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Open Thread | I Don’t Know If This Had Anything To Do With Don Lemon’s Firing…

But, it would say more about CNN than Lemon. No self-respecting Black American, who knows our history, could sit silent while this muthaphucka sat there lying on Black folks and our history. Note, that bobblehead Poppy sat there, and let … Continue reading

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President Biden Talks About the Fight for the Soul of our Nation

President Biden made it plain. He spelled it out. What we are fighting for. And who we are fighting against. If it talks like fascism.. Smells like it…. And you hang around with and invite to your conferences well known … Continue reading

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Open Thread | The MSM Tells on Themselves

The MSM resents the competence of 46 and his Administration. It is so obvious. They miss being Dolt45’s stenographers. "Reporters have long considered the role of White House correspondent to be the crown jewel of American political journalism. But during … Continue reading

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Weekend Open Thread

Good Morning. I hope that you are enjoying this weekend, fully vaccinated and boosted, with family and friends. I love this. They look fabulous. It is a classic look. We can wear anything and look good in it. "Ralph Lauren … Continue reading

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Open Thread | The MSM Should Just Admit It- They Miss Dolt45

Have said for awhile that they resent the competence of 46 and his Administration. They resent that they have to do more than just stenography. They resent that 46’s competence proves our accusations that they were just interested in normalizing … Continue reading

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Thursday Open Thread

Hope all you mid-westerners are keeping warm and safe from the artic blast. Did some video searching yesterday, while home from work. Dig in if you dare! And I’ll leave you with this classic interview.

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Saturday Open Thread

We hope you enjoy your weekend with family and friends. And if you haven’t seen the documentary, SEE.IT.

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Monday Open Thread | Foreigner Week

Happy Monday, Everyone! This week’s feature is the music group Foreigner. I know, some folks might think we were covering all foreigners. Sorry to disappoint, we’d have to cover this particular “foreigner” group in perpetuity. Foreigner is an English-American rock … Continue reading

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Monday Open Thread | Sheku Kanneh-Mason Week

Hello my PEEPS! This week’s featured artist is the virtuoso Sheku Kanneh-Mason. 3Chics has fallen in love with this young man’s talent, skill and musical genius ICYM Sheku isn’t the only talent in the family.

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Friday Open Thread

TGIF, Everyone! The heat is on with HEATWAVE.

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