Monday Open Thread |Students LITERALLY Selling Themselves??

Reading this…it got me in my feelings. There’s something fundamentally wrong to me with this.
College Grads Sell Stakes in Themselves to Wall Street

Instead of taking out loans, students can agree to hand over part of their future earnings in return for investment.
By Claire Boston

To pay for college, Amy Wroblewski sold a piece of her future. Every month, for eight-and-a-half years, she must turn over a set percentage of her salary to investors. Today, about a year after graduation, Wroblewski makes $50,000 a year as a higher education recruiter in Winchester, Va. So the cut comes to $279 a month, less than her car payment.

If the 23-year-old becomes a star in her field, she could pay twice as much. If she loses her job, she won’t have to pay anything, and investors will be out of luck until she finds work.

Wroblewski struck this unusual deal as an undergraduate at public Purdue University in West Lafayette, Ind. To fund part of the cost of her degree in strategy and organizational management, she sidestepped the common source of money, a student loan. Instead, she agreed to hand over part of her future earnings through a new kind of financial instrument called an income-sharing agreement, or ISA. In a sense, financiers are transforming student debtors into stock investments, with much of the same risk and, ideally, return.

In Wall Street terms, Wroblewski, a first-generation college student, is more small-company stock than Microsoft.
Those qualities impressed a company called Vemo Education, which vets students at Purdue and a handful of other schools on behalf of potential investors. More important, perhaps, Wroblewski believes in herself and her ability to make good on the contract. “Even with all my other loans, I knew I could make it work,” says Wroblewski.
Americans owe $1.5 trillion in higher education debt, a burden that weighs down their dreams and the U.S. economy. The Federal Reserve says millennials are now less likely to buy homes than young people were in 2005, and even senior citizens find themselves still making payments on their student loans.

We have $1.5 TRILLION in that debt. It really should be forgiven. 10 years of paying the loans, and they should be forgiven. President Obama created the public service program, but, right when the first group of people eligible to get the forgiveness, the demons in this Administration approved LESS THAN 1% OF THE QUALIFIED.

You read it – LESS THAN 1%.

Relieving our next generations of the burden of student loan debt would be such an engine for this country. Especially in the Black community, because, even though Black women are the highest educated group, that education comes with a lot of loans, because we don’t have parents with trust funds paying for the education. The money used to pay off the loans could be used to invest, to buy property, to fund small businesses. The student loans are draining that from our society. But, I don’t think people SELLING THEMSELVES is the way to resolve it.

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106 Responses to Monday Open Thread |Students LITERALLY Selling Themselves??

  1. Liza says:


  2. Liza says:

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  3. Liza says:

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  4. Liza says:

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  5. Liza says:

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  6. rikyrah says:


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  8. Liza says:

    Yes, we know. The occupant in the WH is an idiot.

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  9. rikyrah says:

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  10. Liza says:

    Gag me…


  11. rikyrah says:

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  12. rikyrah says:

    Tom Watson (@tomwatson) Tweeted:
    So the Sanders campaign clearly negotiated a 6 pm news embargo on his tax returns, timed to dump just before his Fox News forum. The news media went along for the ride. Got give ’em props for sneakiness. 😐

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  13. Liza says:

    Wants them dead, both of them.

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  14. Liza says:

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  15. Liza says:

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  16. rikyrah says:

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  17. Liza says:

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  20. rikyrah says:

    Me’Sa Dyani 💕 (@Dyani_2u) Tweeted:
    @notcapnamerica Gay white men always expecting to be handed some sort of prize of adversity but be the first ones to minimize the concerns of people of color in the LGBTQ community and in my experience very dismissive of race issues in general

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  21. rikyrah says:

    Isn’t this Mr. Impeach Trump vanity project?

    Kenneth P. Vogel (@kenvogel) Tweeted:
    NEW: @TomSteyer, a multi-million $ donor to @AmProg, is not pleased about @thinkprogress’ video critiquing @BernieSanders: “I will use my voice on CAP’s Board of Directors to discourage any such attacks on any candidate seeking the Democratic nomination in the future.”


  22. rikyrah says:

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  23. rikyrah says:

    Matt Murphy (@MattMurph24) Tweeted:
    White dudes still think they’re the base of the Democratic Party. Sorry guys, we’re not. Black women are and will forever be the bedrock of the Democratic Party. Be an ally, not an obstacle. Follow their lead, don’t ignore them.

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  24. rikyrah says:


    I am going to write a post about Notre Dame


  25. rikyrah says:


  26. rikyrah says:

    I just can’t 😭😭😭

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  27. rikyrah says:

    Girl Anachronism (@Gwynnion) Tweeted:
    The late pile on of white male candidates and the nonstop fawning media attention they’ve received suggests a semi-coordinated effort to bury the serious candidates who declared early and who just happen to be mostly women and/or people of color.

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  28. rikyrah says:

    Denizcan James (@MrFilmkritik) Tweeted:
    Mike Pence immediately tweeted about the Notre-Dame Cathedral fire.

    I don’t remember Pence ever mentioning the three historically black churches that were burnt down by a white supremacist/domestic terrorist. Speaks volumes.

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  29. rikyrah says:



  30. rikyrah says:

    Joyce Karam (@Joyce_Karam) Tweeted:
    “Good news: all the artworks have been saved. The treasure of the cathedral is intact, the crown of thorns, the holy sacraments. #NOTRE_DAME”

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  31. rikyrah says:


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  32. rikyrah says:

    Armando (@armandodkos) Tweeted:
    Every candidate will be vetted. Biden, Bernie, Beto, Pete, Kamala, etc.

    Only one is trying to browbeat people into silence.

    Bernie Sanders. We reject your Trumpian intimidation tactics.

    We will not be silenced.

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  33. rikyrah says:

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  34. rikyrah says:

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  35. Liza says:

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  36. rikyrah says:

    Right now, feeling so SO grateful that only 4 days ago the 16 copper statues were taken down from the spire of #NotreDame.
    12 apostles + 4 evangelists (St Luke = steer, St Mark = lion, St John = eagle & St Matthew = angel)
    They, at least, are safe.

    — Elodie’s Paris (@Paris_by_Elodie) April 15, 2019

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  37. rikyrah says:


    nothing but sobs

    850 years of history….

    the stained glass windows have melted. They are no longer there.


  38. rikyrah says:

    What some Southern Democrats think about the 2020 Field

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  43. rikyrah says:

    Ana Navarro-Cárdenas (@ananavarro) Tweeted:
    Disagreeing with @IlhanMN is fair game. She’s a public figure in the spotlight. But what Trump is trying to do in portraying her as a scary black Muslim and an albatross around every Democrat’s neck, is a transparent Islamophobic dog-whistle for political gain. It’s plain wrong.

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  44. rikyrah says:

    The sad sad moment #NotreDame’s spire

    — 🆃🅷🅸🅽🅺🅴🆁 (@4x4nz) April 15, 2019


  45. Like

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  48. rikyrah says:


    Fire engulfs the historic Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris with huge plume of smoke seen billowing from the roof
    PUBLISHED: 13:10 EDT, 15 April 2019 | UPDATED: 13:20 EDT, 15 April 2019

    A fire has broken out at the world-famous Notre-Dame cathedral in Paris.

    Pictures posted on social media showed enormous plumes of smoke billowing into the city’s skyline as firefighters rushed to the historic site.

    According to French newspaper Le Monde, the fire broke out in the attic of the historic monument before spreading to engulf a large section of the roof.


  49. Obstruction of Justice……………..


  50. rikyrah says:

    NFL player who saves nearly 90% of his income teaches a money class at Penn called ‘Life 101’
    Published Sat, Mar 2 2019 • 9:30 AM EST Updated Mon, Mar 4 2019 • 2:59 PM EST

    New York Jets linebacker Brandon Copeland, 27, knows that his football career has an expiration date. “It’s guaranteed football is going to be over one day,” the NFL star told ESPN in 2017.

    That’s why Copeland is planning ahead: The Wharton School graduate, who spent two summers interning at the investment bank UBS in college, took an off-season job on Wall Street in 2017. He also has experience flipping houses and opened a real estate company with his wife last year.

    His latest side hustle brings him back to the classroom: He’s teaching a financial literacy seminar at his alma mater alongside Dr. Brian Peterson, the director of Penn’s Makuu Black Cultural Center.

    The class, which Copeland nicknamed “Life 101” and started this spring semester, covers “the realities of life we all have to deal with,” he says, like how to invest, plan for retirement and build credit. He came up with the idea of the course two years ago, when he and a former teammate were talking about money mistakes and what they wish they’d known in their early 20s.


    While Copeland is the first to admit he doesn’t specialize in financial literacy — “the first day of the class I’m going to tell the class that I am not an expert in all of this stuff, and no one is an expert in all of this stuff,” he told the Wall Street Journal — he’s careful with his cash.

    “I’ve literally hoarded money,” he told ESPN in 2017. “I’m literally stacking, stacking, stacking.”

    Nearly 60 percent of Copeland’s post-tax salary goes towards “safe, long-term” investments, he explained. Another 30 percent goes towards savings. He lives off the remaining 10-15 percent.

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  51. Liza says:

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  52. rikyrah says:


    The Media Gaslighting of 2020’s Most Likable Candidate
    Elizabeth Warren has proven over and over that she’s a charismatic figure. Why do we keep casting her as a nagging schoolmarm?
    Sady Doyle

    At CNN’s town hall event on Monday, the American people saw something we’d been told was impossible: Elizabeth Warren winning over a crowd.

    The Massachusetts senator took aim at a variety of subjects: the Electoral College, Mississippi’s racist state flag, the rise of white nationalism. Always, she was met with thunderous applause. Even a simple Bible verse — from Matthew 25:35–40, about moral obligation to the poor and hungry — prompted cheers so loud and prolonged that Warren had to pause and repeat herself in order to make her voice heard over the noise. Yet this was the same woman the media routinely frames as too wonky, too nerdy, too socially stunted. But then, Warren has always been an exceptionally charismatic candidate. We just forget that fact when she’s campaigning — due, in large part, to our deep and lingering distrust for female intelligence.

    Warren is bursting with what we might call “charisma” in male candidates: She has the folksy demeanor of Joe Biden, the ferocious conviction of Bernie Sanders, the deep intelligence of fellow law professor Barack Obama. But Warren is not a man, and so those traits are framed as liabilities, rather than strengths. According to the media, Warren is an uptight schoolmarm, a “wonky professor,” a scold, a wimpy Dukakis, a wooden John Kerry, or (worse) a nerdier Al Gore.

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  53. Liza says:

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  54. Like

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  57. Look y’all. ALWAYS trying to compare folks with President Obama…………..


  58. Ametia says:

    Word of the Day : April 15, 2019

    Katzenjammer: noun KAT-sun-jam-er


    1 : hangover

    2 : distress, depression, or confusion resembling that caused by a hangover

    3 : a discordant clamor

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  59. rikyrah says: (@theGrio) Tweeted:
    These Missouri high school students were trying to honor the national Day of Silence, which raises awareness of the bullying of LGBTQ students.

    Instead, they were greeted by fellow classmates waving their Confederate flag.

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  60. rikyrah says:


    Melanie Jean (@princessmom122) Tweeted:
    Howard Dean and Paul Krugman frighten me. They fell for Bernie’s ridiculous spin immediately. They’ve learned nothing.


  61. rikyrah says:

    BlueSteelDC (@BlueSteelDC) Tweeted:
    Didn’t Bernie pledge to run a clean campaign and not attack other Dems?

    Yeah and didn’t I say – it would last two seconds before he attacks other Dems and organizations. Probably in his fundraising email.

    Bernie is liar. But if you didn’t see this coming after 4 yrs your a fool

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  62. rikyrah says:


    Timothy Snyder (@TimothyDSnyder) Tweeted:
    0/50 Why we do think that Mr. Trump owes a debt to Mr. Putin? Here are fifty reasons. All of the facts are a matter of public record, and all of the sources can be found in my book The Road to Unfreedom. #RoadToUnfreedom

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  63. rikyrah says:

    Yes, Mr. Blow👏👏👏

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  64. rikyrah says:


    cjtown (@ladyc10) Tweeted:
    This is what Dems are up against, non stop money to retain power. DEMs not taking pac money or trashing corporations who’s employees donate to DEMs are damn fools.


  65. rikyrah says:


    Lawrence O’Donnell (@Lawrence) Tweeted:
    I’ll ask this again: why are the women candidates doing a much better job with their tax returns than the men??

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  66. rikyrah says:

    Uh huh😒😒

    Stephen Robinson (@SER1897) Tweeted:
    White people want to believe this is how Trump won. He didn’t. He lost on the economy. He won on fear, specifically “immigration” and “terrorism.”

    He’ll beat your ass like your momma if you don’t acknowledge how he won the first time.

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  67. rikyrah says:

    Tom Watson (@tomwatson) Tweeted:
    Folks, the Sanders campaign self destructed today. It’s as simple as that. Bernie Sanders attacked liberal civil society to settle a few petty personal scores. We’ve already got a President who does that. It’s disqualifying.

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  68. rikyrah says:

    Marcus H. Johnson (@marcushjohnson) Tweeted:
    This move will play great with the online true believers, but will upset the mainstream Dems Bernie actually needs to win. What outreach has Bernie done to Clinton voters? Absolutely zero. Look at his polling numbers in the south? Terrible

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    • majiir says:

      In the video I watched earlier in this thread, I found it very telling that none of the Dems who mentioned their top Dem candidates for 2020 mentioned Bernie Sanders. He is a divisive, self-serving, arrogant POS, and I think most sane Dems know it. He’s doing DJT’s job of dividing the Democratic Party, a party he can’t be bothered aligning himself with until he wants to run for POTUS. He didn’t get one cent or a vote from me in 2016, and my plan as far as he is concerned remains the same for 2020.


  69. rikyrah says:

    Erin Cohan (@erincohan) Tweeted:
    As if it wasn’t outrageous enough to frame critical press coverage by @thinkprogress as an attack by @amprog, now the @BernieSanders campaign is fundraising off it with violent rhetoric, saying CAP needs to “pay a price”.



  70. rikyrah says:

    The Dallas County DA is Black 😒😒

    Greg Abbott (@GregAbbott_TX) Tweeted:
    Dallas Co. District Attorney stokes crime by refusing to prosecute theft of personal items worth less than $750. If someone is hungry they can just steal some food. If cold, steal a coat. Where does it end? It’s wealth redistribution by theft. #txlege


  71. rikyrah says:


    HBCU Guru- The 107 (@The107_hbcu) Tweeted:
    Muskogee, OK high school senior, told by a stranger that black people can’t be valedictorian, is accepted to 62 colleges -reveals she’s headed to #HBCU @AlcornStateU!

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  72. rikyrah says:

    Truth 👏👏

    Barbara Lee (@BLeeForCongress) Tweeted:
    Always remember: there would be no Democratic Party without African American women.

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  73. rikyrah says:

    🇺🇸🇭🇹 Only4RM 🇭🇹🇺🇸 (@Only4RM) Tweeted:
    I’m sorry, were they NOT supposed to talk about your big piles of cash @BernieSanders? After you went digging through Hillary Clinton’s tax returns THAT SHE RELEASED and made it seem as if her perfectly legal income was somehow ill-gotten? GFYAH.

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  74. rikyrah says:

    Tea Pain (@TeaPainUSA) Tweeted:
    The White House has prepared a 200 page rebuttal to the Mueller report. If the Mueller Report is a “complete and total exoneration”, why would you need to rebut it?

    Mark it down. Even the redacted report will show ample evidence of collusion and obstruction.


  75. rikyrah says:

    Hmmph 😒 😒

    Marcus H. Johnson (@marcushjohnson) Tweeted:
    We’ve talked about how attacking CAP and ThinkProgress is wrong on the merits, but it is also stupid strategy. Bernie has been bleeding support since 2016 and desperately needs to expand his base. Furiously attacking mainstream Dems is the dumbest possible thing you could do

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  76. rikyrah says:

    Candice Aiston (@CandiceAiston) Tweeted:
    While you were outraged that Nancy wasn’t on Twitter making useless statements, she was doing the actual work of making sure that Rep. Omar, her family, and staff are actually protected. Today’s statement also condemns Trump.

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  77. rikyrah says:

    Simon Rosenberg (@SimonWDC) Tweeted:
    Bernie’s team better toughen up. An awful lot of Democrats are not happy a guy who refuses to call himself a Democrat is running in the Democratic Primary for President; really hard to understand rationale of asking to become the leader of a party you refuse to join.

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  78. rikyrah says:

    🇺🇸🇭🇹 Only4RM 🇭🇹🇺🇸 (@Only4RM) Tweeted:
    Oh dear. No. Sorry. No Republicans in top posts. This naivete is how we got Gates who ended up ushering in Tillerson as Sec of State for his paid client Exxon and Comey who… well… you’re on the Intel Committee, you know better than I do everything Comey cost us. @RepSwalwell

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  79. rikyrah says:

    This is beautiful 😍😍

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  80. rikyrah says:

    Congratulations Tiger👏👏

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  81. rikyrah says:

    John O. Brennan (@JohnBrennan) Tweeted:
    Your unfitness for office has never been more stark, your lack of humanity never more apparent, your politics never more craven, & your ultimate political ignominy never more certain.

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  82. rikyrah says:



  83. rikyrah says:

    Top Marine general let emails leak so service families would not be forgotten in border funding fight: Sources

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  84. nedhamson says:

    The wealth of California today, is based on “free” tuition from 1950s to 1970s. Students from all over the country came to study and stayed – Silicon Valley based on free tuition.

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  85. rikyrah says:

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  86. rikyrah says:

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  87. rikyrah says:

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  88. rikyrah says:

    Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) Tweeted:
    Stahl: Here’s what you’ve said. You’ve said, ‘If someone’s ripping your face off. You rip their face off.’
    Pelosi: Oh yeah, I would do that.

    Pelosi: Yeah, I probably said that. Yeah. They just have to know. You throw a punch, you better take a punch.
    Via CBS

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  89. rikyrah says:


  90. rikyrah says:

    Three Women Of Color Selected For DNC Senior Leadership Roles

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  91. rikyrah says:

    Awe 😍😍

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  92. rikyrah says:

    Good Morning, Everyone 😄😄😄


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