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Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. | Life In Pictures

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Video | President Obama Announces his Nominee for United States Supreme Court Justice

Today, March 16, 2016, President Obama will make his announcement for Supreme Court Jusitce in the Rose Garden at 11:00am EDT/10:00 CDT. UPDATED with video E-MAIL FROM POTUS: Today, I will announce the person whom I believe is eminently qualified … Continue reading

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Did Hillary Clinton get the label ‘SUPER PREDATORS’ from the Central Park 5 case to sell the 1994 crime bill?

Hat tip: FedUp_Mom Wolf Pack. The Press and the Central Park Jogger Fooled by stereotypes of superpredators (Central Park Five): — FedUp_Mom (@Fedup_Mom) March 7, 2016 @3ChicsPolitico @ladyc10 Call me crazy but I've long suspected HRC was referring to … Continue reading

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Thursday Open Thread | #Bernie Sanders calls for mandatory investigations of any deaths in police custody

In a testament to the lack of accountability for America’s police, law enforcement agencies aren’t even required to maintain records of lethal encounters or report them to the federal government. So there aren’t official nationwide statistics on the number of … Continue reading

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Tuesday Open Thread | Video emerges of Bernie Sanders Arrested at a Civil Rights Protest In 1963

Receipts people! Bernie Sanders has receipts!

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#FreddieGray Case | Officer Caesar R Goodson Hearing

BALTIMORE (AP/WJZ) — A Baltimore judge will likely decide whether an officer charged in Freddie Gray’s death can be forced to testify at another officer’s trial. The judge is holding a motions hearing Wednesday ahead of the trial for Caesar … Continue reading

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The Killing of #TamirRice | Prosecutors were openly snickering with Grand Jurors during expert testimony

Attorney Jonathan Abady says witnesses stated prosecutors were openly snickering with Grand Jurors during expert testimony. A child is shot dead and prosecutors are snickering? Who does that except a savage monster without a care about human life? We are … Continue reading

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