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Sacramento PD arrest 12 year old Black child & places a plastic bag over his head

Just look at these monsters!  Arresting a 12-year old Black child and placing a plastic bag over his head? They’re predators with a gun and badge hunting and preying upon young Black boys and men. These thugs wouldn’t DARE do … Continue reading

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GRAPHIC: ‘I’m Pregnant!’ Texas Cop Shoots And Kills Unarmed Black Woman

A police officer shot and killed an unarmed Black woman whose last words were “I’m pregnant!” following a physical confrontation in an apartment complex parking lot in suburban Houston Monday night. The woman and the officer were not immediately identified, … Continue reading

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Dallas Cop Amber Guyger 911 call after shooting Botham Jean

If this isn’t the most awful acting I’ve ever heard. Amber Guyger is only worried about herself and what she had done. She’s pretending to sound distress with all the fake heavy breathing. She knows these calls are recorded and … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread

Happy Friday, Everyone! WaPo  journalist Jonathan Capehart’s audio series on the Civil Rights Movement You can listen to the podcast series here: The day Martin Luther King Jr. died: ‘Voices of the Movement’ Episode 1 Andrew Young, King’s chief strategist … Continue reading

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Tuesday Open Thread

Don’t care if folks get tired of hearing about slavery and oppression. We’re so on to this complaining about us complaining about OPPRESSION. The Heritage of Slavery (1968) w/ Fannie Lou Hamer & Lerone Bennett, Jr.

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Julian Castro on Reparations: ‘Why Wouldn’t You Compensate People Who Actually Were Property?’

Julian Castro clocked the shyt outta Bernie Sanders. Bernie just got uncovered for his bigoted racism about reparations. Notice when folks bring up reparations for black people, Bernie says that would be divisive,  what about poor white people? Poor white … Continue reading

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Thursday Open Thread

Hope all you mid-westerners are keeping warm and safe from the artic blast. Did some video searching yesterday, while home from work. Dig in if you dare! And I’ll leave you with this classic interview.

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