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Happy Birthday, Dr. King!

You helped change the world. You certainly changed my world. I have so many opportunities because of your battles. Share this clip of my father. We must study him beyond the end of ‘I Have a Dream.’ (and that’s taken … Continue reading

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Bishop Desmond Tutu Dead At 90

RIPower, Bishop. Thank you.🙏🏾😪 BREAKING NEWS: Arch Bishop Emeritus Desmond Tutu has passed away. A statement from @PresidencyZA confirms the news of his passing. #DesmondTutu — Nhlanhla Mabaso (@_NMabaso) December 26, 2021 Archbishop Desmond Tutu was a mentor, a … Continue reading

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Open Thread | R. Kelly Found GUILTY

Good! May he spend the rest of his life behind bars. For all the children’s lives that he destroyed. May he burn in Hell. Breaking News: R. Kelly was found guilty of being the ringleader of a decades-long scheme to … Continue reading

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Open Thread | The Possibility of Justice for Elijah McClain

I didn’t say Justice for Elijah. I said the possibility of justice. His final words are haunting.😢😢😢 "His final words are haunting and tragic," @GeoffRBennett says. "If Elijah McClain isn't safe, who is?" — MSNBC (@MSNBC) September 1, 2021 … Continue reading

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Open Thread | So, The President Laid Out His Vision For The Country

And, I loved the speech.🤗   President Biden understands this history even if the media doesn't. "Madam Vice President…" — Tommy moderna-vaX-Topher (@tommyxtopher) April 29, 2021 I’m so damn proud of @POTUS @JoeBiden !!! For too long we needed … Continue reading

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Open Thread | We Are Going Through Some Stuff In Chicago

We just are. And, the Mayor has been under fire because of the latest police shooting of that 13 year old child. And, while I have not been all around pleased with the Mayor’s response, I am not calling for … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Some Thoughts About Impeachment 2, Insurrection Boogaloo

I don’t know what the color of the sky is in some folks’ world. Where were we supposed to find 17 QPUBLICANS for conviction? One witness. 301 witnesses. Would not have mattered when you have foresaken your oath to The … Continue reading

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Open Thread | The Impeachment Trial Is Needed For History

We have to get all the evidence out there. We have to get it on the record. What we aren’t going to do is allow the QOP to pretend that January 6, 2021 was no big deal. 😠😠 I think … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Impeachment, the Sequel😒😒

So, today, Donald Trump makes history. The first President to be impeached TWICE. TWICE. And, all it took was a little Sedition to get here. Make no mistake. It was sedition against the duly elected future government that had a … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Are You Scared Now?

I’m not going to BS you. The RBG death is serious business. I have written several times and have meant it everytime: Those responsible for this will NEVER BE FORGIVEN.😠😠😠 I’m not talking about the people who voted for Dolt45. … Continue reading

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