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Sunday Praise & Worship | Sounds of Blackness

Sounds of Blackness is a Grammy Award-winning vocal and instrumental ensemble from Minneapolis/St. Paul, Minnesota who perform music from several genres music including gospel, R&B, soul, and jazz. The group scored several hits on the Billboard R&B chart and Billboard … Continue reading

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Republican Justin Amash: Trump has engaged in impeachable conduct

A Michigan Republican and member of the House Freedom Caucus accused President Trump of “impeachable conduct” in a break with his party. Rep. Justin Amash (R-Mich.) tweeted Saturday that the president’s actions to potentially obstruct the now-shuttered special counsel investigation … Continue reading

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Saturday Open Thread | AFRICA —How you shake up a catwalk

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Sunday Open Thread |Happy Mother’s Day😊

Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend with family and friends. Happy Mother’s Day😊🎉🎊😍🍹

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Saturday Open Thread

Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend with family and friends. Because you need a little Black girl on your timeline with an Afro laughing & being carefree 💛 I love my daughter. #IndiaSummer pic.twitter.com/Y68ZMiPpeC — shug … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread |Bye Bye, Little Susie 😡

Aside from the Turtle, if there’s someone that I want gone in 2020, it’s that phony azz Susan Collins from Maine. She pretends that she’s a moderate, when she has done nothing but vote in lockstep with the GOP. Every … Continue reading

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Thursday Open Thread | Voter Suppression 2020

Ari Berman is sounding the alarm. As always, he is warning of Voter Suppression efforts in the states. Mr. Berman is once again out here, calling it out and putting up the bat signal. Just in time for 2020- GOP … Continue reading

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