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The Impeachment Trial of President Donald J. Trump

Today began the trial of Donald Trump. As set forth in the Constitution, the House of Representatives impeaches the President, but the trial about his removal takes place in the Senate. As I have pointed out, the Founding  Fathers saw … Continue reading

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Open Thread | The Impeachment Inquiry Is Approved: NOBODY Is Above The Law

The House of Representatives voted on the rules for the Impeachment Inquiry of Dolt45. The vote was 232-196, with no Republicans voting in favor, and 2 Democrats voting in opposition, with the Republicans. Let’s be clear – this is the … Continue reading

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Open Thread | What Is Possible With Progressive Prosecutors

  I felt like crying, reading this story. For so many reasons. 3CHICS has long been a supporter of Ms. Mosby. We watched as she took so many hits trying to get justice for Freddie Gray. We thought that we … Continue reading

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Open Thread | So Kavanaugh Is Who We Thought He Was

When the fraud of the Confirmation Hearing for Brett Kavanaugh was happening, there were those of us who knew that is was a crock. That he was a crock. That everything around the hearing smelled and just screamed FRAUD & … Continue reading

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Thursday Open Thread | It Is NOT the Mueller Report. It Is Barr REDACTED Garbage😠😠

 This is not the Mueller Report. Let’s make this clear. This is the Barr Redacted Report. It would be amusing, if the stakes weren’t so high. This man doesn’t seem to grasp that his credibility level is absolutely zero. It … Continue reading

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Kamala Harris “The Breakfast Club” Interview

Black enough = polices that affect blacks?

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Sonia Sotomayer vs Brett Kavanaugh’s Opening Statements

GOP FUCKERY HYPOCRISY. You see, these fools think that NO ONE, other than white men can be angry. It’s their weapon of masculinity, second only to guns. And they don’t want you to take either one of them away from … Continue reading

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