard work – it’s appreciated.

  10. johnnie stallings says:

    please check morning joe ,chris matthews blast reince priebus ,you will love it! and joe’s audience was clapping for Chris.

  11. johnnie stallings says:

    well nbc did it again. They showed very little of Gabby Douglas . China show the most beautiful picture of her flying in the air yesterday I saw it on huff post black voice . I didn’t know how to print it and this morning it is gone. I pray you can find it.

  12. johnnie stallings says:

    Good morning my daughter and sistahs! please take a look at Majestic, Magnificent ,Marvelous Michelle at olympics http://the they are beautiful.

  13. johnnie stallings says:

    good morning ladies, please tell me that you have seen the Obama add saying how romney supported the olympian games. how he won by giving china, India million of jobs and how he brought home the gold for himself. It is the best on yet. It was aired on Boring joe scarbough show.

  14. johnnie stallings says:

    good morning ladies, please tell me that you have seen the Obama add saying how romney supported the olympian games. how he won by giving china, India million of jobs and how he brought home the gold for himself. It is the best on yet. It was add on Boring joe scarbough show.

  15. johnnie stallings says:

    Hi,Ladies, do you have a sports page?. Serena Williams won Wimbledon Sat. very little publicity. On espn . they said Serena Won but showed picture of the other player. And other outlets showed Front page of fredder the male player .Also the Williams Sisters won doubles at Wimbledon Sat. I just love you sisters

  16. Susan Buie, Copywriter says:

    Love all your Obama info. Wanted to let you know I’ve linked to your blog (and specifically your Obama Love video) from my Squidoo page on the Obama 2012 campaign @ Check it out!

  17. pablo says:

    Bringing your site right up there with media matters. It feels good getting the truth out. America belongs to the people not the politicians. Republicans have become the true terrorist of america by stealing rights. Republicans wrap themselves in the flag but dont believe in any of the freedoms that come along with it. Its time to do a republican recall. Lets make congress a one term limitation. When they start working with Murdoch to hack phone calls on 9/11 victims private calls, are they real americans? Send a message to Chris Christie he works for the people not the corporations. Tell Republicans: Boycott Limbaugh, Hannity, Fox News, and Congress to get america back to work or we will take you out of office.

  18. Angelar says:

    by the way posted this at jack and jill and want you to have also..

    “love love love this daughter father picture…..Malia looks serene, radiant

  19. Angelar says:

    Have elevated your site to my favorites right along with Jack and Jill….your site is beautiful!

    • Ametia says:

      Thank you; stop by anytime; we’re happy to see you here! Yes, JJP is still one of our favorite digs to kick it with good folks like you.

  20. Angelar says:

    I am not tech savvy….how do I comment on any particular article?

    • Ametia says:

      Sup, Angelar! Welcome to 3 Chics. Good to see you, woman. Just go to the home page, check on the right sidebar and click on a thread topic of interest, post your reply over the comment you want to respond to or go to the bottom of the comment page and enter a new comment.

    • Hi Angelar,

      Just look on the sidebar under recent posts and take your pick. Or you can look on the Header and choose from the pages if you’d like.

  21. I am thrilled to know I can come to this site and interact with you. dr

  22. GGail says:

    SouthernGirl2, I learned about your lovely site from our comments on TOD. I’ve signed up and look forward to following this site too! It’s well done and a site to be proud of!

    • Hi GGail! We welcome you and thank you for your kind words. 3 Chics is a huge supporter of the President. So glad you stopped by. We look forward to having good discussions with you. You are most welcomed!

  23. Anna says:

    I Love Your Site!!!. My first time visiting, but trust me, I will not be a stranger. Great job and you know I’m loving the President!
    Also, I know I’m late, but I thought I was the only one who felt that way about Tavis and Cornell. Keep up the good work–we need it.


  24. Why aren’t Huckleberry’s remarks mentioned in the mainstream media(CBS,NBC,etc.)?Was not in the Knoxville News Sentinel either.Strange! Ty M.

  25. Amen!The racist bigots can’t stand that an African American(my term,not theirs)beat them in the election.The Tree Party(monkey)party was formed right after his election and their concentration has been entirely on his citizenship and race.Is Arkansas a state?God Bless our President and I pray that the young people and minorities will rise up in 2012 and re-elect Obama.If not it’s back to the stone age for all and that’s a fact. Ty M.

    • Ametia says:

      Hi tyrone, you NAILED it. Rather than say I hate the nigger in the white house, they spew this birth certificate-Kenyan nonsense. The white media will not challenge these folks on what they can bring to the table in the way of policies and governing for the American people. It’s all fear-mongering & race-baiting, and the media will continue showcasing it, because it provides ratings and profits for them. They’re just as DANGEROUS.

      Meanwhile, our president is about the buisness of presiding.

  26. GreenLadyHere says:

    HELLO U-3> :>)

    I made a post! I don’t C it. AWWW. :>(

    I used my secondary e-mail;

    Is that O.K.? :>)

    C U L8R! :>)

    Love. GLH :>)

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