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Open Thread| We See The Clear Lies And Attacks Against Vice-President Harris.

We can see the lies and misogyny against the Vice-President from a mile away.😒😒 One thing we will not let y’all do is ruin VP Harris like you did to Hillary all because you don’t want to see her President … Continue reading

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Open Thread | When You See the Hate, Call It Out

This ugliness. This Anti-Semitism. Don’t tell me that the New York Times didn’t know. Don’t allow them to gaslight us, pretending that it was done on accident. THIS👏🏾WAS👏🏾NO👏🏾ACCIDENT👏🏾 For those of you who still don’t get it, why people are … Continue reading

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Open Thread: A Little Education on ‘ White Passing’.

I saw this tweet, and it made me think: The Meghan Markle convo reveals to me that younger black folks don't know what "white passing" actually means. — Unobtainium Daydreams (@ShimminyKricket) December 10, 2022 With the dropping of the beginning … Continue reading

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Open Thread | More About Critical Race Theory

Some folks have had enough of the clowns.😠     After being asked about Critical Race Theory, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley delivers an answer every American should — Rantt Media (@RanttMedia) June 23, … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Lack of Equity In Vaccinations

This thread:   Unacceptable, but very intentional. We can not play surprised when:🔹Phase 1a is 70% White🔹 Phase 1b (65+yo) are 77% White🔹 70% of pharmacies are in white neighborhoods 🔹 Black/Brown communities are 2x less likely to have hospital … Continue reading

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Open Thread | So, This Happened 😡😡😡

Sigh. Yesterday .   European news outlets are reporting a coup is taking place in the United States. — Mike Jason (@mikejason73) January 6, 2021 Well. Well. Well.   I mean…is anything that happened yesterday a surprise?   No. It’s … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Why Aren’t Our Children Allowed to be Children?😢

The important issues for Black women: .@Essence poll: Most important issues for black women #AMJoy — AM Joy w/Joy Reid (@amjoyshow) September 8, 2019 Essence Magazine did a poll consisting of Black women. Joy Reid revealed the results on … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread | What If There Was No Wealth Gap?

When we talk about reparations, it sometimes seems to be a number that can’t be quantified. I mean, the THEFT OF LABOR FOR ALMOST A CENTURY, and then another CENTURY of American Apartheid, AKA JIM CROW. Of course, post Civil … Continue reading

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Tuesday Open Thread

Today’s feature covers the REAL history of reconstruction. See how our past affects our present with this inside look of Reconstruction with Henry Louis Gates, Jr. Reconstruction: America After the Civil War premiered April 9 & April 16. You can … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread | There’s A Reason Why They Call It – ‘ A Deal With the Devil’

Cause, the Devil ALWAYS WINS. This has bothered me ever since I read it on Monday. I still come back to the same question: ARE.THESE.PEOPLE.SERIOUS.? DA PHUQ? ICYMI: ; For Black Lives Activists, Engaging in Trump’s Pardon Politics Feels Like … Continue reading

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