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Tuesday Open Thread | Where We Are….

From the Los Angeles Times: Americans who voted against Trump are feeling unprecedented dread and despair Dread of the Trump presidency is weighing on many American families. Dec 21, 2016 I have never seen anything quite like the grief being … Continue reading

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WHERE is the Military picture of Gavin Long?

I have a personal rule whenever I hear about a shooting. IF you don’t see the picture of the ‘Alleged’ Shooter within 6 hours of the story, 9 times out of 10, the shooter is White. When the guy – … Continue reading

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The Candidacy of Hillary Clinton – Deja Vu All Over Again

I am watching the so-called candidacy of Hillary Clinton, and all I get is that sense of deja vu. Like I’ve been here before. And, the reason for it is – because we have. Those of us who had questions … Continue reading

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Black People Have the Right to Bring Receipts

I’ve been going around my usual rounds in the blogs that I like, and I’m tired of people acting like Black people don’t have THE RIGHT to bring receipts. That somehow, we’re supposed to go around like blind sheep, without … Continue reading

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Black People don’t OWE Hillary Clinton SHIT!

3 Chics is going on the record, WE DON’T OWE Hillary or Bill Clinton JACKSHIT! We’re NOT buckin’, shuckin’, jivin’ for these folks. We’re not paid to shill and cape for anyone. Throughout the years, and especially the past 7 … Continue reading

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MSNBC, CNN & CBS Major Fail | Invade Home of Dead San Bernardino Shooters

Who the fuck let these SNAKES into that house? Who gave their stamp of approval for this shameful display of theatrics?! The landlord- GTFOH! Said the media forced their way in. Can we say CRIME SCENE? And Kerry Sanders showing … Continue reading

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White Terrorism in America

White men’s belief in their superiority, discrimination and racism is what drives these men to go out and massacre innocent people or walk into a place of worship and gun down other black Americans. But notice these white men who … Continue reading

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