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Wednesday Open Thread | Call Them What They Are: BRIBES! Emoluments Clause, Anyone?😠😠

Just let this have been 44 getting $2 from ANY foreign government, and Fox News would have been doing an EMOLUMENTS CLAUSE course in every segment. And, let’s be clear – this is about the EMOLUMENTS CLAUSE… The Constitution was … Continue reading

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Wednesday Open Thread | Now, THIS is what Oversight looks like

Now, THIS is what Congressional Oversight looks like!! House Judiciary Committee Demands Documents From Nearly Everyone in Trumpworld From obstruction of justice, corruption, and what they’re calling abuse of power, the House Judiciary Committee is showing where Hill investigations of … Continue reading

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Tuesday Open Thread | Sometimes Justice Prevails, Even Though Delayed

Thank you to SG2 for pointing out this case. Sometimes, the truth does come out. I was always skeptical of the Death Penalty, because, like so much of the American Justice System, it was doled out on a skewed anti-Black … Continue reading

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Trump & Spycraft: AM Joy with Malcolm Nance & Company

Jonathan Capehart in for Joy Reid this morning MUST SEE SEGMENT Tradecraft & SPY CRAFT

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Paul Manafort on Trial – Day 5

Jurors in the Paul Manafort fraud trial may have come away from the first week of testimony with a vivid impression of him as a man who spent vast sums on luxurious houses, landscaping, and clothes, and who gave lenders … Continue reading

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Friday Open Thread | Don’t call it grifting..that’s too mild. Call it PRUITTING.

In a Cabinet full of thieves, lowlifes, and people who think their God-given right to live large on the taxpayer’s dime, Scott Pruitt has distinguished himself. Was going back and forth on another blog, and a poster said, ” you … Continue reading

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REPORT: NY State is Investigating Trump Modeling Agency

IR.NET As we all know, Donald Trump has run many businesses over the past several decades, so for anyone in charge of investigating any potentially illegal business dealings, there is plenty to siphon through. As has been reported in the … Continue reading

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