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Open Thread | To All Those Who Talk About ‘Not Voting in 2024’

For those of you who are Black and are threatening not to vote in 2024. Oh well. Nobody is going to beg you. I don’t have the time. Anyone serious about 2024 doesn’t have the time. I have never been … Continue reading

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Open Thread | The Issue for the 2024 Election – It really is this simple

It’s down to one issue on the ballot. It’s not taxes, it’s not abortion. The one issue is: do you believe in democracy, or do you believe in authoritarianism? That’s what we should be voting on. 2024: DEMOCRACY VS FASCISM … Continue reading

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Open Thread | All Skinfolk Ain’t Kinfolk

Be on the lookout for these people. These bought and paid for stooges. I’m going to keep pointing this out every time I see it. EVERYONE is making a shift to the right wing propaganda because that’s where the money … Continue reading

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