3 Chics Hall of Shame

Dr Ben Carson

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  1. Dr Ben Carson, little black boys look up to you as a role model but you failed them at CPAC by showing your natural black ass! How dare you try to trash our first black Potus & Flotus. You have earned yourself an award of Shame!

    Dr Ben Carson= black ass, jiving, conniving buck dancing, buffoon!

    • Ametia says:

      Uncle Ben’s buckin & shuckin for the spotlight. But in order to get in the good graces of Massa, he’s got to tear down the POTUS and his family. He’s retiring, selling books, and will fare no better than Herman Cain, Arthur Davis, Allen West, Alan Keyes, J.C.Watt… etc. Why, because they SELL their SOULS to the 2520s, by TRYING deny that black folks aren’t being racially attached and discriminated against.

      These are the HAND-PICKED NEGROES the 2520s will allow in their good graces, that is, until they don’t continue dancing to their tune.

    • johnnie stallings says:

      All day I have been depressed and almost in tears because of Dr Carson speech at the circus pac. I came back to your site to cry and now i am laughing because you reminded me of who they are bahahahahaah. I know he was for herman cain and now I know why his words sound so familar. However, since my head is out of the mud and I ‘m laughing I think you should have a page called ” Pharaohs House” The black ones who God raised in Pharaoh’s house to learn and be trained and qualified to lead his people out of bondage. I forgot that Moses had to leave running. All of the names you named will have a desert experince.Bahahaha, they will leave running. You left out Michael Steele

  2. johnnie stallings says:

    Today my heart is sadden because of the the speech of Dr Ben Carson made at the circus pac. I am retired and I have a small school for boys (Genius Factory) from a low income apt. I introduce them to famous men like Ben Carson, Dr Neil Tyson, Judge Thurgood Mashall ect. I have surgeon,doctor, judges robes ect. after they learn about these people ,they dress out and imitate them, for instance I have an anatomy(Adam) that the children can take the parts out and put them back. We set up our hospital I pull up Dr Carson operating on the internet . You would be surpised what these children learn and I teach them their quotes. The man of the hour is President Barack Obama. They love him as tho’ they know HIM. Dr Carson said some very ugly to PBO and !st Lady Michelle at the prayer breakfast and said you should say how you feel Well, I say he should be in the hall of shame and that he need to really read what Jesus says Matt. 19:21-24 and what James says 5:1-6 . now I want to know the number of his patiences especially black ones. I feel like crying. But! I will add to my teaching, these scriptures. Thanks for letting me say some of what I feel.

    • Ametia says:

      I feel you Johnnie. Uncle Ben is clamoring for his 15 minutes of fame. It will not last.

      • johnnie stallings says:

        dr ben went rogue at the prayer breakfast, broke all of the rules. While looking at POTUS and FLOTUS, he said you should say what you feel then he said lawyers just want to win they don’t care long as they win by any hook or crook. PBO gave him that signature smile. Carson then loped his behind to Hannity and said what he felt now he is being ask not to be the speaker J Hopkins commencement. I think this is called poop go round comes around!! (music) be careful little mouth what you sayyyyy ect.

  3. happyfeet69 says:

    Hey Ladies, I am just going to say Rubio!!!!!

  4. johnomason says:

    WHO the HELL CARES what conservatives think anymore? I’m up to HERE with being bullied by them, and it’s WAY HIGH TIME to stand UP to them, and we’ll WIN!

  5. happyfeet69 says:

    Hello ladies, I think we should fly our flag at half mass today not only in usa but around the world. As you know sarah palin has been kick out oop! left fake news. Everybody I know is sad plus what is saturday night live going to do ! It has been fun making fun oop! I mean dicussing Sarah Ellie Mae Palin

  6. johnnie Stallings says:

    my sistahs and daughters, AS I sit here this night with my heart racing I just want to say THANK YOU for your website. I don’t think I couldn’t have made it this far without your site, This has been a looong battle. We have seen the most megalomanic lunatic, hypocritical, acillating disingenuous, wipes fall out of their closets to sprew poison at PBO. I volunteer my home to let some campaigners from ATL stay while they registed voters and canvass by the thousands in Florida. I missed writing for a while and having a good laugh. And you know the devil made me use some ugly words some times but God is yet a live. I thank God for you and your families. I feel as thou I know you. I love you Sistahs.

  7. johnnie stallings says:

    hall of shame is david Webb a fashion police or a fashion designer for the Olympics ?being lead by fake news alisyn camerta to slam Gabby Douglas and others about their outfits. Who is this WIPE WIPE? why havn’t we seen him with Ralph Lauren, Calvin klien and others,is this his specialty or is fake news using his A!! to say things about Gabby. Oh Lawdy another slave runner bites the dust .

  8. johnnie stallings says:

    hall of shame! michael steele denial of voter surpression. he said he is tied of the same old things every year of this mess about voters surpression. We need a blog of the Gop throwing his behind out of their circle, msnbc give him a little part time job to keep his mouth closed. Where is his million dollar job at Fow news?

  9. johnnie stallings says:

    hall of shame Joe scarbough. He should change his name from morning Joe to boring Joe. All he says is who PBO ain’t.. What really happen when he was Congressman or whatever, How many answers did he have then.

    • johnnie stallings says:

      joe scarbough sound bite from the guest on his show Cory, Ford and other was used against President Obama for romney campaign adds. This morning Joe was very happy about it. You know I am a little old lady trying to make it in but for Joe —wipe,—wipe —wipe

      • johnnie stallings says:

        this morning our Colin Powell was given the cold shoulder by boring Joe Scarbough.lol
        who cares I hope team Obama drone his boring his program like they did rush limbo.

      • johnnie stallings says:

        MY daughters and sistas, Today I feel that I belong in the Hall of Shame because I got so angry at coward j scarbough. Yesterday R Emanuel was on his show giving the best list of accomplishments of PBO that I’ve heard. This morning joe said the worst things about PBO. Girls! the devil began to blast both my ears and wiggling my tongue with some of the ugliest words, just before they popped out I saw the thread SADE and it slammed me back in my place.” Oh Lord I neeed you help me, While I’m on my journey while I’m on my way”, come sistahs help me to sing this thing. I’m just a little old lady trying to make it in. O Lord I want you to help me” God please save morning joe so that he can repent,speak in tongues and be sorry the rest of his life. Thank you Sistahs I feel better now ,I’m on my way to the Silver Sneakers class at the YMCA.

  10. johnnie stallings says:

    hall of shame” Allen West” huff post NAACP cancel west as guest speaker. Comment from a awrite -in. West remind him of a cartoon skunk who pours white paint on himself to blend in,but he can’t get rid of the inner funk he carry as soon he open his mouth the odor of his stench just aghast the heck out of everyone on the saner side. lol I love it. Oh lawdy the devil is talking through me again.

  11. johnnie stallings says:

    am I the only one commenting on Hall of Shame? come on people let’s speak out!
    Huff post Billy Oreilly ask question: is it fair to mention Trayvon school record. (statement not a question) a comment was make; billy oreilly was suspended from his job for sexually harassment, Does his record matter if he was shot and killed? These people better think before they speak what is their hearts

  12. johnnie stallings says:

    Joe Oliver david muir hall of shame. They were on TV oliver is saying what type of person zimmerman is and muir is saying it was self defense and they don’t know if zimmerman shot Trayvon. As you know the Gov has send a white women attorney to investigate she has said let take as much time as we need(they need) This is prayer time. my prayer for mr.oliver that he will see the faces , hear the crys that they cried ,feel their heart beat in terror of every black boy and man that has been killed, get saved speak in tongues and confess that he was wrong.I prayer that this zimmerman will confess and beg for God mercy go to prison and minister to those who has committed the same crime.

    • johnnie stallings says:

      huff post craig sonner zimmerman lawyer reportedly flees lawrence odonnell in video. This is the best interview yet. please watch.

  13. johnnie stallings says:

    Please thread hanity saying Trayvon Martin died was because he was wearing a hoodie. God is truly pulling these people out of their closets.hanity and crew are sick people they are saying what they feel . Hall of Shame
    hanity, allen west , herman cain star parker, limbaugh pat robertson james robison. A change has come. all people sure boycott fox news.

    • johnnie stallings says:

      hall of shame Joe watkins, What happen to larry elder? he made such a fool out of his self doing the last election.I think I will look him up now. Thank Ladies

  14. johnnie stallings says:

    huff post “Bristol Palin attacks Obama over Sandra Fluke controversy, Palin is outrage PBO hasn’t called her”. she admitted that PBO defended her during his campaign against her mother. Sistas I am a greatmother and I need you to pray for me please. The devil is using these Ellie Mae’s (palins) to make me say ugly words. I need help because these ugly word keep trying to jump out of my mouth for them. (lol)

  15. Nicole Wallace on lessons from the Palin mistake

    [wpvideo OvzYbI6P]

  16. John McCain should publicly apologize to the country for putting us at risk with this ignoramus, incompetent, racist, emptyheaded, nothing in the skull but empty fluid, Sarah Palin, being a heartbeat away from the Presidency.

  17. johnnie stallings says:

    Hello everybody, I think the movie “Game Changer” should be in the Hall of Shame. had to watch it six times to get the whole movie. 1st three times I fell to sleep the next three I got interrupted by visitors.The movie speaks for it self. 1st I thought the movie should have been called Silly Sarah but the movie revealed Silly America for supporting her and them. We need to pray.

  18. johnnie stallings says:

    hall of shame Rick SANITORUM said Pres Obama want to brainwash indoctrinate everybody to be like him. Well he was only talking about the Black oop I mean BLAH people. I have a small school for low-income boys and I want them to be encourage be like Pres.O. The name of our school is Genius Factory and our slogan is Obama! Obama we are the reason for your season.
    I love this website sistas keep it up

    • johnnie stallings says:

      will someone please call rickey sanitorum and tell him he is done! Thanks to the rich evangelicals. To bad he didn’t recognize their outfits of GREEN GREED and prayers that didn’t hit the ceiling.This outfit was just as much to Blame for him getting kicked out.Now he thinks he can focus on PBO. LADIES please tell him PBO is not to be played with ,ask trump.
      I saw some very nice compliments about your site and I do agree.My sistahs and my daugthers.

  19. The republican party has no shame, no morals, no conscience, no soul. Their policies oppress, distress, depress, and hurt people. OCCUPY THE POLLS. Register and vote these mofos out of office.

  20. BearDrummer says:

    i do not envy Obama his position. With the current House, he is having to decide which of his promises to sacrifice so that he can get other promises upheld. I would also add to your “wall of shame” the entire movement of current conservatives, to simply endure Obama’s defeat in 2012, NOT to look out for their constituents. I appreciate your “what has Obama done” page… I found it very useful.

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