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5 horrifying ways enslaved African men were sexually exploited and abused by their white masters

Time and time again, the horrifying experiences of enslaved Africans working on plantations in the Americas and other parts of the world are told over and over. During the slave trade, which lasted for well over 400 years, Africans were … Continue reading

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Wednesday Open Thread

Happy HUMP Day, Everyone! We have to keep informing some folks that Sally Hemings was not Jefferson’s Mistress. SHE WAS HIS SLAVE AND HE RAPED HER. Sally Hemings wasn’t Thomas Jefferson’s mistress. She was his property By Britni Danielle Archaeologists at … Continue reading

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NH Woman to Hillary: “You Say Rape Accusers Should Be Believed, What About Your Husband’s?

OMG! THAT CHEEZY AZZ GRIN. During a campaign event in New Hampshire today, Hillary Clinton was asked about the women who accused her husband of rape and sexual assault. The woman pointed out how Clinton recently said all rape victims … Continue reading

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DNA tests confirm Ariel Castro fathered girl born in captivity

Reuters – The Ohio attorney general said on Friday that DNA tests showed Cleveland kidnapping and rape suspect Ariel Castro is the father of the six-year-old born while he allegedly held the girl’s mother and two other women captive for … Continue reading

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Senator Claire McCaskill Hits A Triple With Ads Against Todd Akin


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RYAN-ATKIN-ROMNEY Platform Strikingly Similar

Education: Obama for America is out today with a new TV spot titled “Children” that highlights the clear choice for voters between Mitt Romney and President Obama’s vision for public education. “Children” will air in Virginia and Ohio on Thursday: … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Says “If it’s an honest rape” | HIDE YO’ WIFE, HIDE YO’ VAGINA!

Piers Morgan CNN On the eve of Saturday’s Nevada caucus, Ron Paul sits down with Piers Morgan for a revealing interview, during which the Republican from Texas shares his views on rape and abortion:  “If it’s an honest rape, that … Continue reading

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