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Tuesday Open Thread

I miss the series “Underground.” How about you? I’m on a Harriet Tubman research trip. You know she’s from my home state of Maryland. I hope you enjoy these clips of historic sites, in honor of Harriet Tubman. And I’ve … Continue reading

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A Fate Worse Than Slavery, Unearthed in Sugar Land Texas

Bodies of sugar cane workers recently discovered in Texas reveal gruesome details about the convict leasing system. The blood-drenched history that gave the city of Sugar Land, Tex., its name showed its face earlier this year, when a school construction … Continue reading

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Wednesday Open Thread | Happy July 4th

Hope that you are enjoying this July 4th with family and friends. Today’s article is about one of the Founding Fathers – one who wrote the Declaration of Independence… and America’s original sin- SLAVERY. New Monticello exhibit takes a closer … Continue reading

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The Conservative Plan To Amend The Constitution | AM Joy | MSNBC

Despite #45’s utter incompetence, ignorant word-salad vocabulary, the GOP—looking at McConnell etc., they are wreaking havoc on our DEMOCRACY. We’re four states away from a Constitutional Convention. WHAT DOES THIS MEAN FOR AMERICAN CITIZENS? STAY WOKE FOLKS! ICYMI Sunday, 1/7/18 … Continue reading

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Wednesday Open Thread

Happy HUMP Day, Everyone! We have to keep informing some folks that Sally Hemings was not Jefferson’s Mistress. SHE WAS HIS SLAVE AND HE RAPED HER. Sally Hemings wasn’t Thomas Jefferson’s mistress. She was his property By Britni Danielle Archaeologists at … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread | “Roots” 40th Anniversary Week

TGIF, Everyone!

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Thursday Open Thread | “Roots” 40th Anniversary Week

How Roots Captivated an Entire Nation Memories from the Set of Roots | Oprah and the Legendary Cast of Roots | Oprah Winfrey Network Exclusive: Becoming Chicken George | Oprah and the Legendary Cast of Roots | Oprah Winfrey Network

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