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Open Thread | President Biden Is In Ireland

Enjoy yourself, POTUS🤗🤗 Hello, Northern Ireland! It's so great to be back. pic.twitter.com/A4PjLONoic — President Biden (@POTUS) April 12, 2023 US President Joe Biden meets people in Dundalk during his visit to the Republic of Irelandhttps://t.co/g5krhJjvkp pic.twitter.com/KYqY5nqeqX — BBC News (World) (@BBCWorld) April … Continue reading

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Open Thread | President Biden Makes Surprise Visit to Kyiv

Yes, our President went into a war zone. In case you missed it, the Vice President’s speech earlier in the week was meant as the ONE in the ONE-TWO PUNCH of her and the President. Kamala Harris was acting as … Continue reading

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Open Thread | Checking in on the Russian Invasion of Ukraine

I have to admit that when this all began, I rooted for Ukraine, because I thought Putin was being heavy handed, and illogical, and just a damn demon for invading Ukraine. He had no reason other than wanting to get … Continue reading

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Open Thread | So Now, Iran Has Retaliated

Well, here’s the thing. They killed the number two guy in Iran. And, they have no reason for it. He was always a bad man. He was a bad man back when Clinton was President. But, Clinton, Bush 43, and … Continue reading

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Open Thread | So, War With Iran Because 44 Lives Rent Free In Dolt45’s Head?

Well, we are about to get knee deep in another quagmire in the Middle East, and, of course the lies that they invented as the reason why we need to go to war with Iran are falling apart in real … Continue reading

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Open Thread | War With Iran?

Yes, he is stupid enough to do it. There is no doubt about that. But, Iran IS NOT Iraq. It is not. Mess with the Persians if you dare. They are not playing. This is going to be a disaster. … Continue reading

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Nikki Haley Shut Down by University of Houston Students For Israel Actions

This is what happens when you come to our neck of the woods peddling bullshit. We’re NOT having it! University of Houston students LIT Nikki Haley UP! FREE! FREE! PALESTINE! US Ambassador to the UN Nikki Haley received the wrong … Continue reading

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Wednesday Open Thread | North Korea reconsidering summit with US

But the Nobel Peace Prize tho? PLAYED. HOODWINKED. BAMBOOZLED. Trump got Punk’d so hard…… CNN) North Korea has threatened to abandon planned talks between leader Kim Jong Un and US President Donald Trump in June if Washington insists on pushing … Continue reading

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Breaking News: Trump had a second undisclosed meeting with Putin at the G20

WASHINGTON — President Donald Trump met with Russian President Vladimir Putin a second time during the G-20 summit earlier this month, a White House official confirmed to NBC News Tuesday. Trump spoke to Putin at the end of a couples-only … Continue reading

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Thursday Open Thread | Sally Yates learned about Trump’s #MuslimBan by ‘reading about it on the internet.’

Worth watching the whole clip. Sally Yates learned about Trump's travel ban by 'reading about it on the internet.' pic.twitter.com/nKTLyHOOkT — Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) June 29, 2017 Sally Yates: Trump administration behavior should be alarming to us as a country … Continue reading

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